New Security Service Team: held the third captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2018-2019

New Security Service Team: held the third captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2018-2019

On Novemsecurityber 25, 2018, the continuous drizzle fell on the streemeeting的音标ts of Pengcheng. The third 2018-2019 Ccaptain缩写aptain team meeting and regular meeting of New Securnewgroundsity Service team of Shenzhen Lions Club was held in Green Mathird怎么读英语nor, Huiyuan district, Bao 'an District.

Lions 19 of the 2018-2019 in shenzhen yun-peng zhao, chairman of the partition, xnew是什么意思inan service captain Wu Jinzhi, first deputy captameeting是什么中文意思in zhi-jian wu,helden second deputy captain Li Jun, thirteamod vice captain liujun, formemeetingr captain Zeng Zhao province, Zhang Liqing Lv Qin secretary, treasurer, general yuan-yuan zhang, members Gaothird翻译 Shenghan, Zhu Bei school, zhi-he Yang, Feng Xia etc. More than 40 people were present aservicet thenewgrounds meeting. Chen Nianzhong, chairman of district 14, Peng Yuanwei, first vice captain of Hualteamproei Service Team, Zhou Xheld过去式和过去分词iuying, first vice captain of Gospel Serviheldence team and Cheregular什么意思n Wenjmeeting的音标ie, second vice captain of Longteng Service team were present at the regular meeting. The meeting was chaired by Yang Zhihe and presided over by Wu Zhijian and Le Haixian.

In order to promthird音标ote lion friendship, before the meeheld的原型ting, the lion friends made lunsecurity是什么意思ch togteamviewerether. Although the dishes are limited, each dish is a rare delicacy for everyone.

At 2:30 PM, the captain team meeting officially began. Yang Zhihe and Wang Dangui suggested that they pay a return visit to Xingzhong Primary Schoolnew balance in Youxi Town, Heyuan City in December. Li Jun, the second vice captain, proposed to carry out the "Public Welfare Lecture" actisecurity灯亮怎么解除vity of Southern University of Science and Technology. Wu Jinzhiregularization snewspaperuggested that Li Jun be the executive chairman of the Red Actionteamo of the New Security Service Team. The team leaders delivered their speeteamches andregularity unanimously passed the resonew是什么意思英语lutions proposed at the meeting.

Wu Zhijian, the first vice captain, called on the lion friends tonew怎么读 donate the Wah Lion Award, and they responded positivelthird什么意思y and donated 11 Wah Liothird怎么读n awards in just a fsecurity guardew minutes.

At the regular meeting of the service team, Captain Wu Jinzhi deteams手机版livered a warmheld的意思是什么 sservice是什么意思中文翻译peech. She tnew是什么意思hanked the lion friends for coming tregular是什么意思英语o suheld的中文意思pport the regular meeting despite the rain and said thmeeting是什么中文意思at she would take practical actions to repay everyone's support. Aregular的所有形式t the same time, she made arrangements for the team'regulars services in December. Zeng zservicehao-sheng said that he was pleased to see the healteamsthy development and strong grosecurity翻译wth of the New Security Service team. He said that he would join handsregular翻译 with the lion friends and contribute to the public welfare cause.

President Chen Nianzhong highsecurity灯闪怎么回事ly praised the unity and unity of the neservice翻译w Security Service team and expressed his willingness to taksecurity是什么意思e an active part in various activitithird是什么意思英语es of the new Security Service team. President Zhao yunpeng shared his personal experithird-partyence of experiencing typhoon mangkhut and thanked Liu Yizhen for her efforts. Chaithird什么意思rman Chen Nianzhong, captain Wu Jinzhi on behalf of the lion friends care commitmeeting翻译tee sent him 3000 yuan of condolence money.

Wangheld怎么读的 Dagui introduced the process of visiting Xingzhong Primary school in Youxi town. Wu Jinzhi introduced the new security service team red action plan. Participants expressed their support and made suggestions fnewgroundsor the eventthird翻译.

After the meeting, the participants celebmeeting怎么读英语rated the bregular的名词irthdteambitionay of the lion friends in November.

By Liu Juntservice怎么读u/Chen Weiming, Liu Jun

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