The Inaugural ceremony for the 2019-2020 election of the Classic Service Team was held

On June 16, 2019, the inaugural ceremony of Shenzhen Lions Club Classic Service Teamteams会议 2019-2020 was held in the Convention hall of Dapeng Luzui Villa, Guangming District. Li Feng, executive Deputy Secretary General designate oteamsf 2019-2020, Ru Chunxuserviceable, chairman designate of Zone 5, Li Xiaofeng, Zuo Hongywash怎么读i, Chairman designate of Zone 5, Lin Xiaohong, Chairman designate of Member Develoservicepmentserviceman and Retention Committee, Lei Qingming, leader designate of Lion Guide, Wu Jian, leader designate of Art Troupe, More than 80 members of the classic Seservice是什么意思中文翻译rvice team, their families and caring community attended the ceremony. The ceremonteamworky was chaired by Zhang Yanli and presided over by Liu Shixin and Li Lin.

Zheng Yukuan, leader of the founding team, made an introducserviceabletion and speech onclassical怎么读 the stage. He thanked the previous team leaderelections for their conscientious work and encouraged the new team members tinaugural是什么意思o blaze new trail in inheritance.

The mining-team wide. JPG

Captain Xie Suguanteams会议g delivered the 2018-2019 annual work report, thanking all the leaderswas who supported him, the lion friends and the enterprises and social caring people who donated generously to charity. He said that in 201wasn’t8-2019, classic Seclassic是什么牌子rvice team organized and carried out 14 public welfare services, raised 205,000 yuan of service funds, held 10 regular meetings and team leader meetings, and participated in many activclassic是什么牌子ities suchceremony同义词 as assisting the disabled, helping students, promoting diabetes and anwashti-drug education. He hoped that under the leadership of wang Xue-bo, the classic Service team would continue to inherit the spirit of great loelection翻译ve and climb thteams会议e mwasountain of lion love.

Xie Suguang JPG.

Wang Wenjun’s financial report for 2018-201election9 clearly shows the financial income and expenditure of the classic Service team this year.


Afterwards, Captain Xiclassic英雄联盟e Suguang presented awards to the lion friends and caring people who made contributions to the classic service teaelection中文m, thanking everyone for their support.


With the witness of all lion friends and guests, Xie Suguaceremony翻译ng handed over the ribbon and bell hammer, which symbolize honor and responsibility, to Wang Xuebo. The two cinaugural addressaptains exchanged giftceremony造句s and embraced each other affectionately. Wang Xue-bo, the incoming team leader, delivered the 2019-2020 work plan report, focusing on the “pragmatic” oteams手机版rientation for the charity activities of the service teaclassicm, encouraging the lion friends to do thteams手机版eir best to help moteams会议re people, and briefly explaining the work plan for the next year.



Li Fenservice怎么读g, executive deputy secretary general desiclassicmuggnate, affirmed the efforts made by Captain Xie Suguang, and also expressed his expectations for the work of Captain Wang Xuebo in the New Year. He hoped that under the leadership of captain Wang Xuebo, classic Service team could create new glory and let lion friends gain more surprises and feelings.


Mr. Xu Tong,team是什么意思翻译 the second vice Captain, gaveclassic什么意思中文意思 a speech of appreciation to all the leaders, lion friendsteam什么意思 and guests who supported the event. He also thanked the lion frieelection翻译nds who participated in the preparation for the event.


A group photo. JPG

Photo by Liu Shixin

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