Shandong Youth Development Foundation visited Shenzhen Lions Club

Shandong Youth Development Foundation visited Shenzhen Lions Club

            On the afternoon of October 28, 2011, Wang Taili, deputy Secretary general of Shandong Youthyouth英文原文 Development Foundation, videvelopmentsited Shenzhen Lions Club and exchanged views with shenzhenfoundation攻略 Lions Club on organization management and project operation.foundational和fundamental

    &nyouth是什么意思啊bsp;       Wu Xiaoming, the second d山东风险等级eputy director of Shenzhen山东风险等级 Lions Club, and Zhang Xiaowei, the secretary general of Shenzhen Lions Club, introduced the situation of Shenzhen Lions Club and theiyouthvipr experience in project operation respectively. Mr. Gao Zhoyouth英文朗读u shi, chairman of the fifth district, Mr. Wang Shouliang Shi and Mr. Wang Shoujfoundation什么意思un Shi, exedevelopment的用法和搭配cutiveyouth chairman of the Student aid Comm山东师范大学ittee also made speeches on theirlions怎么读 years of experience in student aid and other service activities.

            The Shandong Youth Dev深圳大学elopment Foundation praised the way the Shenzhen Lions Cluyouth英文朗读b operates. Both sides said there would be opportunitieslions读音 to strengthen cooperation and exchanges in the future.


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