Work together to protect -- Shenzhen Lions Club's 2018-2019 Supervisors' Seminar was successfully held

Work together to protect -- Shenzhen Lions Club's 2018-2019 Supervisors' Seminar was successfulworkplacely held

On May 12th, shlionsenzhen Lprotected访问权限ions Club held the 2018-supervisors2019 supervisors' seminar in Cuigu Buildworkdaying, Silver Lake. At the meeting, the candclub怎么读idates studied the responsibilities of the boardwork of Supervisors, discussed and determined the division of work for the New Year, clarified the focus of supervision of the Board of supervisors, and discussed the worlion是什么意思中文翻译k plan, activity outshenzhenline, rules of procedure, work discipline, activity expensprotect fromes and other matters. Zheng Degang, the supervisor designate, said that the members of the board of Supervisors should adhere to tsupervisorshe three principles of "no off-side", "no vacancy" and "good poslions怎么读ition", anclubd conscientiously perform深证指数 their duties to promote the healthy developmeprotected访问权限nt of Shenzhen Lions Club.

The meeting discussed and approved the division of work of the supervisory bclub怎么读oard this year. Zheng Degang was appsupervisor是什么级别ointed as the chief auditogetherbnb攻略tor in charge of overall深圳大学 work and party building. Zhang Hongxiang,clubman deputy Chief Supervisor to be appointed, assisted the chsupervisor什么职务ief supervisor in carrying out his work and was responsible for the wworkshopork of the election Supervisworkshopion Committogetherbnb怎么绅士tee; Li Aijun was appointed as the secretary general of the Board of Supervisors, assisting the Boarworkdayd of Supervisors in its work and responsible for the drafting and approval of documents of the Board of Supervisors. Zhang Jian is responsible for the financial Supervision Committee and the secretariat supervision; Chen Zong was in charge of the supervision Commisupervisoryttee for conference affairs and foresupervisor是什么意思ign exchanges. Wang Daprotectionoming is responsible for the work of the appeal handling Committee; Gao Ling is responsible for the supervision of various specialized work agencies; Feng Qijiang, Wu Yuqiong, Chen Qiufen,lions读音 Cao Haihong and He Xinrclub用英语怎么说u were in charge of the supervision of the first to the fifth zones respectively. The board oprotectf Supervisors appoints a number of supervisors to assist the supervisors in the supervision of each region and each specialized work agency. Thclub怎么读e supervisors who will be approtect的用法pointed at the meeting put forward many valuable suggestions for the worprotectedk of the board of Superv深圳天气isors in the New Year.

Zheng Degang, president-elect of the Board of Supervisors, said that in the new Lion year, all memberssupervisor是什么职位 of the board of Supervisors should respect the law, abide by the rules, inheri深圳疫情最新动态t the cuclubslture and remain true to their original aspiration. In ttogetherbnbhe work, we should extensively listen to the opinions of lion friends, draw lessons from the wor深圳k experience of previous boards of supervisors, actively perform the work duties of the board of Supervisors, and carry out work in strict accordance with the rules and r深圳疫情最新动态egulations of thworke district, so as to make achievements for the healthy深圳 development of Shenclub怎么读zhen Lions Club!

Ten people a深圳ttended the meeting, incwork的过去式luding Zheng Degang, Deputy Director, Zhang Hongxiang, Li Aijun, and Wang Daoming, Chen Zong, Chen Qiufen, Wu Yuqiong, Gao Ling, Cao Haihong, and He Xinru. The meeting was presided over by Zhang Hongxiang.深圳风险等级

[Text] Wang Jiapeng

[Photo] Wang Jiapeng

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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