Caring Service Team: The inaugural ceremony of the 2017-2018 election was held smoothly

Caring Service Team:In 2017-2018 academic yearThe inaugural ceremony went smoothly

On July 1, 2017, the inaugural ceremony of shenzhen Lions Club Care Service Tinauguraleam for 2017-2018 was successfully held in Nanpanshun Fish Vteamviewerillage, Futian District Sports Center. Shenzhen Lions ClubWong Lee Sang, chceremony翻译airman of the 19th District for 2017serviceman-2018,Care service team captain Wang Shaokai, the last captaservice可数吗in Luo Ping, the first vice captain Liu Zhijteammateing, the second vice captain Zhang Jianyong, the third vice captain Wei Tao, picketing Huang JunmiceremonyngMore thteaman 10 peopleservice是什么意思 attendwasped the ceremony. The ceremony was presidteamoed over by Wang Scaringhaokai and servinaugural addressed as the chairman of the conference.

Wang Shaokai intrservice是什么故障灯oducedelection中文 the leading lion friends and guests. volareSummary of last team leader2016-2017 Annual summary. Financial affairs Huang Yishao reported administrative funds ancaring翻译d service funds income and expenditure. Afterwards, Luo Ping issued a certificate of appreciation for outstanding members. Under the witness of leaders lion friends, Luo Ping handed over the team leader ribbon to Wang Shaokai and gave gifts to each other. Wang shaokai introduced the 2017-election翻译2018 work plceremony造句an, saying that this year will focusteampro on caceremony怎么读rrying out activities to assist the disablelection是什么意思ed, and reported the fund-raiswasteing situation of the construction of water cellars in Guizhou. During the discussion, the membership collection standard and minaugural是什么意思embership development goceremony的名词al were determined.

wen/ Photo Providservice可数吗ed by cservicearing Service Team

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