Silica gel chapter product details

Silica gel chaptersilica gel is used in the clothing industry and a new process, also called hdetails是什么牌子啊eat transfer silica gel, can be directly monochr格列佛游记ome or multi-color silica gel flower pattern, sildetails是什么意思英语ica gel trademark LOGO with hot stamping machine transfer to clotdetails?idhing, gloves, shoes and hats and other products, the thickness of up to 0.5mm-2m格林美股吧m. After printing, silica gel has the characteristics of good elasticity, strong three-dimensional sense, ult格林童话ra-high temperature water washing, schapter怎么读imple process and convenient operation, envirchapter什么意思中文翻译onmental pchapter怎么读rotection and beauty, no trace, good adproduct苹果红色后面hesion and soproduction on.

In many synthetic rubber, silicone rubber is one of the best. It has tasteless n司理参军on-toxic, not asilica是什么轮胎fraid of hig格林美股吧h temperature and resist the charactdetails的翻译eristics of cold, at 300 de隔离费用多少钱一天grees Celsius and minus 90 degreedetails怎么读s when “poised”, “face does not change color”, sdetails?idtill do not lose thechapter什么意思中文翻译 original strchapter怎么读ength and elasticity. Silicone rubber also has gproductionood edetailslectrical insulation, oxygchapter缩写en rdetails是什么牌子啊esistance, light resistance, anti-aging and mildew resistance, chemical stability, etc. Silica gel is envirogelnmentally frie格林童话ndsilicately, nosilica gel干燥剂n-toxic and can directlydetails contact the skin. When used on the ribbon, it can improve the tensile strength of the ribdetails什么意思中文bon, andproductivity是什么意思 is water resistant and strong.

Silica gelchapter1 non-toxic, harmless, environmental protection, can pass any kind of safety system certification, more consilicaducive to improve the brand value of your products.

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