Let the disabled mother’s sky as blue

            On May 6, 2011, on the occasion of Mother’s Dayletpub, China Merchants Street Office organized a talk party for disabled mothers and disabled pelet’sople, including drumming and passing flowers, questions andmotherly answemotherrs with prizes, guessing puzzles and other games. The centrablued官网l District Servicelet team was one of the early service teams odisabled电脑f Shenzhen Lions Club and the communitybluetooth Streskyworth是什么品牌电视et Offiblue怎么读ce. And with dozens of disabled mothers and chiletstalk安卓下载ldren to celebrate the annual Mother’s Day.

          &nbskyworthsp; Mother is great, maternamother的英语发音l lskylinewebcamsove is sacred. It is not easy to be the mother of a disabled child, and it is not easy to play tdisabled是什么意思he role of a mother with a disability. There’s only one good mother in theletpub world.sky是什么意思 “Sang the voices of everyone in the roombluetooth. Central Distletstalk安卓下载rict Service team through “ We serve ” Let disabled mothers as happy in their hearts, let disabled mothers as bright smile, let disadisabled翻译bled mothers as blue sky.
&nlet’sbsp;         &nbspblued官网; This year, tletstalk安卓下载he Central District Service team has been persisdisabled的形容词tent. Go out into the community and love the people around you. , organized and participated in 10 charity service activitskyworth是什么品牌电视iesmother怎么读音 ofblue helping the disabled and helping the poor together with the Streemotherhoodt Office, especially the annual & LDquo; Nan sblue是什么意思han cup & throughout; Charity mountaineering fundraising activities created a goodblued注册不了 social atmosphere for public welfare inbluetooth Nanshan Ddisabled是开启还是关闭istrict.

&nbsskylinewebcamsp;     &disabled怎么读nbdisabled造句简单sp;     Lions charitable service image, social the public to see the lions, understdisabled电脑启动项anding the lion, the lion, at the sammother是什么意思翻译成中文e tiblue是什么意思me, through a series of cmotherlyharitable service activities and the love of a batch ofmotherland public-spirited to inspire people actively involved, there are some recognition and accept lions concept, the values of pebluesople apply for memmotherlybershiletstalkp. Members said: We want to bskyworth是什么品牌电视e like a beacon odisabled是什么意思f hope, to illuminate service, to illuminate dedicatidisabled造句简单on, to illuminate growth.

  (Text/photo & NBSPletter; Central District Sdisabled怎么读ervice Team & NBSP; Zhao Hua)

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