Lions will notice | about shenzhen coronavirus pneumonia and epidemic prevention service focus to inform next stage

Service teams:

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the Lions Club of Shenzhen has been paying close attention to the situation. On 25 January, after donating 10,000 emergency medical masks to the Lions Club of China to assist Hubei province, it immediately issued a proposal to all lion friends. At the same time, according to the spirit of relevant documents and work guidelines issued by Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation and The Domestic Lion Association, the work plan of Shenzhen Lions Club was formulated and released in a timely manner, the leading group for epidemic prevention services was established, and lion friends were actively organized to donate money and materials, which played a positive role in solving the urgent need for epidemic prevention and control.

As emergency prevention and control materials have been managed and allocated in a unified manner, the number of confirmed cases in all regions has been steadily decreasing, and enterprises are resuming work in an orderly manner. At the same time, due to the gradual resumption of work in Shenzhen, the flow of people intensified, airports, stations, industrial parks, residential areas and other places of epidemic prevention and detection pressure increased, police, community and other front-line staff work is increasingly heavy. Based on the recent investigation, the DISTRICT Council plans to adjust its focus from providing emergency prevention and control materials to front-line medical institutions to providing more diversified and extensive community services, so as to help local authorities and communities ease the pressure brought by the epidemic.

In order to better perform the service work in the next stage, the following adjustments are planned for the next stage:


A, & have spent Adjust the service objects and the types of donated materials

According to the actual situation of emergency prevention and control materials procurement, as well as local public security, hospitals, communities and other units heavy dischargeCheck the work of the front-line staff protection andVulnerable groupLiving needs, service objects and donated materials are adjusted as follows:


Second, & have spent Continue to love and serve lions

        Continue to care for and serve the lion friends, timely understand and register the travel situation of the lion friends, do a good job of publicity and protection for the lion friends, for some lion friends lack of epidemic prevention materials and other difficulties, to help the lion friends to solve the basic protection materials by distributing or assisting the lion friends to purchase. At the same time, organize and lead lion friends to advocate and encourage lion friends on social media, carry out appropriate sports by themselves, and timely carry out online entertainment activities, such as online recitation, singing, etc. Reflect the care of the organization for lion friends, enhance the cohesion of lion friends.


3. Pooling wisdom and encouraging service teams to carry out diversified and multi-form community services

1. Before the epidemic is stabilized, avoid organizing large-scale offline gathering service activities, and it is recommended that the number of lion friends participating in each service be limited to 3. Service materials as far as possible to use logistics, goods pull, etc.

2. Encourage service teams to innovate, develop diversified services, and develop rich online services.


Iv. Adjustment of work in each area

The comprehensive group set up under the leading group shall conduct fine-tuning on the basis of the original work.

1.   The first team: the first region is responsible for the donations and materials of the summoning service team, and all the collected items and funds will be registered and entered into the reservoir meeting.

2.   Team 2: The second district is responsible for the overall investigation and collection of donation needs received by each service team and service needs to be carried out by each service team, screening and summarizing and reporting to the district council.

3.   The third group: the third region is responsible for coordinating the purchase price comparison and quality control of all material channels.

4.   Team 4: responsible by Region 4, mainly responsible for assisting district association in logistics scheduling and goods distribution required for purchasing and donation, as well as the service team assisting Lion Friends lion Enterprises to register and summarize purchasing needs.

5.   The fifth group: the fifth region is responsible for the docking of material donations and the support of service landing.


V. Sources of funds

1. Balance of special funds for epidemic prevention;

2. Continue to solicit donations from lion friends, service teams, caring public and caring enterprises;

3. District council service fund allocation.


This is a war without smoke, in the second important isolation period, we actively organize services, cherish life, ensure safety, let us unite together, planned, organized to adhere to, sustained development of services and contributions.


Shenzhen Lions Club

25 February 2020

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