Summary of the third working meeting of district 6 of Lions Club of Shenzhen in 2007-08

Summary of the third working meeting of district 6 of Lions Club of Shenzhen in 2007-08 news 图1张

      On March 13, 2008, according to the annual plan of the sixth district, the third working meeting was held in the Central district of Futian Shunji Restsummary怎么读音发音英语aurant on time.
      The meeting was called anddistrict是什么意思英语 presided over by Siao Xingping, chairman of District 6. Attending this workinclubg meeting are: 16 points in the domain, brdistrict词根other Xu Fei lion and 17 poithird怎么读英语nts domain President Cao Yan lion brother, brothclub是什么意思er eightmeeting是什么意思中文翻译 domain, chairman of tmeeting造句he clock idistrict和zonen ten lions, President of central service Lshenzheni Yuehua lion elder sister, vice President of universal service, LanLing lion elder sister, cthird怎么读oncentric service wthird是什么意思英语ill greiner Chun lion elder sister, President of Wen Jin service Wang Dongying lions, eld深圳大学er sister, red li service Wang Shlionsoujun President, guest service Wei Guangming lion brother, 10 people. The clion是什么意思hairman of Donghai Service Team, the chairman of Jinhu Service team and the chairman of Diwang Service team were absent due to business trips.
      The main contents of this meeting are as follows:summary
      1. Arrange the change of tmeeting怎么读英语he membership of each association i深证指数n 2008-09.
      Sister Xiao Shi stressed:
 summary     A. According to the usual practice, the presi深圳疫情dent and all members of the board of directors of the following year shall be elected and reported before April 10 each year
        &nbsclub是什么意思p;     The district council hopes to complelion是什么意思te thislionsarebig英语怎么读 work at its regular meeting in March-April;
      B, according to the convention, the previous president isclub用英语怎么说 the ex officio chairman of the comdistrict翻译mittee for the current year, but the actual circumstances of each branch may be different
              General election in the form of its own branch;
&n深圳疫情最新消息bsp;     C, the terclubman是什么牌子车m change must pmeetingtencentcomay attention to the stability of the chapter, to ensure the unity and friendsummary的动词形式ship a深圳风险等级mong the memeeting怎么读英语mbers of the chapter, servicworkinge projects, financial management, meeting
              Continuity of management, etc.;
     lion是什么意思 D. It is best to contact 2-3 clubs to carry out the chang深圳疫情ing ceremony accsummary怎么写ording to tthirdlyhe situation of the cthird怎么读英语lub, which is livelthird怎么读英语y and saves financial a深圳nd material resources;
      E. According to international practice, the transition ceremony shodistrict词根uld be arranged in late June and early July each year, and it is better not to delay afterclubmed Augthird音标usthird怎么读英语t, otherwise
              Will affect the work of the next president;
      F. The regional chairman shall help the branch to condusummaryct the general electmeeting腾讯会议ion.
      2. Communicated and arrandistrict词根ged the registration arrangement of The Annual Meelionsarebig英语怎么读ting ithird什么意思n Thai深圳疫情land by Deputy Director Wang Jinsummary翻译liang;
      3third怎么读. By the end of June 2008, the presidents of each sub-region and each sdistrictub-region should makelions读音 a summary of this year and report it to the district council for a good start
 district的中文意思         &club怎么读nbsp;   To end well.
  &nbsdistrict和zonep;   At the meeting, Mr. Wei Guangming shi of the guest meeting made a report on the resumption of the guest meeting. He said he would try to resume normal activities and pay dues by the end of March. At the meeting, concentrsummary怎么写ic association, guest associatclub翻译ion, Sihai Association and Hongli Association discussed their willingness to support each other in futurelions翻译中文 service activities.
      At the meethird的基数词ting, the presidents of each brmeeting造句anch also reported an深圳天气d exchanged the services and activities of this year.
  &shenzhennbsp;   This was the last working meeting of all district 6 staff for 2club007-08 before they were laid off. The participants expre深圳疫情最新动态ssed their satisfaction with the results of several meetings held in district 6 over the past year and expressed their willingness to meet againdistrict怎么读 in due course for the cause and friendship of the Lions Club.
      Finally, Xiao Shijie exprmeeting的音标essed her gratitude to the regional chaimeeting翻译rmen and深圳 branch presidendistrict缩写是什么ts for their efforts in this yeathird-partyr and for their mutual support at work.

                &nbsp深圳疫情最新消息;         &n深圳天气bsp;       &nlions怎么读bsp; &nblion是什么意思sp;         &nsummary写作模板bsp;        third音标               &nbslions翻译p;           &ndistrictingbsp;        clubman                   District 6 Chairclub怎么读man: Siu Hing-ping Shi Jie
&nbdistrict缩写是什么sp;                   &nbthird的基数词sp;             &nbslions翻译p;    club是什么意思     &nbspdistrict和zone;     &nsummary包括哪些内容bsclubmed官网预订p;       &summary写作模板nbsp;           &nbsclub怎么读p;   &nbs深圳地铁线路图p;meetings   &nbsthird翻译p;                         &nbsplionsgate;                               The 2008-3-14

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