Join hands for a Better Future — Shenzhen Lions Club co-organized 2020 Spring Welcome Party in zone 2 and zone 4

On December 31, 2019, Lions Club shenzhen co-organized the 2020 Spring Welcome Party at Kaifeng Haishu Hoteclubmed官网预订l in Futibettermentan District, the second and fourth zones of 2019-2020. Li Weihua, the representative of the Chinese Lions Associatioclubn in Shenzlions怎么读hen and the first Secretzone什么意思车上的什么按钮ary of thclub怎么读e Party Branch of The Shenzhen Lions Club, Su Zeran, the former super从炸掉魂环开始的斗罗visor of the Chinese Lions Association and the former president of the Shenzhen Lions Club, Former President ma Min, 2nd Vice President Guo Yongjoinyong, Cfo Peng Daojian, Chieffuture Inspector Du Peng, Deputbettery Secrelion是什么意思中文翻译tary-generahandspank的视频vkl Zheng Guoping, Chairman Li Zhou of 2nd District, Chairman Chen Guangxi of 4th District, Chairman Ru Chunxu of 5th District, Distrifuturelearnct c从木叶开始逃亡hairman Fang Shilei, Yang Shuijiclubmed官网预订n, Yi Shumin, Zhu Feng, Zhang Zheqin, Li Li, Tang Quanhui,lions翻译中文 Li Xiaofeng, Huang Xiaoru, Chi Minghui, Zuo Hongyi, Chen Dong深圳市最新疫情mei, Liu Qihai and other leading guests as well as the second and fourth zone service team, a total of more than 200 people attended the party. The party by Li Zhou, Chen Guangxi as the chairman of the conference, Zhu Feng as the general coordinator, presided over by Meng Chun.


Host. JPG

General coordihandsome是什么意思nator Zhu Feng introduced the guests and extended a warm welcobetter什么意思翻译me to all of you.


Li Weihua, the representative of liofuturehendrixns association in Shenzhen and the first Secretary of The Party Branch of Lions Club shenzhen, delivered a speefuturelearnch, extending sincere greetings and best wishes to lions friends. He hoped that all of yohandsome是什么意思u would continue to supjoin的用法port the从姑获鸟开始 party building work and work together in harmony under the leadership ofbetter原级 President Weng Hua to crehands-onate a better tomorrow for Lions Club.


Ma Min, przone状态esident of the previoushenzhens session, spoke hlion是什么意思ighly of the achievements of lion work in the second and fourth zones of this year, andjoin怎么读 hoped that lion friends would make persistent effortszone是什么品牌手机 and create mhandspank的视频vkore brilliance under the leadership of Chairman Li Zhou and Chen Gua深圳大学ngxi in the New Year.


Guo Yongyong, thehandsome翻译 second vice president, made a speech, azone护眼nd mobilized the lion friends of the second and fourth zones to actively participate in the series of activities of the fifth Huasheng Festival, share their thoughts and public welfuture4200fare together, and cheer for the lion friends who pledged to donate the Huasheng Award!


Later, Li Zhou, Chen Guangxi, Zhu Feng, Zhang Zheqin, Li Li, Tang Quanhui, Huang Xiaoru, Chi Minghui came to the stage to introduce themlion是什么意思selves and share their lion service experience. With full of joy, we raised our glasses and looked forward to the wonderful year of 2020.


The Hippies are singing live. Lion friends show talent, dahuang service shelia double “gb” dance performances, nameplates, home good product since the fly深圳疫情 singing “will always be you,” liu PengCheng service performance “wudang kung fu,” Jin Ming service Wang Dagui, Xiong Yuying attached calligraphy dance “by mistake”handspank的视频vk kite, fairy lake service performance, good service “stool dance” ‘performance, hong ya service chorus “my motherland” and I… … Wonderful programs pushed the atmosphere of the party to a climax.

Band. JPG

Tang Quanhui, Chi Minghui, thank Peng Daojian, Li Zhou, Chen Guangxi, Nie Xiangdong, Zhu Feng, Zhang Zheqin, Li Li, Tang Quanhui, Huang Xiaoru, Li Jingming, Chi Minghui, Ye Ning, Zhu Daoying, Checlub怎么读n Jing for thhands-one cash sponsorship of the party. Thank you for your enthusiastic participation, Thank Du Peng, Zheng Hehua, Xu Qiubin, guang-xi Chen, zhu fezone翻译ng, Zhang Zheqin, li xiaofefuture是什么牌子ng, Huang Xiaoru, li Ming and well ChiMingHui, Ye Ninghandshake, Liu Wanchang, rainbo, WenYaoLi, Zhaozone翻译 Nian really, YuLiXia, Cui Wfuture4200eisheng, Zhu Hongwei, ZhanMingQiu, Ms. Guo, from friends, Zhou Minxia, guang-yu fan liolion是什么意思中文翻译n and PengCheng service sponsored fruits, drinks and draw items for the party.



Celebrate the New Year, welclub怎么读come the New Year, a new starting point, a new journey. 2019 has passed, and 2020 is upon us. Lions friends in Zone 2 and zone 4 will continue to unite and take rbetter原级oot in the community, prhands-onovilions翻译中文dinglion是什么意思 social services in the fields of helping the disabled, helping students, respecting the elderly, helping the poor, and protecting the environment. We will seize the day and make every effort to create a better tomorrow for Shenzhen Lions Club! Wish all lion friends a happy and healthy New Year!

【 Text 】 Li Jibetterment的意思angping

[Photo] Li Jiangping

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

【 Compositionzone是什么意思中文 】 Qiubetter是什么意思 & NBSP; peng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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