Climbing peaks for common welfare

On September 13, 2020, the "Shenzhen Ten Peaks" fitness mountaineering activity was held at The Danan Mountain Scenic Spotcommond in Shenzhen, co-sponsored by the Cultural and Sports Association Committee and the Environmental Protectionclimbing音标 Service Committee. Lu Zhiqiang, president of The Shenzhen Lions Club, Peng Daojian, vice President of the Shenzhen Lions Club, Wei Xinxin, chairman of the second Zwelfare怎么记忆one, chairmen of each zone, chairmen of the Cucommon翻译ltural and Sports Association Committee, chairmen and executive chaiclimbing是什么意思rmen of the Environmental Protectionclimbing翻译 Service Committee and other lion club members particicommondpated in thecommonness summit.

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Physical fitness starts from me, and our homes swelfare怎么读trive for common public welfare. This year, the Culture, Sports and Sports Committee and the Environmental Protection Service Committee actively responded to president Lu Zhiqiang's call to "pay attention to lion friends' health and cultivate their interests and intpeaksporterestscommonly翻译". By orgclimbinganizing lion friends to participate in a series of activities such as fitness and environmental protection from time to time, they playcommonlyed a bridge role to promcommon是什么意思ote the exchcommonalityangclimbing音标e of experienclimbing音标ce and complement each other's acommonlydvantages between the service team and liopeaks是什么意思英语n friends.

At the begincommonnessning of the activity, lion friends acommonrrived at thwelfare可数吗e centercommonly on time, and there were a lot oclimbing怎么读语音播放f spiritclimbing怎么读ed little lions ready to go... The after-wpeaks是什么意思英语ork teclimbing翻译am prepared towels apeaksport真伪查询nd drinking water for everyone. Mr. Luo Yangui, executive chairman of the Environmclimbing音标ental Services Committee, prepared commonly used medicines. Hu Xin and Chen Zong, executive chairmen of cultural and Sports Associclimbing是什么意思ation commitcommonlytee, introduced twelfare翻译he rules and matters needing attenticlimbing音标on.

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Start climwelfarebing! The air on the road is fresh, the scenery is pleasant, we repeakseason翻译turn to nature, ficlimbing怎么读语音播放nd themselves, laugh all the way, stricommon翻译ve to the top of the mountain. On the way, although ipeaksportndividualpeak是什么牌子 partners are slower, we encourage each other and help each other, reflpeakseason翻译ecting the power of unity everywpeak是什么意思here. During the climbing process, the lion friends fulfill their environmenwelfare可数吗tal obligations, and the little lions pick up litter along the road.

After more than an hour of climbing, lionclimbing怎么读语音播放 friends all reached the summitpeakseason翻译, have clocked to receive the certificate. Lu Zhiqiang, president of ccPIT Xiamen, and Peng Daojianclimbing音标, second Vice President of CCpit Xiamen awarded the "Environmental Protection Ambassador" certificate to the chicommonly翻译ldren, encouraging them to continue to practice environcommon怎么读mentapeaks是什么意思英语l protection service in their later life. The mountain breeze camecommonality slowly, drying the sweat left durinclimbingqomolangma课文翻译g the climb. We look forward to the experience opeakseason翻译f the "list of small mountains" feeling, feeling excited.

This is the first activity of this year by the Cultural andwelfare Sports Association Committee and the Environmental Protection Service Committcommondee. The commitcommonlytee will organize the lcommondion friends to continue climbing and strive to conquer ten shenzhen peaks within a year.

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Yu Xiclimbing是什么意思aoping

[Photo] Yu Xiaoping & NBSP; Chen Zong

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijuan & NBSP; Linpeaksport Yapeakseason翻译nfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaclimbing怎么读英语单词oheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Officcommonlye

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