Lions Hua Xiang Service team raised $810,000

Lions Hua Xiang Service team raised $810,000

            Shenzhen Evening News (reporter Yu Junjie) & LDquo; Thirty-four thousand dollars the last time, clinch a deal! &rdqserviceableuo; On the night of December 29, 2013, a climactic craise的现在分词harity auctiolionsn moved hundreds of p向往的生活eservicemanople. Seeing children in the mountainous area exercising in a muddy playground, the Shenzhen Lions Club huaxianteamsg Serviceteam什么意思 team promis乡村爱情13ed to give the chiraised是什么意思英语ldren a playgteamsround and held the charity auction. A total of 810,000 yuan was raised. The Shenzhen Lions Club hua Xiang service team promises that all the money wi花芯ll be used for charity.

    &nbsteam是什么意思翻译p;         In the evenservice是什么意思中文翻译ing, shenzhen Lions Club huaxia花芯ng service team held a charity auction in Royal View In华为云空间ternational Hotel, hundreds of entrepreneurs came to hear the news. The re向往的生活porter learned that the auction items are famous calligraphy and painting, porcelain, embroidery, collection of Pu ‘er tea, a total of 53 pieces, are donated free by the Membraised什么意思ers of the Service team. At the auction, elions的音标ntrepreneurs香港 love surging, bidding process fierce and wonderteamful, every time to raise a card attracted applause, each transaction was thunderous applause. In addition to the stage auction, the audience also continued to donate money to the donation box.黄金召唤师 Deng Rongfang, ch香椿airman of Shenzhen Tiancai Technology Co., LTD., donated 50,000 yu香港疫情an at a time.

        &nraised翻译bsp;   “ I will pass everaise短语ryone’s love to every student. ” At the charity auction, Wu Dinghui, director of Pingjiang County Education Bureau, bowed repeatedly and thanked huaxiang Service Team of Lions Club and ent向日葵花语repreneurs for their great love. At the charity auctiraised怎么读on, Yuan Shimin, chairman of the 13th District of Shen香港zhen Lions Club 2013-2014, attended and bought a calligraphy and painting with 3teambition1,000 yuan. The donationraise的用法 will be used to support the construction of school facilities in poor areas of Hunan, and will be supervised throughoutteams会议 the whole process.

      &nservice是什么意思bsp;   &nbraise短语sp; &nteam什么意思bsp;   Related link: Lions Club Hua Xiang service team raised 810,000 yuan

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