Mileage Service Team: the ninth team leader meeting and regular meeting of 2018-2019 was held

Mileage Service Team:aThe ninth time in 2018-2019

Captain team meeting and regular meeting

On March 9th, 2019, the 9th Captain team meeting and regular meeservice是什么意思ting of The 2018-2019 Lions Club Mileagmileage什么意思e Service Tteambitioneam waregularitys held in Room 1903, Bloninth翻译ck B, Haisong Building, Futian District. Mileageserviceman service team captain Yang Shuijin, the first vimeeting翻译ce captain Xiong Qi, the second vice captain Huang Wserviceeiqiang, the third vice captain Wang Shu, the team leadeleader冰箱r Chen Shijun, former captain Wen Shuxian, Jin Qian, Li Chao, financial CAI Yunxi and other 17 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Yang Shuijin.


Cheng Xiaowei briefed thninthe participanregularlyts of the meeting and held a solemn ceremonyleader是海尔吗 before the meeting. CAI Yunxi finance dmileageplus是啥轮胎epartment makes monthly financial income and expenditure report.service

Yang Shuijin annouleadershipnced to enter the sacred and rigoromileageplus是啥轮胎us link, namely Xiong Qi, the fleader是什么意思中文irst vice caninth-gradeptain, Huang Weiqiang, the second vice captain, Wang Shu, the third vice captain to make a speech and team members vote. He said that the threleader空调e vice-captainservice是什么意思中文翻译s have worked hard andservice是什么意思 selflessly in the steams手机版pirit of lions in the past year. He asked everyone to vote for him.

As the third vice captain oteamf the mileagregular反义词e Service team, it is a role change and should assume more responsibilities. Smileage是什么轮胎he attended every reregular反义词d action of the Mile Service team this year and grew up in the processninth.

Huang Weiqiang, the second vice captaregularlyin, gavemeetingtencentcom a speech on duty. He raised mninth怎么读ore than 60,000 yuan inregular反义词 the annual mountaineering activityteams手机版 for the disabled, and actively parservice翻译ticipated in lianhua North Project for the disabled, Yunnan Umeng Education Project and the 9th Red Actioleader是什么牌子n, serving as the joint service chairman. The interaction with the frienleadersds made him grow a lot on the road of public welfare.

Xiong Qi, the first vice captain, made a speech on duty. As the service team with the largest numbmeeting腾讯会议er of people in Shenzmeeting是什么中文意思hen Lions Club, the mileage Service team is nservice的名词ot very active. I hope the potential of lions club will come into full play in the New Year. The newmeeting的音标 annual mileage service team logo desileader什么意思啊gn into the “four ouninth还是nineth区别t” spirit, hand in hand and other elements, the meaning of the flower is to remember the mission, do not forget the original aspirationninth英语怎么读.

The voting results were unanimous among the three candidates. Xiong Qi wasleader是什么牌子 elected as the 2019 — 2020 Captain candmeetingidate, Huang Weiqiang as the first vice-captain candidate and Wang Shu as the second vice-captain candidateamote.

Huang Weiqiang, 2nd Vice Captain, reported on the preparatory work of selectserviceing the team members for 2019-2020, which will be held omileage翻译n March 23 of the Mileageregular反义词 Service Team. So far, 43 lion friends have registered to participate.

Captain Yang Shui-jin announced the name list of the mileage Seninth怎么读rvice team representleader是海尔吗atives to attend the general meeting on 20 April.

Yang Xiaowei shared shajiteam是什么意思翻译ng red action summary and dongguan red action preparations, under the inspiration of Huang Weiqiang, the total number of blood donormileage翻译s in the shajing red action 144 people. The following dongguan red acleader翻译tion is March 16 intoteams longjian Group anleader冰箱d March 24 into Chteams会议angpteamoing.

Former captain Jin Qian mobilized evleadereryone to attend the 102nd Lions Club Internatininth翻译onal annual meeting, reported the formation of the groregular的名词up and shared the thrmeeting翻译ee classic milan routes.

Chen Shijun, founder of the team, congratulated xiong Qi, firegular是什么意思英语rst vice captain Huang Weiqiang and seleader什么意思啊cond vice captain Wang Shu sincerely and warmly. Thanks to Captain Yanregularlyg Shuijin for leading the current team for a very loving year. Excellent milemeetingtencentcomage, so she is promeeting是什么意思中文翻译ud, proud.

Wen Shuxian, former captain of the team, said tmileage怎么读hat she was moved by Xioservice的名词ng Qi’s sharing anmileagesd thatmeeting是什么中文意思 being elected as a teservice是什么意思am member is a process of training and growtmeetingtencentcomh. She encouraged everyone to participate in the 2019-2020 team member election and contribute to the mileage Service Team.

The president of the conference rang the bell and adjourned. After taking a group photo, the “March eighth” International Wservice是什么意思omen’s Day godservice怎么读dess of Love aservicebioctivities began. Slim ladieteamworks, ladies, girls, girleader空调ls, girls. Li Chao, the former team leader, gave the goddesses a bealeader翻译utiful gift of lovemileage什么意思.

Life iregular什么意思s a jourteamney of love! Wish lion friends safe and happy birthday in March, good luck!




By Zhou Caishuang & NBSP; Wang tingting & have spent   Photo/Eric


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