The 57th Lions International Convention in Southeast Asia concluded successfully

The 57th Lions International Convention in Southeast Asia concluded successfully

The cconventional反义词losing ceremony of tlion是什么意思中文翻译he 57th Lions Club International Southeast Asia Annsoutheast翻译ual Conference was held in Haikou Internainternationaltional Conveinternational翻译ntion and Exhibition Center on November 18. The closing ceremony was presided over by Jia Yong, chairman of lions International 57th Anlions的音标nual Conventionsuccessfully怎么读 in Southeast Asia and presconventionalident of Lions League in China.

Domesconvention什么意思tic long Su Zeran lion federatilions的音标on supervisors, vice President of Lin Ziyu, former executive vice President of Zhang Guojun, President of shenzhen lions in 2018-2019, Ma Minasian意思, the last President of tian wang, first deputy chairman WengHua, the founding Pressoutheast是什么意思ident of jian-wen xie, a former President of ShiJianYong, dai xin, deputy secretary-gconventional读音发音eneral Zheng Hehua and other leaders lions, a total of more than 1conclude的所有形式00 people attended the closing ceremony.conclude的名词形式

Jia Yong will ring the bell to announce the openingconclude的所有形式 of the closing ceremony and deliver a speech. He thanked lions Club International and the Tokyo Office for their help and guidance, and punsuccessfullyaid tribute to the lion friends, volunteers and the Chinese disablesuccessfully造句d art T褪黑素roupe for th陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿eilions翻译r efforts. He said that although this annual conference will end, it will be a new beginning for the Lions Association in China, and the association will continue to work hard and foconventionrge ahead.

Gudrun Ingdard, president of Lions International, is encouraged by the achievconclude的形容词ements of th童话故事e conference. She hopes that parconventionsticipants can bring back their feelings, skills athoughnd tools from this anlions的音标nual conference to their homes, share them同花顺 with people around them, return to the community, do good service, and make the world a bettconventionaler place.

Dr.Naresh Aggarwal, president of Lions Foundation Internationalasian翻译 and the last lions Club President, said in his speech tinternationally歌曲hat lions should combine service with sharing, constantly improve service level and brand influence,conventional什么意思中文 and inspire more lions to participate.

Mr. Dr. Jung-yul Choi, First Vice President ofsuccessfully patched是什么意思 Lions International, Mr. Brian Sheehan, Tconvention什么意思hird Vice President oconvention翻译f Lions International, internationlionsgateal Directors, candidates for tsuccessfully是什么意思hird Vice President of Lions International and candidates for South East Asia International Directors delivered speeche陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿s to congratulate the successful opening of the South Eaconvention形容词st Asia Annual Con褪黑素ference. Tha童话故事nks for the support and dedication of relevant domestic official departments, China Disablinternationalworkers'day怎么读ed Persons' Federation,international英语 ha桃花源记inan prosuccessfullyvincial official departments and the organizconventionaling committee of the annual Meeting.

Lin Ziyu, executive chairman of the 57th South Ealion是什么意思st As褪黑素ia Annual Conferencesuccessfully, delivered a report. She said that the annual conference had achlions英语怎么读ieved relionsgatemarkable resulconventionts. The lion friends from 14 regions in China and Chininternationalworkers'day怎么读a worked together to participate in the event and showed the "nasuccessfully是什么意思tional image" of the Lion Club陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿 to the lion friends in south East Asia.

Pham Suo Ho, chairman of the Resolution Committee, reported on the amendments to some articles of the Constitution of the Southeast Asia Conference; Lin Qiguo, former Direc同花顺tor of Lions Club Foundation, explained the complinternationalismetilions怎么读on of "Action 100". Forconvention翻译mer International Diasiarector D同花顺arong Jiang, on behalf of the Global Action Group, briefelions读音d the Global Leconcluded翻译adership group and global Services Group on strategies, trends and updates of the first quarter report; Ms. Wen Jinhuan, chairwoman of New Voices Ssuccessfully怎么读outheast Asia and former international Director, briefed on thesuccessfully是什么意思 launch of The Beyon桃花源记翻译d Horizon New Voices Forum, which advocates gender equality and provides a plainternationaltform for women's leadership development.

At the closing cereminternationalony, President Jia Yong presented the commemorative flag to the participating counsoutheast怎么读tasian翻译ries and regiconclude的名词形式ons and handed over the flag of the organizeinternationalr of lions International Southeast Asia Convconclude的形容词ention to Shinichi Terakoshi, chconventional是什么意思airmsoutheast是什么意思an of the 58international怎么读th Southeast Asia Convention, which will be heldlions翻译中文 in November 2019 in Hirosoutheast怎么读shima, Japan.conventional

The asoutheastern是什么意思nnual conference held a series ofthin activities, including domestic reception, Lions Club Foundation's "Action 100" seminar, Beyond the Horizon New Voices Forumsuccessfully patched是什么意思, anunsuccessfullyd international President's Dinner. The national Lions Club development and service Achievement exhibition showcaslions读音es the lions club's achievemen桃花源记ts in development and service in China. The Shenzhen delegation is not only a participant but also an organizer. The lion friends consciously maintained the order and hygiene of the venue, acted as waiters and guiders,褪黑素 and fully displayed the elegant demeanor of the host country. Exchangthine of badges, souvenir albums, special food, Lion gifts,lions翻译中文 coconut wathves... The annual meeting bit by bit, all connected into a beautiful memory.asian读音

The succeinternational翻译ssful holding of the annual conference is thasian翻译e result of the hard work of couconcluded翻译ntless behind-the-scenes staff. Shenzhen Lioconventionalnyou enthusiastically participated in the preparation work of the opening and closing ceremoniesinternational labour day翻译 and 14 melions翻译etings o童话故事f the annual confersoutheastence. Their silent service is embedded in every corner of the annual conferencconvention形容词e site. Thanks toconvention的用法 su Zeran, Lin Ziyu, Zhang Guojun, Ma Min and otinternationalismher staff of the organizing committee for their dedication. Thathnks to Dong Shige, chairman of thinternational翻译e Committee of Lions Club Shenzhen Internatio褪黑素nal Convention and the staff of the office for their careful organization and othoughrderly promotion of the work of the Annual Convention. Thanks to all lion Friends for their support and enthusiastic participation, the annualsuccessfully翻译 convention is eveconclude的形容词n more wonderful because of you! Lion friends, let us look forward to the 58th Annual Conference of Southeast Asia gathering again!

【 Text 】 Huang Xinran

[Photo] Ma Huijuan

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng桃花源记

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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