Art students grow their dreams

Art students grow their dreams

After 18 months of work and many discussions on the design scheme, on June 12, 2018, the "Gate of Starry Sky" oil painting exhibitigrow翻译on roomgrow过去式 of Xinlian Primary School, Banfu Tstudents'dormitory翻译own, Dongguan city, which was donated bytheir怎么读语音 Fuai Service Team, was officially unveiled. This is the firstudents18st "art education" program of fuai Service team. In the past 18students英语怎么读 months, Tang Zili, the first vice captain ofgrow怎么读 fuai Service Team, has been to Xinlian Primary School for four times as the project leader, personally partstudents的中文icipatartofzoofree人与犬ing in the whole procgrow是什么意思ess from project approval to construction. Team leader Ding Xiaolin, former team leader Luartbreeder Dan and other team membersstudents英语怎么读 worked together to raise 100,their怎么读英语单词000 yuan for the project.

On the morning of 12th, litheir是宾格还是主格on friends of fuai Service team went to dongguan Xinlian Primary School to attend the opening ceremony despite the heavy rain from all parts of Shenzhen. Leaders from dongguan education departmentstudents是单数还是复数, Dongguan Art Industry Association, school leaders and 7 love ambassadors from vision volunteer group adreams是什么意思ttetheir的名词性物主代词怎么写nded the opening ceremony.

Ma Min, the first vice President ostudents'unionf Shenzhen Lions Clubartbreeder for 2017-2018, delivered a speech at the venue, wishing the children more achievements in art. Captain Ding Xiaolin alartbreederso delivered a warm speechstudents'dormitory翻译. Htheir怎么读edreams是什么意思 said, "Starry Sky door" is taken from van Gogh's famous oil paitheir怎么读语音nting starry Sky. The purpose of fuai Service donating the exhibition roomartofzoofree人与犬 is to open agrow名词 door of artdreamswap foart怎么读r the chitheirselvesldrstudents的中文engrow名词 of Xinliaartofzoofree可以看的n Primary School and sow the seedsgrowl of dreams.

Oncegrowl, whstudents'unionen the new plate fu town primary school is located is the potheir是宾格还是主格vertartiswitchy of the villages and townstudents18s, donggutheirselvesan city, witnartofzoofree人与犬essing art teacher with the children with moon cakes lstudents的中文ifted the lid when palette, with the cheapest practice painting paintiartstationng knife, lion friends feel the school's emphasis on quality educatigrow是什么意思on and the childrartbreederen of the unremitting pursuit of art, resolutely decided to the cstudents'unionhildren ofdreams怎么读 poor families have endowed hidreamsanss oistudents'unionl painting exhtheir是什么格式ibition room. Now, walkidreamsofspankingng into the exhibition room, looking at the colorful works on tartstationhe wall, listening to the children proudly introducing their worktheir是什么格式s, lion friends are deeply moveartstationd by their good deeds.

The "Starry Gate" project enables children to constantly improve their imagination and creativitdreamsy in the pursuit of beauty and creation. It is the supstudents是单数还是复数port for quality education, a kind act to help children pursue thetheirir life dreadreamsofspankingms, and the beginning of the "Argrowt education" and the exploration of a new model of education.

[Text] Duan Junfang

[Photo] Tang Zili

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lion Office

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