Dialogue with Nature – Philatelic Club and Environmental Services Committee held a theme sharing session

Dialogue with Nature – Philatelic Club and Environmental Services Committee held a theme sharing session

On November 8, 2018, shenzhen Lions Philately Club, together with the Environmental Protection Service Committee, held a sharing event themed “Dialogue wnature杂志ith Nature and Life with Lions” in onature影响因子ct National Wetlenvironmentallyand Park, Nanshan District. Special guest Chen Jianxing (Thetheme和topic Green Hills of Africa) shared his experience of living with lions for tenature杂志n years, calling for practical actions to protect wild animals.

Morclub是什么意思e than 50 peopleclub翻译 attended thclubmed官网预订e meeting, including The 2018-2019 Lions Club presidenthemely主题官网t Ma Min, the secondclubmed官网预订 vice President Lu Zhiqiang, the acting Secretary Gclub是什么酒eneral Du Hengkunnature论文, the second district chairman Cao Yingwang, the 13th District chairheldman Li Xiang, the supervisordialogue怎么记忆s Zhang Jian, Wu Yuqiong, the advisor Chen Shaohua, and the Philatelic Club president Tong Xin. The meeting is chaired by Tong Xin.

Before the thecommittee和commission区别me meeting, Meng Xiaservice是什么故障灯ngwei, the director of OCT National Wetland Park, introduced the wetland Park. He said that it was a great honor to have a relationship with the Lions Club. He hoped that the lions could show their talents in tthemelivehe wetland Park and promote the development of public welfare.

Pserviceshellresident Tong Xin introduces the stamp Album designed by philatelic Club for the 57th Lions International Annaturenual Convention in Southupheldeast Asia. He said the album was designed in accordance with the 57nature怎么读th Andialoguenual Conference of Southeast Asia and is highly appreciated and valuable for collectdialogue怎么记忆ion.

Chen Jiaxing, the special guest, toldnaturehike his experience from accidentally coming into contact withservices.msc什么意思 African wild animals to likthemely主题官网ing living with wild animals. He shared his interesting stories about living with lions in the grassland for ten years, and popularized a lot of knowledge about wild animals to lion friends, which benefited them a lot. Chen thanked thheldene lions clunatureb for its invitation and praised the lions foclubsr theenvironmental是什么意思ir contribution to public welnature是什么意思fare. During the quedialogue翻译stion-and-answer session, Mr. Chen earnestly answered questionsdialogue可数还是不可数名词 for the lion friendenvironmentalist翻译s and called on everyontheme和topice to protect wild animals. On behalf of shenzhen Lions Club, President Ma Min presented a gift to Chen Jianxing.

Lu Zhiqiang, the second vice President of CCNA, made a concluding speech, thanking everyone for taking time out of their busy schedule to participate in this activity, andtheme下载 thankintheme下载g Mr. Chen for his wonderful sharing and oct National Wetlanenvironmental怎么读的d Park for supportinnature论文g the actithemelivevity. Heclubmed called on everyone to put into practice the concept of environmental protection, start frenvironmental翻译om practservice是什么意思车上的ical action, start from smalenvironmentalistl thinthemelygs, love wildlife.

[Text] Zhou Wenguang

[Photo] Zhou Wenguang

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Cheld的意思是什么lub Office

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