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            On November 3, 2012, the Shenzhen Lions Club Charity Collection Service Team held a ceremony at the Lion Friends Enterprise & Mdash; — Dongguan Borough City Code club held the regular meeting in November. — “ Serviceservice翻译 &contact bull; Communication & bull; Progreservicemanss & throughout; Dongguan Borough Symposium. Su Zeran, 2012-2013 director of Lions Club of Shenzhencontacting, Huang Yiqun, chacontactedirman of the 11th District and lecturer of lions Club, Ma Min, lion frieservicends, family members of Lions Club and caringcontact和connect的区别 entrepreneurs attended the regular meeting.
           service的名词 The activity mainly includes two contents, lion culture lecture and charicontact的用法和搭配ty collecprogressdrawabletion service team regserviceular meeting in November. Huang Yiquservice怎么读n, head of the lecture groupcontact, explained about the Lions Club with pictures and pictures. The lectprogressive是什么意思urer Ma Min interacted with the lion friends and new friends, which was interestprogress什么意思inprogress可数吗g and informative, and thservicemane lion friends all felt fruitful after the meeticontactedng.
      &nbcontactsp;     During the regular meeting, Zhang Zhihe, depcontactlessuty secretary general, and thecontact lion friendprogress什么意思s of the Poai Service tprogress进度条app下载eam also particicontactspated in the discussion about this year's theme project activities for the disabled. During the meeprogressivetingprogress进度条, everyone expressed their opinions and poprogress进度条app下载oled their ideserviceas for the cservicebioharity. At the same timeprogressdrawable, the charity collection service team of twocontact的用法和搭配 lion friends because of the birth of a child, moved to a new house won the Shenzhen Lions club lion friends care fund, warm andservice怎么读 beautiful scene!
            Director Su Zeran delivered an important speech, affirmed the charity collection service teaprogressivelym's selfless efforts in the past, and gave high hopes for its future lion road.
In the evening, lion friends, their families and new friends sit around the table and share the local delicious Tujia food. Everyone is happy. In the lion club facontact的用法和搭配mily, lion friends love each other and enjoy the fellowservice是什么意思中文翻译shicontact翻译p ofcontact love.

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