Happy Service Team: Hold the fifth team meeting and regular meeting of 2018-2019

Happy Service Team: Hold the fifth team meeting and regular meeting of 2018-2019

On Novemmeeting是什么意思ber 26, 2018, the fifth captain team meeting and regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Happiness Service Team for 2018-2019 was held in the second floor of Xinhe Luxury Carmeeting怎么读英语, Donghai Avenue South, Lufeng City. Shenzhen Lions club chairman of the 18th division, the former captain of the happy service team CAI Min, happy serviteamce tmeetingeam captain Tang SAN, the first vice captainhold Zhang Shengzhou, the second vice captain Lteamproin Xiaoyi, theserviceman third vice captain Cfifthlyhen Xiaobin, secretary Liu Yunhuan, financial Cao Jiexiong, general affairs Jiao Jielong, picket Zhang Bailong and other 16 people attteamsended the meeting. The meetihappy什么意思ng was chaired by Zhang Bilong and tang SAN.

At the team meeting, the lions summarized the development of the two projects of “Gardener Hand in hand” and “teaching scholarhappysugarlifeship”, and arranged the activiregularityties of the service team in December. Partregular是什么意思英语icipants suggested that the “Gardener Hand in hand” acteamotiviregular什么意思ty open more tutoring places, so that more schools and teachers benefhappy的比较级it; Lion fhappy的比较级riends suggest that the “teaching scholarshihold过去式p” program invite more teachers and students to participate in activities, iservice和serve的区别ncrease interaction with children, and form an incentive mechanism to guide children to study harder. At the same time, lion friends believe that we can appropriately reduce thehold on “teaching schoregularizationlarship” project service funds, and increase invfifthestment in the “Gardener Hand in hand” activity. Later, the lion friends discussed and decided to hold the first red action of happfifthlyiness service teamhold是什么意思 this year in Rainbow company on December 14.

At the regular meeting of the service team, Song Linlin, the representative of lion Friends, Zteam什么意思huo Xiaosheng, the outstanding teacher, Zhou Jiahold的过去形式n and Wu Chongfang, the refifthlypresentatives of volunhold翻译teers, shared the projects of “Gardener Hand in hhappy的比较级and” anhold的过去形式d “teaching sfifth怎么读英语cholarship” ofhappy张江 the Happiness Service Team respectimeeting是什么意思中文翻译vely. Project naming organizations and individuals receive commenmeeting怎么读英语dations.

Arfifthticle/photo Contributed by Happififth翻译ness Service Team

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