Lions Club donates bridge repair fund (source: Shenzhen Business Daily)


      Split in the sound of firecrackers sounded, Longchuan County shangping Town Qingyun village party secretary Liu Wenchang took shenzhen Lionsbusinessman Club director Xiao Xingping’s hand excitedly said: Thanks to threpairede dondonatesation from the Lions Club of Shenzhen, our villagers will no longebridge翻译r have tofundamental worry abobusinessman翻译ut crossing the river withclubsout a bridge. ”



      Yelion是什么意思sterday, the rfundexbeporter followed the Shenzhen Lions Club to Qingyun Villaglions翻译e, Shangping Town, Longchuan County and Xinfeng, Jiangxi province to carry out poverty alleviation and education activities. D深圳uring the visit, Shenzhen Lions Club donbridgebaseated 110,000 yuan to help qingyun village build two lion Bridges, Qiling Xia and Wai Jiao Tang, and also donated 110,000 yuan to Jsource引擎iangxi Xinfeng Middle School tobridgebase encourage poor students to make progress.

      According to Liu, in June 2008, the worsbridge软件t flood in 80 years washed away five Bridges in Qingyun Village, tbridge布瑞吉wo of wbridgestone是什么品牌轮胎hich have not been repaired yet,businesswoman bringing great inconvenience to local residentsrepair的名词. With the help of the General Office of the Shenzhen Municipalrepair和fix的区别 Party Committee, The Lions Club of Shenzhen contacted the Qingyun Village Committee alions翻译nd sent someone to inspect the site tfundamentalhree tsource是什么意思imes. Finally, it decided to donate money to repair the bsource insightridge.

      Before the opening ceremony of qingyun Lion Brilion是什么意思中文翻译dge in Longchuan, zhang Guojun, vice president of Lions Assofundingciation of China, and Xiao Xingping, director of Lions Club of Shenzhen, visitclub用英语怎么说ed 5 poor villagers in Qingyun village with members of lions Club, and presented them with red envelopes, food, oil and moon cakeclubmeds. Liu Jiatian and hiclubs family took Xiao Xingping’s hand and thabridgestone是什么品牌轮胎nked her repeatedly.

      Liu Falions音标lin, a vi深圳天气llager in Qingyun Village, has a fdonatesamily of eight. His brother is mentally disabled, his mother is elderly and infirm, and his four children are only 15 years old. The whole family only lives on farming. Seeing such a scene, Zhang Guoyun, vice president of The Lions Club, called on the lions club memberrepairs的中文意思s to donate an additional 1200 yuan for Libridge怎么读u Filin to rbusiness怎么读epair the doorsbridge翻译 and Windows.

      After the visit to Qingyun Village, lions club rushesourcefilmmaker蒂法d to Xinfeng Middle Schorepairs的中文意思ol in Jibusiness怎么读angxi province and donated 40,000 yuan as a stipend for poor students. Xiao Xingping encouragedonate什么意思d the students with her own experience: Poverty is notlion是什么意思 your fault. As long as you study hard and keep working hard, you will succeed one day. &rsource insightdquo;

      Li Houxing, a senior student in Xinfeng Middle School, was separated from her parents when she was young,funded and her mother raised her and her sister alone. Not long ago, my mother was diagnosed with advanced uclub官方网页terine cancer, and the impoverished family suddenly fell into trouble. She was deeply touched by the sponsorship from the Lions Club of Shenzhen. She said she would study hard and repay the charity.

      Before tbusinesswomanhat, Liang Xiaoming, vicrepaire president of shenzhen Lions Clubbridge老大 Oriental Rose Branch, had donated money to help some collfund翻译ege students who could not abusinessman的复数fford to go to college. Shenzhen Lions Club donated a total of 110,000 yuan for Xinfeng Middle School.


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