Puning flood shenzhen Lions Club in action

Floods in Puning; The Shenzhen Lions Club is on the move

       lions     The lioclub是什么酒ns Club ofclub用英语怎么说 Shenzhen arrived at Liusha, Puning at 4pm on August 20th to purchase a batch of local emergency supplies of rice and ifloodednstant noodles (worth 150,000 yuapuningn) and contacted tfloodinghe local civil affairs bureau.
            The Civil Affairs Bureau sent relevant staff to accompany the vanguard, divided into three teams, escorted three tclubsrucks loaded with supplies, respectively, to thelionsgate severely affectclubmaned Puning City Junbu town Shiqiaotou village, Zhanlong town Side village and Qiaozhupuzhactionablea village. Pioneer members personally participated in carrying and dfloodgateistributing supplies, and visited villagersclubman是什么牌子车 to understandlions翻译 the disaster situation and needs, and sent to all lion friends of Shenzhen Lions Club to theclub people of puning disaster area blessing and sympa深圳疫情最新消息thy.
            By about 9 o ‘clock in the evening, shenzhen Lions Puning disaster relief vanguard of thre深圳e teams distributed supplies completed, suclions的音标cessfully completed the task. Later, the vanguard held a meeting, summaclub翻译rized the situation, discussed tfloodshe next countermeasure, and actively wanted to participate in the disaster relief activities of the ninth district chairman Zhang Cheng telephone communication, informed the Disaster sclubsituation and d普宁市属于哪个省份emand in Puning.lions是什么意思 President Zhang cheng said he would lead his servfloodice team to purchasefloods rice, candles, lighters and other urgently needed supplies to Puning tomorrow. The puning flood rarely seen in 100 years, days oflions是什么意思 torrential rain, coupled with the reservoir flood普宁 discharge, causing serious disaster. Todaclubmedy, the pioneers paclub是什么意思ssed through Shiqiaotou village (namely, at the junction of Chendian, the hardest hit arealion是什么意思中文翻译 in Chaonan) found that the wall of more than two meters high water line is clearly visible.
 shenzhen           God bless China, pray for more blessingclub翻译s. Puning flood, Shenzheclub是什么意思n Lions club in ac普宁天气tion. Pray for Puning!

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