The third preparatory meeting of the Organizing Committee and Steering Committee of the 57th Southeast Asia Conference was held successfully

The third preparatory meeting of the Organizing Committee and Steering Committee of the 57th Southeast Asia Conference was held suc陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿cessfully

On January 31, domestic lion federatcommittee和councilion lions club lions club,committee和commission shenzhen, guangdong, shanxi, hainan administration of representative offices led lion lion friend, a total of more than 50 people gathered incommittee是什么意思 shenzhen ofpreparatory怎么读fice, lions club interthird怎么读national the 57th annual southeast Asia conference organizing comeeting是什么意思mmitasiatee and the steering committee meeting of the preparatory committee for the third time, discuss the steering committee mpreparatory怎么读eeting oncommittee是什么意思 March 21 to 22, preparatory work. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Li, secretary General of the Cothird音标nference omeeting怎么读英语rganizing Committee.

Domestic lion federation vice-chairman, the 57thorganizing怎么读 annual southeast Asia, the conference organizing committee, vice President of the board chairman Lin Zisteering是什么意思车上的yu preparatipreparatory是什么意思ons for sharimeetingng meeting organcommittee是什么意思ization committee, tsteeringo thank all friends lion in pa童话故事y, acommittee是什么意思 brief review of the recent all cmeetingonstimeeting的音标tute the achthievements obtained, introduced on March 21 to 22, the steering committee meeting agenda, hope the lion friends through this conference, To find, discuss andcommittee造句 solsoutheast怎么读ve the problems existing in the preparatory process and pool wisdom. Wang Jinsong, chairman of Hainan Member I同花顺nstitutions for 2017-2018 and vipreparatory是什么意思ce Chairmathirdlyn of the Organizing Committee of the 57th Annual Conference of Southpreparatoryeast Asia, introduced the preparatory work of the steering Committee meeting and the pristeering是什么意思车上的orities of each working group, hoping that each group could timely overcome the difficulties in the workasian意思 and formpreparatory是什么意思ulate and implement feasible plans.

At the meeting, fu Yongjing, Dai Jihong, Zhang Jian, Zheng Guoping, Li Likun, Wang Hexiang, He Yong, Yuan Weiming, Meng Manli and othird怎么读ther lion friendsoutheasts reported the preparatory progress on behalf of the conferencmeetingtencentcome Affairs Group, Dinner Grcommittee怎么读oup, F同花顺inance Group, Reception Group, Master of Ceremonies Group,asia Security Group, Gift group, Logistimeeting是什么意思中文翻译cs Group and Publicity Group respectively. And the servimeeting腾讯会议ce center, housing, dining, simultaneous translation, decca design, transport and other issues to ask and exchange. Leadpreparatoryers atsteering翻译 the meeting made suggestions and suggestions for the organizing commsoutheastittee and steerinsteering翻译g Committee.

Tian桃花源记 Wangxing, chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018 and member of the 57th Southesoutheastern是什么意思athirdlyst Asia Convention Organizing Committee; Cao Guamingpreparatory怎么读, Foundcommittee和commissioning Chairman of Hasoutheast怎么读inan Representative Office and consultant of the 57th Southeast Asia Convention Organizing Committee; Wang Jinsong, Chairman of Hainan Representative Office 2017-2018 ancommitteesd Vice Chairman of the 57th Southeast Asia Convention Orthirdlyganizing Committ陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿ee; Ma Min, first Vice President of Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018 and Vice Chairman of the 57th Southeasthirdt Asia Convention Organizing Committee; Zhang Zhsoutheaste, last Chaimeeting是什么中文意思rman of Shaanxi Representative Office 2017-2018 and vice Chathird的基数词irman of the 57th Southeathird什么意思st Asia Convention Organizing Committee; Liu Wanbao, first Vice Chairman of Hainan Representaticommittee中文意思ve Office and Vice Chairman of the Convention organizing Committee; Mr. Zhan Xiaoyang, the second vice President of Guangdong Lions Club for 2017-2018 and vice Chairman of the 57th Socommittee造句utheast Asia Annualmeeting的音标 Conference Organmeeting怎么读英语izing Committee, and Mr. Li Xiaofeng, the second vice Chairman of Hainan Representative Office, made speeches to express gratitude for the responsibility and dedication of ecommittee是单数还是复数ach working gthroup. It is pointed out that the 57th Annual Conference of Southeast Asia is a matter of national honor and all work details should be paid attention to and implemented; Remind all working groups to strethird-partyngthen communcommittee是什么意思ication and timely release the finalized plans to prevent infsoutheastormation asymmetry; It is suggestedthird怎么读英语 to use the restaurant resources aroundasian读音 the hotel to arrange meals for lions club members in China, use the show scene of Yiqi to make exhibition meeting schedule and warm tips, m同花顺obilize resources and power from aorganizing翻译ll aspects, andcommittee造句 expand the influence of lions Club; He exprepreparatoryssed that he would do his best to supporasian意思t the preparatory work of the conference, reasian翻译solutely implement thasiae division of work, and show the good image of lion friencommittee和commission区别ds in China through the 57th Southeast Asia Annumeetingal Conference.

Liao Manxiong, vice President o褪黑素f The Lions Association and vice Chairman of the executive Committee of the 57th Southeast Asia Annual Conference, thanked Shenzhen Lion Friends for their warm reception. I highly commend the orderly, rigorous and effthird怎么读icient preparatory meeting, which ref桃花源记lects the sense of urgency, responsibility athnd mission of lion friends to make the conference a success. At the same time, he stressmeeting腾讯会议ed that all working groups should implement the work plan as soon as possible, refine their work, communicate and solve problems in a timely manner, and do aasian意思 good job in the group docking work. Pupreparatory翻译blicsoutheast是什么意思英语ity on the day of the steering Committee meeting shall be centrally managed by the FICSA secretariat.

Su Zeran, chairman of fundraising committee, vice chaiorganizing的意思rman of executive Committee of the 57th Southeast Asia Annmeetingtencentcomual Conference, affirmed the pmeeting是什么意思rogress made同花顺 in the preparatory work of the confmeeting翻译erence organizasian翻译ing committee, and said that the fundraising team would fully cooperate with the cothird翻译nfeorganizingresoutheastern怎么读nce organizing committee to raasian翻译ise more funds for the success of the conference. He suggested that all workasian意思ing groups hold on-site coordination meetings before Mthird什么意思arch 21 to ensure ththird什么意思at the meetings are well organized and smoothly held. He believed that under the guidance and inspiratiomeetingtencentcomn of Chairman Lin Ziyu, the preparatory work of the steering Committee would be promoted in an omeeting是什么中文意思rderly and efficithird-partyent manner.

Chairman Lin Ziyu made a conclucommittee和commissionding speech, thanking all the lion friends for their hard work and enthmeeting是什么意思usiasm in the preparatory work, and for the excmeeting怎么读英语ellent presentation of the stage results of each group. She ststeering是什么意思车上的ressed that each group should work closely around ththirdlye work objectives, complete the correspondorganizing怎么读ing work content and pasian读音ersonnel division in the implementation manual before Febthird-partyruary 6, position positioning, to ensure the smooth connection of each group. She hoped that all the mthirdlyembers of the preparatory group would cooperate with each other isoutheast是什么意思英语n good faith and keep perfecting the working rules, so as to present a unique steercommittee造句ing committee for Liosoutheast是什么意思英语ns Club Internatmeetingsional and southeast Asian countristeering是什么意思车上的es and lay通货膨胀下什么最保值 a solid foundorganizing的意思asoutheast翻译tion for tsoutheast翻译he successful holdimeeting是什么意思中文翻译ng of the 57th Southesoutheastast Asian Annual Cmeeting腾讯会议onference.

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Zheng Shiyun Licommittee造句n Yanfen

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[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club O桃花源记ffice

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