The 2012 National Children's World Peace Poster Award ceremony was held in Shenzhen

2013years5month26day.2012The national Children's World Peace poster award ceremony was successfully held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhiworld翻译bition Center. From all over the country31Provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions60Children andceremony造句 teenagers were commended. Wang Naikun, president of The Domestic Lion League, Huang Changwei, Dai Jianming, vice presidents attended the cepeaceremony. Sun Lijiannational空调g, chairman of the Service Project Commworldwide翻译ittawardingee of the Domespeacebird是什么牌子tic Lion League presided over thewasp award ceremony.
The first nationaceremony的名词l Children's World Peace poster was jointly owashedrganized by the Youth League Central Children's Palace Associataward的用法和搭配ion, the Internationaceremony和celebration的区别l Department of China Disabled Persons' Federation and the Domepeacemakerstic Lpeaceions Association, and was relepeacemakerased to the whole countrpostery31The association of the children's Palace of each province, municceremony用什么介词ipality and autonomous region issued a notworldtalkice to organizeposter模板 activities and competitions, the country set up eightpeace competition areas, tonational音标 the eight areas of the Lionchildren音标s club competition area, collect thepeaceful whole country31Children's penationalace poster works in eachildren怎么读ch province and awassuputonomouawardss region.10At the end of theworldbox最新破解版 month, each competition smoothly endeworld音标d, the natwashedional30More thaceremony同义词n ten thousand childrenchildren音标 participateposterityd in the activity and submitted their works, which were selected by the eight districts and submitted to the national competition190After the judges' careful evaluation, the first prize was awarded10Fworldtalk下载irst prize, sechildren怎么读英语单词cond Prize20First prize, third prize30The winning works from each district were selected to be sent topeace&love啥意思 Lions Club International. Three of the works selected to lions Club International were thworld什么意思e first prize of the whole country, and all of them were awawashingtonrded the lions Club Internatioceremony翻译nal prize. They came from Shenzhen, Guangdong and Zhejiang.
Recommended by shenzhen Lions Riverside Serviceworldbox team11Children's work by Michael Hsien Hsien, aged 12,national空调 won the first prize of lionational祝庆ns Club International24The Annual Pewashedace Poster Contest & LDQUO; Internachildren怎么读tionalceremony和celebration的区别 Prize for Excellent Work & RDQUO; . This is the third time that the children's works selected by Shenzhen Lions club won the awapeacebird是什么品牌衣服rd“ Iaward怎么读nternational Priposter海报ze for Excellenceremony怎么读t Work & RDQUO; . This work is famous for its originality, artistic attainments andpeacemaker the themechildren是什么意思 of this year's competition & LDquo; Imagine peace ” Wnationalitiesas selected for the award23A & other; Inceremony复数形式ternational Prize for Excellent Work & RDQUO; One of the.
          &nbaward的用法sp;The national children's world pposter是什么意思eace posters for thewasp first time this year, the fpeace&love啥意思uture will be conducted once a year, hope the national district membership management institutions havwash怎么读e a lion friends to pchildren怎么读articipate in actively, strive for the support of twastehe local official department to mobiposterlize morawardede children to participate in, to get more social organizationsworld什么意思 to participate in, let more parents and schools to support, let more social groups understand the lions, Strive to get the support of theceremony同义词 relevant official departments, and strive to do a gopeace翻译od job in the organchildren英语怎么说ization and evaluation of each competition area, the national children's world peacechildren怎么读 poster into a national brand project.
International Peace Poster Competition since1988Lions Club Internatposter是什么意思英语翻译成中文ional begwash怎么读an to organize, so far24Annual average65Five countries and regions35wan11~13Children as young as tposterwo take part in the competition. With the strong support of officials at apeacell levels and enthunational祝庆siastic people from all walks of lifaward的用法e, Shenzhen Lions Club has participated in the selection of international peace poster competition for many times and achieved great success6Morepeace&love啥意思 than 10,000 little painters from Shenzhen participated in tpeaceminusonehe peace poster competition. The seeds of peace were planted in the hearts of every child who ppeacemakerarticipated in the competition. The concept of peace also accompanied the children to grow up together. The childreceremony和celebration的区别n's works selected bpostern下载yceremony用什么介词 Shenzhen Lions Club have won two awards. International Award & RDQUO; .2004-2005.Inwasn't the annual competitiwas是什么意思on, "Give Peace a Chance" by Zeng Weicheng from Nanshan Experiment won the international Prize.2007peacebird是什么品牌衣服-2008."Peace all oveposter是什么意思英语翻译成中文r the World" by Li Jinational祝庆azhen from Nanshan Experiment won the international prize in the aworldnnual competichildrention.

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