18th birthday with blood donation (source: Shenzhen Evening News B11 edition)

His 18th birthday was marked by blood donation

          &nbsbirthday翻译p; Shenzhen Evening News (reporter CAI Zhijun Hong Jianjing) in March blood donanews是可数名词吗tion activities lift the climax agaithinn. Last week, the Red Liqi Service team of Shenzhen Lions Club j不科学御兽oined hands with the Bagualing Servevening翻译ice team to walk into the Fortune Square. Within 8 hours, 154 pe通货膨胀下什么最保值ople were invited to donate blood, a深圳地铁线路图nd 135 people successfully colle深圳疫情最新消息cted 50,200 ml of blood. Longcheng Service team held the second annual red action in Lnewsroomonggang, walkedbloodc into the Xiangqing Century City Square, and invited 60 people to donabirthdayte blood, and successfully collected 15,600 milliliters of blood from 41 people. So far, the fourth Red Campaign, sponsored by The Shenzhen Lions Club and the City Blood Center, has held 35 voluntary blood donation activities, and more than 2donation什么意思,600 people including the Lion Friends have donated blood successfully, with a total blood donation volume of more than 950,000 ml.

            Mabloodc剧情介绍rch 13 is 18 years old Zhang Haomu’s birthday, when his aunt in the Lions Club red lbirthday用英语怎么说ai service team to carry out blood devening和nightonatiobirthday的音标n activities, he took leave from school to fortune Squevening英语怎么读are, in the form of donating 300CC blood as his birthday. &lsourcedquo; 18 years oldsource是什么意思 birthday, do not want to play a play on the past, I want to do something meaningful, so blood donation. &rdqu深圳疫情o; “Said the young man. Another 24-year-old was inspireevening和nightd by his mother t桃花源记翻译o donate blood in supp通货膨胀下什么最保值ort of her mother’s Red Campaign.深圳疫情

     陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿       On March 15, at the blood donation site in Xiangqing Century City Square, Longgang百度官网 District, Deputy Chief Procusourcetree怎么使用rator Ybirthday怎么读英语单词ang Hongthfa of Longga深圳风险等级ng District People’s Procuratorate, his family and several lion fr童话故事iends of Longchengnewsprint Service team tevening和nightook the lead in blood donation. Wevening英语怎么读ang Zhengwu, the police officer who came to maintain order at the scene, also participated in the blood dona深圳地铁线路图tion, which led the on深圳地铁线路图-site merchants and audien深圳天气ces to participate enthusiasticalbirthdayly.

       newspapers什么意思     The head of th不科学御兽e city’s blood center saibloodcd this year is the fourth y褪黑素ear of operation Red. In thenewspaper past four yearevening和nights, There深圳 has been no blood shortage in Shenzhen. Among them, the voluntary blood dobloodnation advocated by red Action has playedsource insight a key role in the clinical use of blood in Shenzhen.

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