Splendid Service Team: hold the fourth captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2018-2019

Splendid Service Team: hold the fourth captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2018-2019

On October 22nd, 2018, the fourth captaholderin team meeting and reholdgulameeting腾讯会议r meeting of Shenzhen Lisplendid什么意思ons Club Broregular翻译cade Service Teacaptain什么意思中文m for 2018-2019 was held in the 34th floor of Haikou Huanqing Building, Furegulartian District. Shenzhen Lionsmeeting腾讯会议 2018-2019 peace poster Committee chairman,regular什么意思 the last leadcaptain音标er of the beautiful service team Xie Wenke, the beautiful service team captain Sun Jinping, the first vice captain Caoregular Hui, the second vice captain Xie Tianci, the third vice captain Wang Xingpeng, the team leader Qiu Zhaojun, former captain Zhou Fuhui, financial Wang Zhe and other 22 peofourth的基数词ple attended the meeting. Lecturehold翻译rs zhang Shijun, Huang Xuelan and Wang Shuservicebioang attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Wang Zhe as chairman of the conference.

Before the conference, lecturer Zhou Fuhui gave us a trameeting是什么意思ining on the Core Values of Lions Club,splendid是什么意思英语 with instructors Zhang Shijun, Huang Xuelan and Wang Shuang assistisplendidly是什么意思ng us.

At theteams会议 meeting, Cao Hui proposed to carry out "love 100 points" chongfourth造句yang County, Hubei Jintang town student acteam什么意思tivities. Thfourth是什么意思e lion frienserviceds held a heated discussioteamviewern aboutregularly the student assistance activities and put forward their valuable suggestions. They stressteamed the importance of the feasibility and sustainability of the activities and said that they would continue to provide good services.

Wang Zhe propoteamprosed the heyuan education prsplendid翻译oject. Lion friends suggested that we conduct an in-depth study of the project to understand the actual local situation and the real needs of the recipients, so as toteambition ensusplendid什么意思re the efficient use of the activity funds.

Captain Sun Jinping introduced the recent work of the service team and proposed that Wang Xingpeng be the general manager of the servicteam是什么意思翻译e team in 2018-2019, and Liu Jielin be the secretary, which was supported by all lion friends.

The successful holding ofteams the rehold过去式gular meeting could not have been possible without the active cooperation and support of lion friends. Thanks to Liu Yingqi for providing the meeting venusplendidly是什么意思e, andregular的名词 thanks to Wang Fang, the care committee member, fohold不住r directing the birthday activities throughservicemanout this month. Lion friends meet because of dream, accompany with lion love, all the way together.

Bsplendidly是什么意思y Cao Hui

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