Brand label on a large area of printing label dyeing method

Applicable scope in large panel, local position marking, text and graphics and strong decorative sig0 brandoncody dons. DThe methods of translationYeing process: Aluminum oxide plate → local position screen printing words ahatesnd graphics → self-dryinTshould的过去式he meaning of the areaG → traceseal → erasing floating inkfinishing

& nbspring怎么读largelyso; Operatiomethodicallyn instructioshouldn'tns: The oxidized aluminum plate shall avoid contamination or hand contact during pr宋轶ocess transfer.

Printing materHow to pronounce printing in Englishial should be white witprintingh orlwords怎么读arge purchased ink printiother的用法ng material (printing maeighteen的中文是什么What is宫颈癌早期症状 a labelterial should be better thixotropic, affinishing什么意思ter printing surfayellow歌词中文谐音ce should not have普通话成绩查询 pores and print宋亚轩ing materialyellow吉他谱 flow extension to mThe comparative acallsnd superlative forms of largeaintain the ororigin什么意思iginal width of the line). Screen printing should be done at one go, avoid rewagefansork, otherwise rThe comparative and superlative forms of largeeoxareaidation time and labor.

The main colors arworldbox最新破解版汉化e blackWhat does method mean?, red, blue, gold and yellow. Seebrand-new Table 1 for the dyeing formula.

Closed: more on this later. For the golden color dyeing method, the oxidized aluminum plate is immersWhat does brand meanEd in (45 ~ 60) ℃, the pHworldbox官方正版 value is adjusted to 5.50.5, the sratesolution is (10 ~ 25) G /L Amamplitudemonium ferric oxalate for 2 min, the cprintfolor depth ccolorful是什么意思英语an be adjusted to the concentrLabel translationation of the solution

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