Shenzhen Lions Club Painting and Calligraphy Commune: exhibition of national contemporary masterpieces

Shenzhen Lions Club Painting and Calligraphy Commune: exhibition of national con深圳大学temporary masterpieces

          &nbsclub翻译p; On the morning of March 1st, 2014, The Painting and Calligraphy Commune of Shenzhen Lions Club held a private club in Cao Yingwang. — Zifeiyu Art Museum to carry out the national contemporary famexhibition怎么读ous works, activities by the paintincontemporary是什么意思g and calligraphy commune member, the South China Sea service team lion friend Cao Yingwang undecommune翻译rtook. Shenzhen Lions Club 2exhibition的动词013-2014 director Wu Xiaoming, first deputy director Lin Ziyu, second deputy director Lin Tao and lion friends, as well as many cultural and art circles, collectors ancommuned people like painting and canational祝庆lligraphy have come to watchclub怎么读. The aim of the evennational空调t is to enhance the intexhibition和display的区别eraction and friendship of lion friends, as well as enhance the cultural literacy and appreciation and collection knowledge of the public.
            Shenzhen Lions Club deputy secretary General Cao Yan hosted this activity, Shenzhen Lions club lion friends and the general public watched more than 60 workexhibitions, the author has dcontemporary是什么意思ied everyone Wu Zuoren, Huang Zhou, Cheng Shifa, Tian Shiguang, Zhou Spainting是什么意思icong, Zhao Shaoang, Ye Chianyu, but also the living Huan深圳天气g Yongyu, Shen Peng, Zhang Hai, Wu Shanming and other older generation of famous, Zhang Aiguocalligraphy是什么意思英语, Han Lu, Wang Yij深圳大学un, Wu Yanfei, Chen Dulzhi, Cao Yingwang and other ypainting怎么读英语oung calligrlions是什么意思aphers and pa深圳风险等级inters works.
          &nbsppainting; Dir深圳ector Wu Xiaoming delivered an impromptu and passionate speech. Some industry professionalnational是什么意思s spoke highly of the works exhibited in this event.
        &nbcalligraphy是什么意思翻译sp;   The organizer of this aexhibition是什么意思英语ctivity, Shiyou Cao Yinpaintinggwang said that it islions的音标 a great honclub是什么意思or to undexhibition翻译ertake this exhibitinationalon of national contemporary masters and masterpienationalitiesces. This activity takes out cnational怎么读ultural masterpiecesexhibition英语怎么读 from the pavilion, provides shiyou and Shenzhencommune是什么意思 citclubmedizens with zero dinational是什么意思stance appreciation, and also provides a ppaintingslatform for calligraphy and papainting的动词inting lovers to communicatecontemporary翻译. I hope the Shenzhen Lcalligraphy是什么意思英语ionpainting的动词s Club painting and Calligraphy Commune will hold regular calligraphy and painting exhibitions in the future, he will continue to strongly supportnationalities, invite experts to give lectures.
        &clubman是什么牌子车nbsp;   Some lion fricontemporary怎么读ends are proud that the Shenzhen Lions Club painting and Calligraphy Commune has displayed so many fine paintings and ca深圳天气ll深圳igraphy. He said hexhibition怎么读e has improved his appreciation of art thrpainting怎么读英语ough watching and learning.

Photo by Li Zan-mei


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