Notice on attending the 9th National Congress of lions association

Notice of shenzhen Lions Club about attending the 9th National Congress of lions Club in China

Dear Lion friend,

 notice的固定搭配      lions英语怎么读     Then the National Lion Association (hereinafter referred to as ldQUO; Cib throughout the &;) Notice on the Convening of the Ninth National Member Congress of The Chinesassociation什么意思e Lion Federation (hereinafter referred to as the ninth Congress of the Lion Federation) (China Lion Federation Office Zi (2012) No. 9), t桃花源记he ninth Congress will be held in Guangzhou at the end of May 2014. The relevant matters are hereby notified as folassociation用法及搭配lows:

            &national怎么读nbsp;  I. Main arrangements and scope of participation (see Appendix 1 for details) :

            &nbsp陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿;   Time & have spent                                                 Arrange & have spent           &congressnbsp;                         &nnational音标bsp;                               &nbscongress和parliament的区别p;       To participate in scope
&nnationalbsnational dayp;     &nationalitiesnbsp;     May 23rd; & haveassociation怎么读音 spent all day Golf, football league & NBSP;                    association     &thoughnbsp;   &通货膨胀下什么最保值nbsp;                 Registered participant
        &nblions翻译sp; &nnotice同义词bsp; May 23rd; & have spent all day Visit employment Center for the Disabled & NBSP;                         &nbsassociation翻译p;                     Registered Member representative
          May 24th; & have spent all day The exhibition & have spent   &notice同义词nbsp;     &nbsplions的音标;                       &nattending翻译bsp;       &nbs同花顺p;                      congress和parliament的区别                            notice翻译     The member representative
            May 24th; In the morning & have spent “noticeable Peace Poslions英语怎么读ter & RDquo; Award ceremony;                               &association怎么读nbsp; &nblions翻译sp;       The member represenattending翻译tlions英语怎么读ative
 notice翻译           May 24th; In the afternoon & have spent China Lion Fund Subscassociation可数吗ription Ceremony, Calions翻译ptain forum, Lecturer night & NBSP;  congress
            5月24日  晚上  理事会监事会主席团会议            &nbsnotice过去式p;                理事监事主席团成员
            May 25th; & have spelions英语怎么读nt all day The exhibition & have spent                                 &ncongressmanbsp;                                                 &nbsthinp;               The member representative
    &nationalitiesnbsp;       May 25th; In the morning & have spent The first Plenary Meeting of the Ninth National Congress of Members;     The member representative
      &nbattending医生sp;   &nassociation什么意思bsp; May 25lions是什么意思th; In thenotice翻译 morning & have spent Group discussion & NBSP;                   &nbspnotice作文;      
&nbslions英语怎么读p;     &lion是什么意思nbsp; &nbcongresssp;   May 25th; In the afternoon & have spelion是什么意思中文翻译nt The second Plenary Mcongressmaneetilionsgateng onational翻译f the Ninth National Congress of Members;       The mnotice的固定搭配ember representative
   association什么意思         5月2noticed5日  下午  主席团理事会监事会顾问委员会会议               主席团理事
                                  &nbsp褪黑素;   &nbsnotice用法p;      &nbs退婚后大佬她又美又飒p;              &nbthoughsp;           &nbsp通货膨胀下什么最保值;                 &lions怎么读nbsp;              national怎么读                     &nbsplions是什么意思;     &lionsgatenbsp;              &nnotice的固定搭配bsp;  &nb褪黑素sp;                  &nbslion是什么意思中文翻译p;   &nbs退婚后大佬她又美又飒p;     &nbsassociation翻译p;   监事顾问委员会成员
&ncongress怎么读bsp;   &nbsnational祝庆p;       May 25th; In the eve桃花源记翻译ning & have spent Awards Fellowshnationalitiesip Dinner & NBSP;                                     &nblions的音标sp;   &association和collection的区别nbsp; &nbassociation怎么读音sp;                 &nbspassociation什么意思中文翻译成;                             Registered Member representative
            May 26th; & have spent all day On behalf of the evacuation

  &nbslions是什么意思p;         Ii. Meeting Place:

  &nbnotice翻译sp;       &nblions翻译sp; Guangzhou Baiyun Icongress翻译nternational C陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿onvention Center (No. 1039-1045 Baiyun Avenue).

            Iii. Delegates:

            &nbspnotice作文;attending什么意思 According to artinational怎么读cle 20 of Chapter 3 of the Workattending Rules of thcongressionale Federation,褪黑素 aassociation和collection的区别ny service team establishcongressmened one month before the opening of thelions congress can be rlions翻译ecom通货膨胀下什么最保值mended and nominated. Fnotice翻译or teams with 25 menoticembers or more, one representative shall be elected for every 25 memblions翻译ers and one addinotice翻译tional representative may be elected for the remcongressainder of the 13 members. For te通货膨胀下什么最保值ams with less than 25 members, one representative may bassociation翻译e elions读音lected by more than 13 memattending医生bers. As of February 28, 201congress怎么读4, the Federation has a total of 18,35national祝庆5 registered members, 613 service teams and 735 representatives. Members of the board of dnationalitiesirectors and advisory committee of CIBB are automatically entitled to benotice的形容词 representatives. Menational怎么读mbernotices of the Board of Supervisors of CIBB are specially invited representatives and are not entitled to be representatives of the service team in which they belong. Invite some delegates to attend the meeting (pay the relevant fees according to the standard, do not participate in the election and votcongresswomaning).
All service teams are requested to nominate and select representatives, form a unified group to attend the conference, and submit the list of representatives and flight/bus number informanational daytion form (Attached For褪黑素m 1) to the Lions Club office of Shenzhen before April 25th. Contact person: Lin Zeyun 256attending什么意思88990&Nassociation什么意思BSP; Li Jiangping 25658590.

&nbsp通货膨胀下什么最保值;            Iv. Expenses:

      Registration feenotice是什么意思: RMassociation怎么读B 300 / personlion是什么意思中文翻译 (including lunch fee on 25th).
      (II) Award Banquet regnotice的固定搭配istration fee: 380 YUAN/person.
      Note: Awards Banquet adopted & LDquo; First to register, first to choose ” By table (12 peop童话故事le/table).
      (III) Accommodation: Lingnan Oriental Hotel (inside the Convention Center)
      Supericongress和parliament的区别or dounotice用法ble room, 560 YnoticeUAN/room; Superior single room, 530 yuan per room.
      The above price includes breakfast, doulion是什么意思ble room can sharelion是什么意思, please specify whether通货膨胀下什么最保值 share.

      &nblions的音标sp;th     V. Awards Dinner:

    &nblions英语怎么读sp;       In order to fully show the elegant demeanour of members and enrnotice作文ich the program contents, the following programs will be arranged for the dinner:
      (1) Song mix. 1 song (less than 5 minutes in length) from each member administration. Pleasnationalitiese send the performer, song name, equipment requirements and auassociationdio/video files to shenzhen Lions Club oassociation怎么读ffice by April 15th.
      (2) The most beautiful team clothes show. Each member managementassociation和collection的区别 body will select 1 suit of service team uniform, and members will show it (less than 10 members/each suit). Please submit your photos of your team uniforms and tnational翻译he number of performecongress和conference的区别rs to the Lions Club officattendinge of Shenzhen before April 15. Contact: Su Zhuangbin 25688257.

            Vi. Exhibition退婚后大佬她又美又飒:

      (1) Photography exhibition. In order to showcongress怎么读 the spirit of members and reproduce thlions读音e service scene of members, a photography contest will be held during the conference. Please see Appendix 2 for the notice of solicitation ofassociation什么意思 works.
Shenzhen Lions Club will select 10 pictures from the entries to participate in this contest. Please submit an electronic version of your work (size over 4M) before April 25, and provide the author’s name, gencongress怎么读der, contact information, region/service team, shooting time annotice用法d brief introduction (less than 100 words).
Contact person: Chairman Wang Tian 1390302872association造句2,
      (2) Lion News Exhibition. Provide booths for member management organizations to dispcongress什么意思lay the lion work of the year.
      (3) Lioassociation可数吗n Merchant’s Fine Products Exhibition. Provide a special area for member enterprises to exchange or sell their own lion supplies. Applicants are registered members of the club only. The exhibits must bear the Lions logo. Booth size: 2M× 2M, quotation: 2000-4000 yuan/piece (see the booth plan for details). If you are interested in participating in the exhibition, please fill in the receipt (Attached form 3) and send it to the secretarilion是什么意思at of Lions Club guangdong before April 20, and remit the registration fee to Lions Club Guangdong. Limited quantity, first conoticeme first served (subject to registration fee).
    &nbcongress和conference的区别sp; (4) Badge exchancongress和parliamentge Exhibition. Free exchange badges for national members, each member management organization limited to 1.

            Vii. Activities:

      (I) Golf tournament: it will be held in Dongguaassociation怎么读音n on May 2congressmen2-23 (registration fee: RMB 1500 / person). Registration contact: Zheng Huiling 13923765265, Liu Tao 13809888978national. Specific plans will be announced later.
      Football league: will be held in Guangzhou from May 21 to 23 (7-a-side). Registration contacongress和parliamentct: gao ling 13603058465,13352920925.
            1. Each member management organization同花顺 is limithted to 1 team, and each team is limited to 1 team leader, 1 coach and 20 athletes (if the team leader and coach take part in the competition, the quota of athletesnational空调 must be occupied).
          &nnotice是什么意思bsp; 2. Prepare 2 sets of unifolion是什么意思rm clothing (one dark and one light color, with numbers prinational是什么意思nted on the front and baassociation什么意思中文翻译成ck).
      Other mathoughtters will be notified later.
     attending翻译 (3) Specattendingific plans for other activities will be notified separately.

      &nbslion是什么意思p;     Eight, & have spent Payment method:

            The accommodation fee shall be sethinttled withthough thnationalitye hotel. If yassociation英语ou need the invoice, please indicate it when checkincongress和parliament的区别g in.
            Registration fee and dinner fee should be paid by transfer or cash to the account of Shenzhen Lions Club before April 25
            Account name: Shenzhen Lions Club; Bank name:association怎么读音 Bank of China Huayuan Branch; Accoucongress怎么读nt number: 7692 5862 0855), please specify the purpose of payment in the postscript.
            Contact: He Aijia退婚后大佬她又美又飒n 25688519&NBsp; Hou Zhenlian 25688550 & have spent
            Fax: 25688900 & have spentlions   Email   陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿  

            Niassociation翻译ne, matters needing attention:

      &nbsp同花顺;     Please attend the mlions英语怎么读eeting.
            Plenational dayase prepare a copnational祝庆y of your ID card in advance so th退婚后大佬她又美又飒at you can check in as soon as possible.

    &nnotice作文bsp;    noticed   Attachment:

     congress     &nbspassociation怎么读; 1.  Schedule of the ninth National Congress of Memberscongress和parliament的区别 (tentative)
&nbsassociation用法及搭配p;           2.  The 9th Ncongressmanational Member Congresnoticeables photography contest works solicitation notice
         notice   3.  Exhibition guide for the ninth National Congress of Members
      &nbsnotice过去式p;     4.  Plan of thenationalities booth of the 9thnoticed National Member Congress
            5.  Attached Table 1: Informatinationalstadiumon table of conference delegate’s receattending翻译ipt and flight number
            6.  Attached Table 2: Procongressgram Receipt form of awards Dinner
  &nbsnationalitiesp;         7.association和collection的区别&nbspnoticed; Attanoticeableched Table 3: Booth rececongress什么意思ipt Form

Shenzhcongress怎么读en Linotice作文ons Club & NBSP;    
April 2, 2014


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