Harmonious coexistence for a Better Future – Domestic reception successfully held

On the evening of July 7, milan local time, the domestic reception with the theme of “Harmony and symbiosis” hosted by the Domestic Lions Association was held in milan Convention Center. More than 200 people attended the reception, including the president of Lions International, former president, internationasuccessfully造句l directors, formereceptionistr internatiosuccessfullynal directors, district governors, elected directors, leaders of lfuture怎么读音ions clubs in China and leaders of lions clubs in various regions,future to supporfuture怎么读音t Mr. Zhang Guoyun, former executive vice president of Lions Clubs in Chindomestication翻译方法a and former president of Lions Clubs in Shheld过去式和过去分词enzhen, to run for inharmonious的名词形式ternatiodomestic读音nal dibettermentrector.


Befheldbackore the meeting, the leaders of the Domestic Lion Associationreceptionist中文翻译 and leaders fro共存coexistencem all regions warmly welcome共存coexistenced the leaders and guests to the meeting, showing the excellent quasuccessfully patched是什么意思litysuccessfully翻译 of unity and hospitality of the domestic lion club.

The recept共存coexistenceion began with a lively folk dance, hosted by Mr. Liu Xiaogang, lions Club International Director 2future017-2019 and past presidreception是什么意思ent of Lions Club Guangdong. Liao Manxiongheld的原型, vice president of the National Liofuturelearnn Association, gave a welcome speech and warmly welcomed all the leaharmonious的名词形式ding lion friends who came to support us.

Lion Sister Liu Xiaogang solemnly introduces Brother Zhang Guojun, candidate of Lions Internabetterment的意思tional Board of Directors 2019-2021. Zhang Guojureceptionist是什么意思n is from Shenzhenfuture怎么读音 Lions Club. For 17 years, she has played an impfuture糖果ortantbetter原级 role in guiding, guiding, sheld过去式和过去分词tandardizing anbetter是什么意思d inheriting the develobetter是什么比较级pment of domestic Lions Club and Shenzhen Lions Club. She has always been firmly, firmly and persistently walking with love onbetter怎么读啊英语 the lion road. Zhang guojun also expressed her gratitude to all the leaders for their support, and woufuturehendrixld do her best to serve more peoplesuccessfully造句 in need in the future.


The 2019-2020 Lions Club President Chheld的原型oi Joong-yul, former Lions Club President Tan Young-geudomesticn, and the third Vice prsuccessfully翻译esident candidate Dr. Patti Hill spoke in support of Mbetter原级r. Zhang’s candidacy for international board of directors. On thefuture是什么牌子 afternoon of July 5, former president Tan Young-geun recomme共存coexistencended and nominated Zhang Guojun as tdomesticatehe candidate for the 2019-2021 board of directors at the international Council nomination meeting. At the domestic reception, formerupheld president Tam Wing-gan recommdomestic翻译endharmonious是什么意思ed Brother Cheung kwok-kwan again to all the particfutureipating lions, hoping that everyone would vote for him.

Mr. Zheng Degang, vice president of the National Lions Association and former president of shenzhenfuture翻译 Lions Clubheld的原型, gave a speech of appreciation to all the guests, guests and lifuturehendrixon friends who attendreception是什么意思ed the reception. In the future, WE hope to work together to create a harmonious coexistence and a better future.


The one-hour reception was warm and harmonious, and came to an end with the encouragement and communication of lions. Review in preparation for the confdomesticallyerence, Zhang Guojubettermentn before the President’s campaign and domestic lion federatiodomestic是什么意思n’s leadership, friends all over thesuccessfully造句 country led the lion have made outstanding contributions, especially iharmonious翻译n foreign exchange commission, direcreceptionist怎么读语音tor association, shenheldbackzhen fedebetter是什么意思rbetter怎么读啊英语ation lions Ma Min, head osuccessfully是什么意思f the teareceptionm, led by President of lotus servicefuturehendrix, as welsuccessfully造句l as the district director will support. Presidendomestication翻译方法t Ma Min, as the chairmaheld的中文意思n of the campaign team, received gharmonious翻译uidance from the leaders and former vice prefuture糖果sidents of the association, as well as support from sichuan Representative Office zhanheld是hold的什么形式g Dewen Shi Brother, the committee ofbetter翻译 shenzhen Lions Club Annual Meeting and Shenzhen Lions Friends from theld的意思是什么he preliminarysuccessfully patched是什么意思 preparation, gift design, sample making, on-site distribution of materials and reception services. The success of the reception is the inevitable result of the joint efforts of all the lion friends in China, which embodsuccessfully翻译ies the collective wreception翻译isdom and strength of all tbetterment的意思he lion friends.

Zhang Guojun was electefutured as lions International Director for 2019-2021 at the closing ceremony of the club’s annual convention in Milan on July 9. Congratulations to Brother Zhang Guoyun! Thanks to all lion friends for their efforts and support!

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Shenzhen Lions Club


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