Maintenance notes for customized medal metal badges

Custom memorialMetal badgeIt can be divided into two categories: one is the precious metal medallion made of pure gold and silver material, which is very different from the wholenoteshelf值得买吗 copper material. The customized gold and silver medallimaintenance车上什么意思on has the potential of value-added development and the use value of personal collectimetal-archiveson, while the customized copper or aluminum alloy medallion only has the prnoteshelf安卓破解版actical significance of personal collection.

Maintebadge什么意思nance FaQs

01 avoid get damp

The vast majoricad格式刷快捷键ty of custom-made trnotesophy badges are made of metal composite macustomizedterials, which are very easy to rust and corrode aftermedals怎么读 dampness, and are prone to red rash and fog icad格式刷n the cold and wetcad格式菜单怎么调出来 natural environment for a long time. Therefore, in thmaintenance是什么意思英语e case of individual trophy collection stamp should be stored in ametallurgy sealed box, away from the wet andmaintenance什么意思中文翻译 cold natural environment.

02 Avoid bump intmaintenance车上什么意思o bump

Most of the trophies mamedalistde of gold and silver are softbadges and fragile, so don't fold them. Imedalsn the case of takincad格式转换g to prevent mutual friction and bummetallurgicalp. If there are somecad格式刷为什么刷不出来 smamedals怎么读ll bumps and bruises, it is not necessary to use blunt instruments or whitening toothpaste and other creams to prevent the damage to the color of the medallcustomized是什么意思ion.

03 Avoid hand tocustomized touch

Wet onoteshelfr sweaty hands touching the trophy badgmaintenance中文翻译e is very easy to finotes是什么意思翻译ngerprint identification or sweat, imedal00是什么手机f yobadgesu wantnotes是什么意思 to appreciate the dicad格式刷快捷键sc is able to carry thin rubber gloves. Gold medal is placed for a long time, unavoidable have a few dust, did not shine, this timedallionme should be swabbed with neat soft cloth, and these must be particularly careful in the corner of the area, swabbed with a soft brush.

Metal badge

Avoid strong acid and basmedal00是什么手机e

Strong acid and alkali for metal materials have a strong erosion effect, light air oxidation discoloration, heavy will make all the trophy seal damage hole, so the trophy seal is prohibited and strong acid and alkali placed together.

Maintenance of personal collection & NBSP;

01 Frame-like storage

Nail your favormaintenance的动词形式ite trophy seal to the frame and hbadge什么意思ang it at home. It canmedallion bcad格式刷为什么刷不出来e appreccad格式刷为什么刷不出来iated at any time and can also be used to decorate and design the house.

02 bags,

The simplest and direct method is tometallurgical wrap each trophy seal independently with a plasmetallica乐队tic bag to block CO2 and moisture incustomized什么意思中文翻译 the air. However, becausemedal00是什么手机 the plastic bag is only suimetallurgicaltable for storage, it is not suitable to show.

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