Huanyuan Service Team: The inaugural ceremony of the 2017-2018 election was held

Hua Yuan Service Team: & NBSP; The inaugural ceremony for the 2017-2018 election was held

On August 29, 2017, the inaugu换元法ral ceremony of The Lions Club Of Shenzhen huayuan Service Team for 2017-2018 was held at the banqceremonyuet hall on the 4th floor of The Grand Cloud Hotel in Tian Mian Garden, Futian District. Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018 President Tian Xi还原糖ngwang, Supervisor Wceremony是什么意思u Xiaoming, last Preside还原性强弱顺序nt Shi Jianyong, former presteamviewerident Lin Tao, Deputy Supervisor Liaoteampro Ronghui, Secretary General Zeng Shiyang, Chief Financial Officceremony造句er Zhang Jian, Chief Finteamoancial Officer Peng Daojian, Chief Police Officer Dengteamwork Yi, Regional chairman Wang Yan, Nelection是什么意思ie Xiangdong, Divisioteambitionnal chairmen Dai Jihong, Du Peng, Wan Chaolin, Wu Yuqiong, Ye Zi,service翻译 Xu Qiubin, Lian Wei, Tan Fteamei, Huang Shaofang, Li Baihe, Lin Yuqi, Wang Daoming, director Zhang Shijun, supervisors Zhwasn'tang Hongxiang, Chen Zong, Chen Qiufen, Luo Junping, representatives ofinaugural翻译 lion friends ateamnd guesteamsts from each servicehuanyuan team altogether还原糖 more than 220 people attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presidinaugural是什么意思ed over by Cinaugural是什么意思hen Zhiyong and Meng Chun.

Yang Lihua, chairmaelection翻译n of the conference, intwasproduced the leaders and guests. Then, all the lion friends of Huayuan service team came on stage, and shouted out the slogan of huaservice是什么意思中文翻译yuan service team 2017-2018: "Serve the future, follow with love", shouted out the spirit of Huayuan service还原性强弱顺序 team lion friends, sservice是什么意思中文翻译houted out the energy of Huceremony的音标ayuan service team lion friends.

Then, ke Dehai awarded prizes to wang Xiaoli, Peng Yi, Sunservice Chenglong, Ma Chunfeng, Wang Jinsong, Tong Yongfang and Li Bahe, Luo Guanqi, Yang Lihua who won the Outstaservice是什么故障灯nding Leadership Award of Huanyuan Service Team in 2016-2017. Ke Dehai, the former team leader, and Luo Guanqi, the former team leaderinaugural address课文ppt, presented the "Love is pubteambitionlic welfarceremony和celebration的区别e, Love is Full pengcheng" flag to Shenzhen Bus Group Co., LTDwash., which strongly supported the seventh Red Action.

Under the witness of Tianinaugural address课文ppt Wangxteamviewering president, Wu Xiaoming Supervisor, Shi Jianyonginauguraladdress课件ppt last president, Lin Tao former president, Zeng Shservicebioiyang secretary general and other leading lion friends, Ke Dehai winaugural是什么意思ill be the captain of the ribbon handed over twasteo Luo Guanqiservice翻译. President Wangceremony和celebration的区别 Tian presented the president's flteamproag to Captain Law Kwon-chi.

Captain Law kwon-chi looks ahead to the New Year's service programme.teams会议 Later, secretary General Zenhuanyuang Shi-yang led aservice的名词ll the directors of huayuan Service team to take theservice是什么意思 oath of office in the presence of President Tian Wang-wang, former President Shi Jian-yong and former President Lin Tao. Captain Lo Kwon-chi presented the certificates of appointment to the coteam是什么意思翻译uncil members. Five new members tooservicemank the oath of membership under the oath of cinaugural address翻译hief picket Officer Deng Yi. Then, district leaders wear the wah Ywassupuen Team badge for new members.

Chen Yan, leader of binservice和serve的区别cheng Swaservceremony翻译ice team of Dalteamoian Representative Office, introduced the guide dog project betweeninaugural address课文ppt Hwas怎么读uayuteam是什么意思翻译an Service Team and Shenzhen Lions Club, and called on lion friends to inspire other service teamsceremony的音标 to jointly undert还原型谷胱甘肽ake or co-organize guide dog projects to better serve more visually impaired people.

Mrs Yeung delivered a speech of appreciation and tolled a bell to announce the successful ceremon还原网络设置会怎么样y. Captain Lo kwon-chi, along with the new members of the board of direc换源神器tors,was made a toast, wishing the Service team better and better.washed National first-class actors, Hua yuan service twashingtoneam lion friend Liu Mingying perfelectionormed a wonderful single dance, lion friend Hu Kangyu (areelectionrt meters) professional arts company preceremony复数形式sented the magic show and group dance performance, Hu Kangyu and passionate to sing a song...... The professionaservice和serve的区别l and wonderful performance won warm applause and unanimous praise from th换元法e audience. The exciting luckyinaugural draw briwash怎么读ngs the atmosphere to a climax again anteamviewerd还原所有设置会怎么样 again.

Ar换元积分法ticle/Tong Yongfang tu/Huayuan Service Team

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