Notice about participating in the theme essay, photography and video competition of the Domestic Lion Association

Notice about participating in the theme essay, photography and video competition of the Domestic Lion Association

Service teams:

In order to beabouttter spread the service spirit of lionsvideostar正版下载安卓 Club, summarize the experience of lion service, show thephotography什么意思 perception of “helping others and serving tphotography英语怎么读he society” and the state of happy service of lions club, meanwhile, further expand the social influence of Lions Club in China and wnotice用法elcome the arriessay是论文吗val oaboutf the “centennial celebration” of liophotography翻译ns Cludomesticallyb internatiovideonal, The public relatioessay和article区别ns and Publicdomesticateity Cocompetitionsmmittee decided to hold a photo contest with the theme of “Charming Lion Fcompetitionriends, Beautiful Service”, a video contest withabout怎么读 the theme of “competitionSpreading Lion Love through Micro film” (tentative), and an enoticedssay conparticipation翻译test with the theme of “Happy Service, Gather Strength and move forward”. The relenotice的形容词vant arrangements of the activity are hereby notified as follows. All serviccompetition怎么读e teams are welcome to particiessaypate activeldomestic怎么记忆y and shoabout是什么意思w their elegant demeanour.

(1) “Charming Lion Friends, Beautiful Senotice同义词rvice” themenotice同义词 photography contest

Ithemed翻译n order to better spread the service spirit of Lions Club, summarize the experience of lionphotography的中文意思 service, and show the feeling of “helping others and serving the society” and the state of happy sernoticevice, the public relations and Publicity Codomestic翻译mmittee of Lions Club decided to hold a photo contest with thparticipating翻译e theme of “Charming Lion Club, Beautiful Service” nationwide. Pleascompetition英语怎么读e take youessay是什么意思r camera and tell the stocompetition英语怎么读ry ofparticipation翻译 our service in the past 11 years. To show the service spirit of “dedication, codomestication翻译方法ntribution, contribunoticetionabout-face and attendance” and to contribute love and strength to building a better and harmonious societyparticipation英语怎么说, the relevant requirements are hereby notified as follows:

First, the purpose of the competition

Enrich the culture of lions Clubs, show the spirit of Lions clubs, enhance communication between lions club members, leave precious memories, spread the service spirit of Lions clubs, and ennotice是什么意思hance the social image of Lions clubs.

Second, the theme of the competitnoticeableion

“Charming Lion friends, beautiful scompetition与matchrace区别ervice”

Three, compvideo翻译etition content

1about怎么读. Show the social impact of shenzparticipation翻译成中文hen Lions Club (Lion Friends) service.

2. Show your precious moments in the service.

3. Show genuine gratitude.

4. Show shenzhen Lions Club (Lion Friendthemely主题官网s) and other international exchanges and coopphotography什么意思eration.

5. Show the touching mparticipatingoments of shenzhen Lions Club (Lion Friendsparticipation什么意思) participating in social welfare activities.

The scope of services includes: assthemeplazaisting the disabled, povabout翻译ethemerty alleviation, disaster relief, educattheme动词用法ion, reparticipationspect for the elderly, public health, cultural communication and other fields, in line with the purpose, vision, mission and values of the National Lidomesticons Association.

Iv. Collection time

From now until March 20, 2017

5. Canaboutcg网站didates for contributions

All members of the Shenzparticipation怎么读hen Lions Club

Six, the theme of the call for contributions

Photography entriesessay是论文吗 areabout后面动词什么形式 invited in the following three categories:

1. Lion service category, which shows various services and scenes of lion activities of lion friends, which is infectious and impressive.

2. Style portrait class, show the style of lion friends oessayr the joy of the object of help.

3. Scenery creative category, showinnotice过去式g the beautiful scenthemeplazaery annotice的固定搭配d social scene in the eyes of lion friends.

4. For mobile phones, only photos taken by mobile phones are allowed.

The same woraboutk shnotice是什么意思all not be snotice过去式ubmitted in different categories. Single or group photos are acceptable (group photos are limited to 4-12). A work or group of works is a “piece”. Blaessayistck and white, color inotice同义词s not limited.

Vii. Submission method

1. Only electronic documents aressay和article区别e acabout是什么意思cepted for this excompetition和contest区别hibition. The documents should be sent to the redomestically翻译ceiving email address. The format should be JPEG, and the file size should be no less than 5M. Pleaabout后面动词什么形式se fill in the category, title of the work, nadomesticationme of the author, location, description of the work (less than 100 words) and contact information as required. Groups of photos should be numbered according to the sequence of pictures. Those who repeatedly submit the same work will be disqualified.

2. The works must be independenthemetly completed by the contributor adomesticallynd have independent, complete, clear acompetition怎么读nd undisputed copyright; At the same time, it shall ensure that the work does not infringe the copyright, portrait rphotography可数吗ight, reputation right, privacy and other legitimate rights andcompetition interests of the tnotice的形容词hird party.

3. Theessay写作格式 Associatiaboutcgon and its co-organizersphotographyherbivores have the rivideo怎么读ght to publish the winning entries ithemeplazan any form withnotice同义词out additional remuneration, and tthemehe winners shall have no objection.

4. Participants are not allowed to borrow othemely主题官网r use others’ workessayist是什么意思啊s, evparticipation什么意思en partial use is not allowed. Once discoverparticipation翻译ed, particithemeplazapants will be disqualified for winning the prize, and they will bear the lenoticedgal responsibility.

5. Any particdomesticallyipnotice过去式ant of this photography award shall not have anyvideostar正版下载安卓 objection to the judging result, and shall be regarded as acknowledgiphotography和photograph区别ng all the provisions of this brochurecompetition翻译.

6. There is no entry fee for this competition. The final entries will be sold at the 12th National Membeaboutr Congress, and the proceeds will be used to support the public relations and publicity Committee of the Domestic Lions Associcompetitionation.

7. The organizer has the right of final interpretation for this photography call for papers.

Eight, the selection

On March 31, 2017, the review was organized by the Public relations andabout怎么读语音 Publicity Committee of the Nationnotice的形容词al Lions Association.

Final evaluation: during the 12th member congress ofvideo怎么读 The Domestic Lions Association, the participants will vote for evaluation.

Winning entries will receive a certificate issued by the organizer.

Ix. Submission method

Contact: Shenshi newcompetition的动词s Agency Jia Nenggnotice作文uo shi brother

Contacompetitionsct number: 1video怎么读3823327951


(2) “Micro Film Lion Love” video Competition

In order to carry forward the spirit of “Helpcompetition的动词ing others and serving the society”, further expand the socphotography可数吗ial influence of lions Leagcompetition什么意思ue in China, and welcome the comnoticeding of the “centennial celebration” of Lions League International, the publicitydomestically and Public Relations Committee of Lvideoions League will hold a national video competition of “Spreading Lion Love in Micro Film” (tentative). The sphotography英语怎么读olicitation of entries is hereby notified as follows:

A, themes,

Enter the new Lion era, climb new heights forever! (tentative)

Second, thnotice的固定搭配e required

1. The entries should be touching stories, stories and revideo复数al vessayistideos of shenzhen Lions Club’s service teams and lion friends participating in social welfare activities.

2. It must be the original work of the participant or the group, and the original author or thessay和article区别e group agrees to participate inphotographyherbivores the competition. Plagiarism and plagiarism are strictly prohibiteessay复数d.

3. The ldomestic是什么意思iterary script should be in Chinetheme下载se, with complete story chapters (including introduction), within 1000 words, andparticipating翻译 a list of creators.

4. Video works are divided into twodomestic翻译 categories:

(1) Micro films, about 15-domestication25 minphotography怎么读utes in lengththeme下载, with complete story lines, actors and scenes;

(2) Special documentary, whicompetition翻译ch truly reflects the various public service activities carried out by lions Club and Lion friends, including lion service training and lion friends’ gparticipationrowth, etc., about 10 minutes in length, with complete title, title and dparticipation什么意思ubbing;

(3) MTV music songs, incphotographyinfluxluding lion songs sung by soabout-facecial musicians, composers and singers, about 3-5 minutes in length, and must be DVtheme动词用法 videos.

5. The video format should be mp4, avi or mov. The resolution should be sd (720*576dpi) or hd (1980*video复数1080dpi).

6. The works can be accepted by non-lion friends and lion friends. All works must be recommendthemely主题官网ed by thetheme动词用法 service team anessay是论文吗d marked in the subdomestic读音mitted works. This competition will not accept any content that is notheme动词用法t related to lions ccompetition什么意思lub.

Iii. Selection criteria

(1) Conabouttime免费观看tent and theme

1. Positive and healthy content, refldomestic是什么意思ecting lion culture and public servicevideoshow content, with certain aesthettheme下载ic value and humanistic spirit.

2. Objective truth, credible plot, recent aging, well-made.

3. The story has complete chapters and distinctive themes, which have certain apessay英语peal and impact.

(2) Creativity

1. Diverse contents and forms; The technique of exnoticeablepression is novdomestication翻译方法el.

2. The production is ingenious and has far-reaching sdomestic翻译ocial influence.

(3) Professcompetition翻译ionalism

1. Shooting: Smooth picture, beautiful lens, reasonable lighting layout.

2. Editing: the special effects are performed properly, the camera language is refined, and the subtitle narration is correct.

3. Music: it can render the theme, sublimate the content, and give people imagination and touching.

Iv. Registration time

From now until March 20, 2017

V. Participants

Servicethemed翻译 teams and lions club members (not limited tabout后面动词什么形式o lions club members, but the content should be lions club related).

Rabout怎么读语音egistration and contact information

Please send your entries in electronparticipation翻译成中文ic form to

Registration email:

Conthemeplazatactparticipation翻译成中文: Shen Shi news agency Yang Hankun Shi brother

Contact number: 13923479696

(3) Essay writing activity on tphotographyhe theme of “Hapdomesticationpy service, Gather strength and move forwaphotography翻译rd”

In order to better spread the service spirit of Lions Club, summatheme下载rize the experience of lion service, and show the feeling of “helping others and serving thevideo复数 society” and the state of happy sdomestication翻译方法ervice, the public relations and Publicity Committee of Lions Club decided to launch an essay contest with the ththemelyeme of “Happy Service, Gather strength and move forward” nationwide. The relevant requirements are hereby notified as follows:

First, essay purpose

Summarize the valuable experience in lion activities, show the growth of lion friends, spreadessay翻译 the lion spirit, and provide constructiparticipation翻译成中文ve suggestions and decision-making basis for lions clubs to integrate into national charity and public welfare society.

Second, essanoticeabley theme

“Happy service, Gather strength forward”

Three, the content of the essay

1. Show the moving and growth of lion faboutcgriends in the service of Lionsessayist Club.

2. Show the social impact of lions club services and the happiness of the recipients.

3. Summarize achievements and experienotice过去式nce in lion work.

4. Discuss the combination of Lions Club and relevant national public welfare athemelynd charity policies.

5.domestic是什么意思 Imagine the future of lions Club.

6. The lions Clphotography的中文意思ub’s influence on the future dephotography什么意思vabout怎么读elocompetition怎么读pment of the domestic society.

Four, essay time

From now until Maessay写作格式rch 20, 2domesticate017

5. Essay objects

All members of the Shenzhen Lions Club

Six, essay requiremenphotography怎么读ts

1. Narrative essay, argumentative essay, not less than 1500 words.

2. The content of the article shouldphotographys be original, the theme should be prominent, and the article should be ideological and theoretical.

3. Attach a brief introductidomestic是什么意思on of the author and photos of the service in 50 words or less.

Vii. Submission method

1. Contributitheme的意思ons can be submitted individually or collectively in the name of the service team.

2. Please store the manuscript and the photo separately. Do not put the photo in the document.

3. Please name thephotography怎么读 folder as 2016 Essay – Service team name – author nabout后面动词什么形式ame.

4. For collective submission, pleavideoshowse save the documents adomestic翻译nd photos of each authabout怎么读语音or in a separate folder, indicating his/her navideoleapme; And compvideoleapress all files.

Registration and contact information

Please send it as an electronic documphotographyinfluxent to

Contact: Deep lion news agency Zhao Annie lioparticipating翻译n sister

Contact number: 13510976477

Welcome all service teams and lion frieabout翻译nds to actively participate in the regvideoshowistration, show shencompetition与matchrace区别zheaboutn lion friendvideos style!

Attachment:2016 CLION League “Micro Film Lion Lovnoticee” Video Entry Form (download)

Shenzhen Lions Club

Shenshi News Agency

February 13, 2017

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