Lion love two interviews | music as good as lions zhi-qiang lu 2020-2021 - shenzhen, President of the interview

As time flies, we welcome the New Year of shenzhen Lions Club 2021-2022. In the course of time, there are always some past that molionsgateve us and remain fresh, andlion复数 there are always some soul figures that lead us forward and gather strength. In this year's activities, we can see the blion是什么意思ulionssy figure of President Lu Zhiqiang, he and the lion friends a智学网re happy to take responsibility, good deeds, dedication to serve the society! The reporter of Shenzhen Liotwofoldns Publicity Committee has the honor to invimusic的名词te Chairman Lu to do智慧团建 an exclusive interview, and see how an outstanding lion friend with 19 years oftwozi explionserience walks on the road of shenzhen Lions Club public welfare!


Reporter:Mr. Lu, how are you? It was not easy for you to be the president of Shenzhen Lions Clublions读音 for the year 2020-2021 when the COVID-19 pandemic was particularly severe. I would like tlionelo ask you to tell me what you did during the y智联招聘ear. What have you achieved? In particular, what has been done against the backdrop of the epidemic?


Zhilionel-qiang lu:Thank you very much to the news agency for taking the time to do this. Speaking of this sudden epidemic will be our generation or the hearts of lion friends will never be indelible memory; As a matter of fact, our annual work plan had been basicalionslmusicianly completed a year ago. Howegoodlever, due to the sulion的中文意思dden outbreamusictoolsk of the epidemic, we had tozhi make a new wointerviews翻译rk plan. The core point is to reduce the burden and empower. Why do you say that? Because the epidemic has hlove直播破解版ad a huge impact on lion friends' work and life. I thought, when the lions Club has come to it知乎s 19th year, I could help our lion friends to reduce their bur至尊神婿den to the maximum extent, which mainly includes the t知网wo aspects of meeting activities and service activities, andlions是什么意思 try to weaken the influence of these two aspects on the lion friends. Besides burden, also hope to have friends lion futwo, member of the lions clovealarmlinterview什么意思中文ub is also use this kind of special structure and organi蔷薇花zation form, the greatest elove直直播appxtent, to help tlions英语怎么读he lion friend of individuals, households and firms to do some promotion, to dotwo是什么意思 some love, can let our melovelymbers from lions on the basis of pay to society, and can from lion锵然s to organization more meaningful things. Therefore, the core point, or basic starting point, of all work plans throughout the year is to reduce the burden and empower. This year, when we made the annual plan, we made an annual theme and an知乎 annual slogan, both of which are based onzhi the two basic central po植物大战僵尸ints of reducing burdens and empowering people. For example, mymusician theme of this year is "Take responsibility, Do good deeds". Thitwo是什么意思s "take responsibility" is easy to understlionsand, which means I hope lion friends can take on their social responsibilities, try their best to fulfill thelions翻译中文ir sociallionel obligations, be willing to do these things, and蔷薇花 also hope to gain happiness in the process of taking responsibility. Then inside a "good as" contains the content olion的音标f the burden, algood的比较级so is to make use of the individual to you must be good at to be able to use the spare time of individual, must be good at to make use of the in知网dividual in social network, to do some service activities, as far as possible can reduce the influence ointerview是什么意思英语n his career, life, family, so can we call igoodt "good as", G智学网oodinterview什么意思中文 at doing something; Second, I this yea植物大战僵尸r's annual slogans at the time of planning, choose the "love" all the way havegoodnight you, every day thgoodleis conforms to ttwo翻译he sloginterviews翻译an of burden and energized concept, want to let our friends in the lions club every d强基计划ay can get to the organizatinterview是什么意思英语ion to give care, including olions的音标ur lion friends care committee, lion enterprise services committee, women and families grow committee, stylistic fellowship committeelionkk, emusiciantc., Is thislion a series of the commission's work, is to allow members to harvest thlove直播破解版e organization to give theiinterview是什么意思中文翻译r love, or to big said called fu can, of course we all the diretwo是什么意思英语ctors, supervisors and former chairman of the is in for slions怎么读uch a goal to service, also matwo怎么读ximize to help ourgoodnight finterview是可数还是不可数riends lion, give lion friends love, friends give lion fu, So I don't think the lion this year to what kind of success, more as a combination of lions club is my hope that through this platform, can help our friend the lion to do something, only lion sa植物大战僵尸tisfaction the friend of the organization, the lion friends able to harvest their crop from the lions to care, the lion of subjective inittwoziiative can maximize the stimulated, Thus,锵然 lion friends will devote theirgood的比较级 love togoodluck the people in need of help in the society, and lion frinterviewsiends can also burlovest out千古玦尘 greater energy to make greater contributions to the society, which is a basic idea o蔷薇花f our work plan.


Reporter:Particularly well, this is actually inspire each lion friend loving energy within, let them feel love of the liotwo怎么读n, and pass and spread out, I thgood翻译ink, is broad an抢组词d humanity, becaus强基计划e all of the friends of the lion mentality are taken into account, has always been the lion friends are in love, but in fa知网ct the lion be the energy of love is not strong, The elove直播手机版app下载nergy delivered by him will also be weak. President Lu can take these details into consideration, which iqiangs also based on your years of service in lions Club. You can see some phenomelions翻译na and make precise changes! So wilionkkth all the empowering work the district council has done in the palovest year, what innovations halionsgateve we made in terms of services and systems? Could you please add something in this regard?



Zhi-qiang lu:When it comes to ttwo怎么读he innovalions的音标tion,love直播手机版app下载 shenzhen lions is 19 year this year, intwo是什么意思英语 the process of this 19 years of development, has the lion friends in lion road contribution to the development of their intelligencmusice, in other words, they have a lot of innovation behavior, since I will implement the concept of burden and can assign ttwo翻译his year, I was in service activities in this area, or the basis of adhering to the lions in the past 19 years, That is to say, we try our best not to create or develop new servtwo翻译ice projects, but to constantly deepen and upgrade the original selovely什么意思rvice projects, which I think is the biggest innovation. Specificgoodleally, therinterview是什么意思英语e are the following examples:

(1) Red Action, a brand project of Shenzhen Lions Club, has been in its 10th year andgoodnight is particularly inflionsluential. At the beginninggoodnight of this year, we will with red action committee chairman and exec知网utive chairman, and blood center of shenzhen for thlovee meeting, to deepen the red action on the social influence, we invited the master will servitwo的同音词ce the former captain zhao liomusic翻译n elder sister, gilionsve red action donated 3 million yuan worth of protein powder, feedback to donate blood for every loving people; In addition, the Red Actio蔷薇地狱n Committee has signed long-term strategic知乎 cooperation agreements with more enterprises this year, so as to enslion怎么读ure thinterview是什么意思英语at shenzhen Lio至尊神婿ns Redlion的中文意思 Action will have a fixed numtwo是什么意思ber of caring emusic翻译nterprises and organizationslove直播手机版app下载 to cooperate with eamusictoolsch yeatwozir. At the same time, we alionlso called on ourlion是什么意思 lion friends through the Red Actiolions是什么意思n Committee to make a fixed annual bloodinterview是什么意思英语 donation co羌怎么读mmitment plan and so on, in order to further develop the whole Red Action in its 10th year.

A few years ago have been doing a project "save around you," the beginning of this year, I attend the board meeting for the first time, also hope to be able to have external forces to join this蔷薇花 committee, we find the shekou community sports, they give "save beside you" pro知网ject with capital and donations, make a big progr羌怎么读ess on this project, At the slion翻译ame time, this agoodnotesrea will agqiangain specially allocated special funds to carry out the "save on your side" instrulionsctor training, set up the "save on your side" branch, it's also one of the lions have never had before, lions all about emlionelergency rescue training before, is through and "蔷薇花yellow" institutions to cooperate, but this ye知否知否应是绿肥红瘦ar, to begin to develop their instructor team, With our own emergency training instructor, we can do our own emergency training.

Such pro抢组词jects andlion services such as assistive committee, we also with five for the disabled association cooperation into full play, is more of a hope to prgoodnotesovid知否知否应是绿肥红瘦e some stwodotsoft services for the disabled friends, let them to i蔷薇花ntegrate into society, stimulate their subjective initiative, for people with disabilities is to assign to the startwo怎么读ting point,zhi to do some promlions读音otion, improvement, further deepening of the work;

We have focused on tlove直直播apphe improvement of some of the outstanding projects of the past 19 years. This year, as our main work of innovation in the service sector, we have also made a lot of innovation in the conference sector. This year is special year outbreak, since we willtwo go to burden, must be creative and burden, so this year starting on the first day, we salute and inauguration,interview是什么意思 president-elect training, as well as partition and the zogood的比较级ne of some of the training, we have made this a lot of i芝美奈子去世nnovation, have adopted the combination of online way, on the one hand can meet the demagood的比较级nds of the otwo是什么意思英语utbreak, On the other hand, it minimizes the cost of the whole district.

In addition, we also creatively eslions是什么意思tablished the lion will enjoy this year, a group of the lion is very active, willing to share friends, they arlions读音e now at least every week organization of the first phase of the project to share, to help tgoodnighthe lion friends from services, enterprise stlovelyrategy, personal comprehensive quality training, and so on a series of aspects, friends through this olionelnline form to help the lion to do service, This is all innovalionkktion in meeting business;

In addition, we consider all of the district clions是什么意思ouncil知网 member, lions need a dloveeeper understanding of the shentwo的同音词zhen area will olion的音标perate, we are particularly creative this yelion翻译ar set up a system, namely the system of directors in the district will be on duty, we from Monday to Friday, every day there are two director on duty in the duty room, can einterview什么意思中文nhance the direc至尊神婿tors will for district office, At the same time, let all the directors have a further senlove最新版官方下载se of honlions怎么读or, also letmusic163网易云网页版 the office and the work olions的音标f the director comm芝美奈子去世unication has been furlions的音标ther strengthened, such as the improvement of meeting or innovation, this year we h强基计划ave done a llove直播手机版app下载ot of improvements in this area!

There are also millitwo翻译ons of choplove直播破解版sticks into the community project, the project team and strength enterpmusic怎么读rises for the community to provide publicity of the role of chopsticks, and 5G chopsticks, under the epidemic really bring beneftwo的序数词its to the people;

Ilion的中文意思s tinterviews翻译he olove直播软件安卓下载rganization and this is the third team vice captain to interview outstanding lion lion senior friends, through the communicationlove直播手机版app下载 with the great lion, mainterview是什么意思英语ke excelltwozient lion friends to increase their pride of lions and viscosity, also let the third team vice captain from these outstanding lion frienlions的音标ds learn good people and things, believe that the lion's more than a decade since no innovation.

I hope this intelionsgaterview activity can continue, because the more excellent we lion friends are, the more low-key they are, and the more influential they are. If we contact with them for a long time, we clionelan make them become active and知网 htwo是什么意思ardworking.


Reporter:To teach ftwoziishing is better than teach them to fish, and the methods to deeplove最新版官方下载en after reinforcement, excellentlions读音 project many projects become more outstanding, the effect will be better, the elove直播破解版nergy is also stronger, let outsiders know our lions club is doing, and allow yourself to be good friends and lion show, is very necessary, let the outside world know lions are certainly not someone else's mouth "lion dance"腔组词, You have done this very welllions读音! Mr. Lu, presid强基计划ent of the Lions Club, you are very excellent, and you a千古玦尘re the soul of this year'sgoodnight Lions Club. Every time I see ylions翻译otwo的同音词u on different occasions, your thinking is always very clear, and your language expression is very rendering and accurate!lovely Have you been impressed or touched by our annual slogan of "I love you every day"植物大战僵尸 to spread love on the lions Club public service road?

Zhi-qiang lu:In this year, there are really too many outstanding lion ftwodotsriends, their brighlionelt spots in the soul, their deeds of love andlove直播破解版 giving, their love and support for lions Club, inspire me all the timlove直播软件安卓下载e. Participate in the annual depth lions all sorts of things, have very deep feelings, such as mileage service captain brother Jonathan wong lion this year, his vice captain from the third start, on the positive enthusiasm of all third party vice captain, and thenlions翻译 have belovely什么意思en the first to second deputy captain, vice capttwo怎么读ain and captain, every month h腔组词e has never missed a period party, And almost all of them were completetwod under his strong organization and promotion, he made great contributions to the caplion翻译taiinterview是什么意思ns of this session; At the same time, he also gave a high level of care to the lion friends of the Mile Service team. He made a pioneering move, that is, he helped nearly 100 lion friends of the mile Service team. On the birthday day of each lion friend, he would personally make soup and deliver ilionkkt to the lion friends' home or office. I believe that in the past 19 year支付宝s of lions Club, this behavior is unique among all the 140 service teams and nearly 4,000 lion friends, and even among the 40,000 lion friends in The Domestic Lion Club. His care and attention to this behavior have greatly strengthened the cohesion of the service team. Such, this year's six big section, they are very united, hlions英语怎么读igh social support, very high frequency at all they're responsible for each service service actitwozivitieslionel, meeting activities, for the construcgood的比较级tion of our lions club annual made great contributions, of coumusicworldrse, also incl知网udin跄组词g our commission, such as doing very good this year, The Lion friends Care Committee, Stud锵然ent Services Committee, Disability Clion是什么意思中文翻译ommittee and Wgoodsomen and Family Growth Committee and so on, they made great contributions in this year,twozi in front of the Lion friends, these are particularly unforgettable thingsinterviews.


Reporter:Yes, because you have done a lot of thininterviews是什么意思gs this year, the team or the lgoodnightion fri智联招聘ends, they recognize you personally, follow the leader with personal charm to do things, they willlovely翻译 go all out, you are helping all the peopleqiang, your approach is more down-to-earth, letlions英语怎么读 the lion friends feel the care. Would you pllovealarmease introduce your journey of lion Road? You have been workinglion是什么意思 for lions Club for 19 years. Please tell us what makes you stick with lions Club and how do you balance your famitwo是什么意思ly, career agood的比较级nd public welfare?


Zhi-qiang lu:Like mo抢组词st lion friends, I joined the Lion Club in a stalovely什么意思te of igzhinorance.good的比较级 At the beginning, I did not know about the Lion Club and learned from some activities constantl知乎y. The知网refore, I think let me slove直直播appummarize the words of the Lion Club. We are the first utwooniversity of life inside the university (entity) learning and personal growth in the second college in the university of (socgood的比较级ial) we learn how to survive in the society, the lions in the third unlions读音iversity植物大战僵尸 (charity), we begin to pay close attention to the survival of others, this istwoo life path is atwo怎么读 qualitative chanlions翻译中文ge, mau Wen Zhong havemusictools sentence is羌怎么读: "Ygood翻译ou can't go far until yo蔷薇花u start doing something for others!" I in this 19 years lion lion road, is also the conceptwo是什么意思英语t of adhering to the growing progrlionkkess in the study, thertwo翻译e are too many let I touched or scenes, lion friends do a lot of work to the society, have done a lot of contribution, so whenever I went to an activity, calioneln let me get some inner motivation, or let my heart get promoted, Anottwo是什么意思her reas跄组词on for me to stick to the path of lions club is that lilovealarmons will have a large group of talented and ogoodutstandiinterview是什么意思英语ng souls, and a group ofinterview是什么意思英语 outstanding lion friends with outstanding points of light. Excellent people attract excelinterviews翻译lent people, whichlion的中文意思 is the old saying, "keelovep company with excellent people, you will get the best". You see these people around you, they are so good, arlions翻译e you willing to interactiloveng with themtwozi, the best way is to put you into the lions, put yourself into the lions, you will be able to more contact with these people, will btwo的序数词e able to more wiinterviewsth thesmusiciane good people to something, this is in the whole lions in recent 20 years, If there is any strength, I think it is probably these kinds olionf strength thatgoods let me stick to this organization!

As for your question, how to balance family, career and lions club. When it comes to family, career and lions club, I suggest that family and carlovealarmeer should be the first priointerviewsrity, and public welfare should only comtwo的同音词e third. First, you should have a correct understanding and ranking of lions Clulove is gone英文翻译b. Second, lions Cgoodslub is an organization that has gone through 104 years and has so many membersgoods, so there are so many things you can do in lions Club. For this rgoodnotes软件下载eason, I suggest ylionsgateou to be slove直播软件安卓下载elective in what you do. T腔组词hat means you can't count on yourself to do what kind of things, you can take part in different kinds of meemusiciant千古玦尘ing activities, attendi蔷薇地狱ng various fellowshtwo是什么意思ip activities, carry out a variettwo翻译y of service actinterview是什么意思中文翻译ivities, bmusic怎么读ut a personal time andlions是什么意思 energy is limited, so want to have a chotwo的同音词ice of doing thlove直播手机版app下载ings, every lion lion friends, should be found itwo是什么意思n the lions club an own posi智慧团建tion, What is the most suitable thing for yomusic163网易云网页版u to do, and then you stick to it as always,twoo then you wilove is gone英文翻译ll gain a lot of growth and happiness intwo怎么读 lion, try not tmusic是什么意思英语o do everything, it is easy to lose one thing and lose another; Take me as an example, I chose to adhere to the training and promotion of cultural concepts in Lions Club, and腔组词 served as a lecturer of Lions Club. I founded the Shenzhen Lions Club in 2005, and I have been persistent until now. I think my future development path in Lions Club is mainly in the field of teachers' club, which is my choice. Amusicianfter leaving office on July 1st, I will return to mmusicy lecturing status and my lecturing work, turning myself into a lion club follower to support tinterviews是什么意思he future芝美奈子去世 president angoodbyed lion friends, or to support the work of the service team, returning to an ordinary lion friends, returning to an ordinary lecturer. Life may be like this, do the right thinlionsg at the right time, when the return mlion是什么意思ust return, therlovely什么意思e is a sentence in the Bible, "dust to dust, earth to earth, extremely prosperous, bgoodleplay商店ut a skim of sand", the world will eventuallygoods return to thegoodleplay商店 origin.


Reporter:You have achievelove直直播appd a cer芝美奈子去世tain height, and then returned to the status of an ordinary lion friend, "head bowed like a willing ox I serve the children"! You this is a very rare quality, you ar知否知否应是绿肥红瘦e a member o知网f the excellent lion friendszhi! You跄组词 have worked hard, you have climbed, you have done a lot for lions club, deepenedmusician a lot of excelion是什么意思llent projects, strengthen the eff强组词ect ofgood a lot of projects, and then you return to the leclions是什么意思turilovely翻译ng group, let lion friends learn, improve anlion复数d grow, just want to ask you will climb to a higher height? You have already answered me.


Zhi-qiang lu:Yes, I think I don't have the so-called higher climb, I never think lions have the so-called height ah, or to quote the Indian Mahatma Gtwofoldandhi once said: "We only lose ourselves in the process of serving芝美奈子去世 others, you can find your true self." In my opinion, lions Club should not beinterviews是什么意思 a vanity fair or a place to pursue high positions. The only height you can reach in Lions Club is that you can help more people andinterview是什么意思中文翻译 make more people grow up through your efforts. This is the height that everyon跄组词e in Lions Club should pursue.


Reporter:You are always thigoodnightnking about how to make opportinterviews翻译un至尊神婿ities for others to grow, ytwo的序数词our mentality is too good! I think as a president i智慧团建s not easy, although it is only a yloveear, not only to have heart, but also have a body, and then have wi智学网sdom, you are so busy every day, so pay, your body is made of iron? I really want to know for the lion frientwods who love you, besides the rolelove直播手机版app下载 of pre植物大战僵尸si知网dent, how do ylion复数ou act as the son of your parents,goodleplay商店 the husband of your wife and the fathgoodleplay商店er of y知乎our children in liftwo翻译e? What are your perlion是什么意思sonal hobbies?


Zhi-qiang lu:During the 365 days of the year when I was the president, I wortwo怎么读ked for lions Cllove直播软件安卓下载ub almost every day. It was not uncommon to attend two or threlions是什么意思e or even three or four activities a day. Only in the morning time is to belgoodnightong togood的比较级 my own, I almost always get up at about 5:30 in the morning, go to do强基计划 sports, Iinterview是什么意思英语 would go running, swimming, tai chi, an智学网d probably more thaninterview是可数还是不可数 an hour of exercise, will let me this day full of energy, the condition of the whole person also will become especially afinterview什么意思中文ter movement, and then binterview是可数还是不可数egan the day very busy life. Lionlion复数s club activities mostly during the dinner, I basic activitylion的中文意思 is a left over, rarely to stay for dinnlovely什么意思er, because I have two daughgoodnotesters in the home, I hope to try to catch back home before they go tolions bed, accompany with their children, listen to them talk a智慧团建bout a day, I'goodnightll play games with them, for they tqiangell stories. My four elderly people alion是什么意思lso live very close to us, the kind of building next door, commonly known as a bowl of soup away, an智慧团建d I almost every day or two to spend timgood翻译e with them. My other hobby is reading. In the past, there were 30 or 40 books a year that I had to read. These two years, because I was busy, I had to read at least 20 books千古玦尘 a year. Relatively simple,two的序数词 plainlove直直播app, probably so.


Reporter:See your daily life, flions怎么读rom another point of view, you are the son of an ordinary, father or husband, this is the life of the ordinary people, also need to be filial, and also you should be responsible togoodnotes软件下载 the family, but also educatiolove直播手机版app下载n child跄组词ren to accompany children, I think you do particularly well, especially hear you live with four锵然 old man, feel bad, Only a loving family can cultivate a loving persolionsn. A person with great love must be cultitwoovated blovely翻译y ainterviews family atmosphere. Only a person with great love can tr智联招聘uly move forward in society. As a President of height, I think you already do wellgoodleplay商店, a lot of things around you must also constantly help all people, Newlove最新版官方下载 Year, our annual ceremony this transition is slowly coming, you must have some of the truth of the new lion leadership team, they atwofoldre had high hopes for you then? In the meantimgoodnotese, would you please say a few words to our many lion friends who love you?


Zhi-qiang lu:I can only frgoodnotes软件下载om my personal point of view, hotwodotspe that through ourlion的中文意思 efforts, one year to the smusic的形容词uccession of, can give us a better and a good environmenlions是什么意思t, we also sincerellion怎么读y hope that this bar to them is a more mature and more excellent shenzhen lions, lions club that we would prefer to shenzhen tomorrow can more walk more good, More and more show the clion的中文意思harm of lions, give to each of us a lion f抢组词riend, also hope to be ablelions是什么意思 to let every lion lion friends in shenzhen to harvest their crop from the lions to thos腔组词e growth and happiness of their own hope, that I will be in all the friendlionkks and lion in time when you need it, to contribute my own the power, more time, I want to be a follower, To help our successor president and the board teamlions翻译中文, when they need help, to make Shenzgoodhen Lions cllions英语怎么读ub bettetwo的序数词r! To quote Deng Pufang, chairmatwoon of lionsmusic怎么读 Club in China知否知否应是绿肥红瘦: Lions club is a wonderlion复数ful cause. Lions in the growth and development rely on in ouinterview是什么意思r joint efforts, all of the friends of the lion on the lions this wonderful career path, I sininterview是可数还是不可数cerely slove直播软件安卓下载incerely hope our every lion friends can find the beauty of the liomusic什么意思ns club, tolion复数 be able to findlove直播手机版app下载 their own happiness,music什么意思 lion is worth out of their life energy to participatzhie in, also can let every really love lionslionel, They get what they want ouinterview什么意思中文t of it.


Reporter: & have spentmusic翻译Es蔷薇地狱pecially good, your time are arranged to do meaningful things above, not to do a little waste of time, the length of a person's life we can not decide, but the depth and wid智慧团建th of a person's life we can decide! I think the meaning of life is to do something useful every day, which is beneficial to all the people around me, so I have another perspective to learn from you! Thank you to accept the male XuanWei interview, let us see a patient's father, a respongoodlesible husband, a filial son, a great lion, an excellent educational lecturer, a full 3 d, a persisgoodstent love public welfare, you are a "bear, as" good pemusic什么意思ople, all thelove直播破解版 way with you, love every day!


[Text] Xu Jinghua, Shelovely翻译nshi Publicity Committee

[Photo] Courtesy of Shenshi Publicity Committee

[Editor] Ma Huijuan and Hu Lelions的音标i

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzh锵然en Lions Club Office

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