Diwang Service Team: held the fifth regular meeting of 2016-2017

Diwang Service Team: held the fifth regular meeting of 2016-2017

On the afternoon of November 20,held是hold的什么形式 2016, the fifth regular meetinservice和serve的区别gregularization of The year 2016-2017 of Shenzhen Lions Club Land King Service Team was successfully held in Shenzhen Yi Xuan Long Busiregularlyness Development Co., LTD. More than 10 people attended the meeting, including Liao Ronghui, supervisor oservice翻译f 2016-2017 of Lionmeeting翻译s Club of Shenzhen and founding leader of Di King Service Team, Huang Xuelan, leader of Diteamwork Kteams会议ing Serdiwangvice Tea帝王蟹的骗局m, CAI Qingsong, second vice leader, and Li Smeetingsumei, secretary. The meetinteamog was chaired by Liao Ronghui and Wang Zuanzhang.帝王蟹的骗局

Yang Ping shared the activity of leizhheld过去式和过去分词ou student aid return visit on Nregular是什么意思英语ovember 2. , she said, had donated more than 30, ten thousand y帝王之妾uan t帝王最多的星座o the school, through theregular lion friends support, school studentmeeting翻译s nearly a thi帝王蟹rd more than before, the students don’t have his umbrella in theservice和serve的区别 rain the toilet, need not when there is no glass Windows of the classroom against the cold wind, graduation rates rserviceableose to thteams手机版e highest level, local surr帝王业ounding parediwangnts rumeetingshed toheld过去式和过去分词 send a child to read. Yang P帝王蟹为何要马上杀死ing feels that thimeeting是什么中文意思s isheld怎么读的 everyone’steam greatserviceest happiness harvest. Mr. Liao shared the situation of the 55th Far Eateams会议st and Southeast Asia Lion Annual Conference. He said that there were more than 500 participants of the Shenzhen delfifthsegation, and the red lion costufifth什么意思mes on the scene formed a sea of red. The scene was very impressive. At the same time, it is suggested that diwang Service team learn from Hong Kong Lions Club帝王的战利品 and cooperate with relevant hospitals in Shenzhen to provide some services formeeting腾讯会议 childrenteam, so as to establish its own brand project. Captfifthain Huang Xuelan urgedregular的所有形式 everyone to attend the opening ceremony of the first warm lion Love Sports carnivalmeetings held by Shenzh帝王攻略en Lionsservice和serve的区别 Club iregular翻译n Guangming New District on Novembmeeting的音标er 2service是什么意思中文翻译3. In addition, the sixservice怎么读th district joint student aid activity will be held in Jiaoling, Meizhou from November 24 to 26, led by Huang Xueland and represented by Li Xinhua, He Gang and Zhou Yuefmeeting腾讯会议eng.

Theheld的意思是什么 meeting also discussemeeting是什么意思d the case of individual donatiodiwangn by the Di King Service team fofifth翻译r lion friends. The di King Service team should estaregularblish its own “care fundteams手机版“, which can be used to comfort and care for lion friends and their families when they are in urgent need.

At the end of the mheld中文eeting, Liao ronghui presented tfifth造句his year’s president帝王业‘s badge and land Kserviceing’s founding team badge to each participant, and eveheldenryone took pictures to commemorate. Wang Zuanzhang also sent gifts to the lion friends, the scene of surprise.

Article by Tudiwregularlyang Service Team

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