Elite Service Team: Host the inaugural ceremony of the 2019-2020 annual transition

On August 25, 2019, the inaugural ceremony of shenzhen Lions Club Elite Service Team 2019-2020 was held in Hilton Huidong Rinaugural address翻译中英对照&B Hotel, Fuli Bay, Minshan Town, Huidong County, Dongguan City. Tang Quanhui,ceremony chairmanelite是什么意思 of the 8th distriannual英语怎么读ct, Zhao Hui, chairman of the 9th Diceremony造句strict, Lelite俱乐部中的鞭打i Decan, chairman of theannually award committee, Cao Lixia, executiveannual造句 chairman, 110 members of the elite servannual的名词ice team, their fannual英语怎么读amilies and carielitebookng personage attended the cceremony怎么读eremony. Tinauguralhe ceremony was chaired by Lu Jianhua and presidteamworked over by Zhaelite怎么读o Ziming, secretary Tang Fei.

Lin Yuen Ting, thceremony用什么介词e last team leader, made a suelite翻译mmary of the annual work and reviewed tinaugural address翻译中英对照he main work of the past year. From 2018 to 2019, under the leadership of Captain Lin Wanting, the Elite Service Team actively carried out the program of overseas educationceremony造句 in mountains and mountains, funded 72 schools including Hechi in Guangxi, Daliang mountain in Sichuan, Xizang and Pingjiang in Hunan, benefiting 18,164 children aservice和serve的区别nd donating materiannual是什么意思als worth 1,567,000 yuan. At the same time, the service team aserviceablelso actively carried out 8 public welfare activities such as yuanliserviceng community assistance for the disabledannual造句, sanitation workers syinaugural翻译mpathy, red action. Lion friends deeply felt Lin Wanting last captain small body bigservice是什么意思 energy charm. Lin Wanting last captain retired, still heart service team lion friends, for the lion friends awhost翻译arded her elaboservicerate MEDALS.

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Figure 4. JPG

In the leadership of lion friendsannuals witness, Lin Yuen Ting will be ribbon and hammer handed over to Wu Le. Captain Ng Lok led all the mteamworkembers of the elite Service Team on the stage, presenting flowers and givihosts文件位置ng warm hugs to Last year’s captain Lam Yuen Ting to thank her for her efforts in the past year. Captain Wu Le said that in 2019-20, the elite service team willinaugural address standardize the lion work around the annual theme of “Innovation, harmony and happineservice是什么故障灯ss”.

On theceremony复数形式 changing party, lion friends perfoceremonyrmed, raffle, lion friends between the “night talk lion frieannualizedndship, a pledge” gift exchange, birthday celebration and other linceremonyks is to bring the activity to a smallelite climax.

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Although Liceremony怎么读n Wan Ting rservice是什么意思esigned as the lateamprost team leader,ceremony her positive, hardworking, serious and dedicceremony翻译ateceremony翻译d attiteamviewertude has always led us. Bid farewell to yesterday, we will stand on a new startinghost是什么意思啊 point; Looking forwelitemood鞭打ard to tomorrow, weannually strive to create brilliant. Because of love,elite是什么意思 we have a dream of the futannual的名词ure, because of lovehostid, the dream wserviceableill go further.

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Article/photo & have spent Elite service tceremony用什么介词eam

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