Long-term Service Team: hold the inaugural ceremony of the 2020-2021 term change

27 December 2020, "Building Lion Love together & NBSP; The inaugural ceremony of shenzhen Lions Club loservice是什么意思ng-term Service Team for 2020-2021 was held iceremony同义词n Beihai Fishing Village, 2 / F Xiceremony造句nhua Insurahold不住nce Building, Futtermuxihold的过去式和过去分词an Central District.

Shenzhen Lions Ctermslceremony的音标ub President Lu Zhiqiang, supervisor Xiao龙胆泻肝丸 Xingping, lasceremony用什么介词t president Weng Huateam什么意思, first vice President Guo Yongyong, second vice President Peng Daojian, former president Tian Wangxing, Shi Jian龙胆泻肝丸yong, deputy supervisor Tan Fei, Chief Financial Officer Nie Xiangdong, deputy secretary General Fservice是什么意思中文翻译ang Shilei, Wang Danya, regional chairman Wei Xinxin, Li Li, Zhao Hulongi, Zhou Zhihuteamworki, Yu龙纹战神 Xiaoping, Peng Dingkuan, Wu Zhijian, Chen Xusheng, Yu Hui, Qian Lin, Huang Yiqun, Li Chunping, Secretary General of the Board of Supervisors, Xu Qiubin, Li Zhou, Zhu Feng,hold键是什么功能 Chen Qunhao, Linteamo Yanju, Tang Xishun, special assistant of thehold chairman, Long-term serviholdingce team leader Zhen Yongqian, last teaterminal什么意思m leader Zheng Jianhai, the first vice captateams会议in Zeng Xiaoling, the second vice captain Guo Qiang, theservice怎么读 third vice captain Yang Weisong, secretary Wu Yiying, financial Fan Liangming, general affairs Ma Xiujie, zhou Jun, captain team membeservicemanrs Huang Tingyin, Jiang Ling, Dai Xuemei and other lion friends, Thceremony的名词e ceremony was attended by family members of lion Friends, rep龙族resentatives of caring enterprises, leaders of community service doceremony同义词cking agencies and caring social personages. The ceremony was presided over by Ding Renjie and Gao Chen-han.

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In the cheerful music, all the lion friends of the long Term serviceremony和celebration的区别ce team, led by zheng Jianhai, the l龙胆泻肝丸ast leadeservice是什么意思中文翻译r of the team, went throughlong the crowd and entterm翻译ered happily, showing the energetic spirit of all theservice和serve的区别 members.

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Second Vice Captain Guo Qiang in胧组词troduced the leaders and gteamuests attending the ceremony. Chairman Zeng Xiaoling dehold键是什么功能livered a warm welcome speelongch.

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Zheng Jianhai made a summary of last year's work. In 2019-2020, under theinaugural correct leadership of the district committee, with the support of the district and the service teams,hold是什么意思 and with the joint efforts of all lion friends, the Long T龙王传说erm Service team acceremony的名词tively cainaugural address课文pptrried out activities such as caring sanitatiohold是什么意思n workers and lion Love Stainaugural address翻译中英对照tion, excellently inherited the brand projects of the servservice的名词ice team, and received high praise from all walks of lifhold过去式e.

Yan Xiuyingteamviewer financial department reported the revenue and expenditure of the long-term servteamoice team's service expe龙蛇演义nses and administrative expenses in the past year. Financial transparency is a strholdonceremony用什么介词g guarantee for the healthy development of the ohold onrganization.

In the awarding s龙王传说ession, Zheng Jianhai, the forterm翻译mer captain, presented the excellent Team member award to Yang Shuang, Han Feixue, Liu Meifeiinaugural address翻译中英对照, Li Junfeng, Dai Xuemei, Hu Hongyanservice是什么意思中文翻译, Yin Shuishan, Zhu Zhimininauguraladdress课件pptg, Lin Ping and Zhu Li; Outstanding Team Award to Huang Tingyin, Zhen Yongqian, Yan Xiuying, Jiang Ling, Ma Xiujie, Zhou Jun, Fan Liangminaugural address翻译中英对照ing, Liu Yuminceremony的名词, Xiao Xiaozhou, Yanteamog Weisong, Zeng Xiaoling, Ao Fei, Li Haoyang, Wu Yiying and Guo Qiang; The Outstanding Companion Award was ptermuxresented to Peng Daojian, Xu Qiubin, Wei Xinholdxin, Zhang Shijun, Liteamviewer Chunchinaugural address翻译中英对照ang and Zhang Xuwen.

In the witness of tteams会议he lion friends, Zheng Jianhai will be the captain of the ribbon and the transfer of power to Zhen Yong before. The two sides exchtermiteanged gifts to show their heritage and gceremony是什么意思ratitude.

Mr. Weng Hua, the lastterminal什么意思 president, expresseservice和serve的区别d his enceremony翻译couragement aceremony同义词nd hope for the cohesion and in龙蛇演义heritance of the long-term service team.

Former capttermuxain Zhen Yong came to the stage to make a speech, prehold不住sceremony的音标ented the annual work plan and annual goals to all lion friends, andservice issued a letter of appointment to the new team members, looholdingking forwateam什么意思rd to lion friends working together, united asteamviewer one, to make greater contributions to the development of public welfare!

Former teteamworkam leader Yan Yong led teservice和serve的区别am members to read the inaugural pledge of tetermiteam leader. Four new members of the Long Term Service team toservice是什么故障灯ok to the stage toterm read thehold键是什么功能ir initiation speeches. Leader lion friends also wear badges foteamr new members, welcome newceremony翻译 members Hu Hongyceremony和celebration的区别an, Xiao Xiaozhou, Lin Ping, Julie to join.

President Lu zhiqiang delivered a speech, humorously expressed his encouragement and expectainaugural address翻译中英对照tion for the long term service team.

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Accompanied by VCceremony的名词R videoteamo and music, participserviceants learned about the long Term Service Team's yunnan Honghe Education activitieservice是什么故障灯s and the schools needing help. Former Captaservicebioin Yan preinaugural翻译sented the awards of appreciatterminalion to caring enterprises, caring individuaceremony翻译ls and caring lservice是什么意思中文翻译iohold过去式n lovers. On-site lionceremony和celebration的区别 friends, caring personage and caring service team actively donate to the project.

Build lion lserviceableove together, make it more wonderful in the long run, never forget our original aspiratihold是什么意思on, wish shenzhen Lions Club long term service team to carry forward the past and create brilliant finaugural address课文pptuture!

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Artihold过去式cle/picture conterm怎么读tributed by long term Service team

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