Fun fitness to promote lion friendship — more than 200 lion friends participated in the national fitness games in Nanshan District

            On the afternoon of October 19, 2014, the sky was blue with white clouds and the air was crisp. Shenzhen Bay Sports Park ifunny怎么读s bustling with people. More than 200 members of默认网关 Shenzhen Lions club took part in thfriendship翻译e 4th National Fitness games and funfriendships钢琴谱 sports event in Nanshanfriendship翻译 District.
        &nbspthanlula;   Hu Xin, the 2014-2015 leader of the Servicefriendship可数还是不可数名词 team of Shenzhen Lionfun是什么意思s Club Central District, initiated and called on the service tthanksgivingeams of Shenzhen Lions Club to participatefriends怎么读英语单词 in interesting sports events by taking advantage of the platform of the 4th National Fitness Games in Nanshan District. More than 200 lion friends from central District, Mangrove Bay, Lily, Tiande, Xin ‘an, Datong, Tianen, Bijithankfula Mountain, OCT afunnd nature took part in the competition. Many lion flion的中文意思riends signed up for the family events kalion是什么意思ngaroo jump and three-legged race, and the lion sister-friendshipin-law, brother-in-law and baby were laughimoreover是什么意思ng and laughing. “ Stick to it; , come on, come on ” Hurry up, hurry up. The sfitnesslabsound is incessant, and the atmosphere warms the air.
&nbsfriends是什么意思p;fundamental   &nthanks怎么读bsp; &nbfriendship的英语作文sp;     After & other; Zhuge transporting grain ” , & other Walking together ” , & other Thunder drum ” , & otlionelher Dragon line world ” And & otfitness健身器材her Turn the tables &rlionsdquo; In these five events, Tiapromotende Service team won the fifriendship可数吗rst place. Lion friends of the central Distrfriends美剧ict service team saidfriendship的意思 that although they won the fourth place, they felt very hthanlulaappy. They not only exercised their body, but also strengthened their friendship and affefundction.

Article/photo contribfitnessuted by Central Districtfriendship纯音乐 Service Team

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