Zhenhua Service Team: Held the fifth regular meeting of 2020-2021

On November 18, 2020, the fifth regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Zhenhua Service Team for 2020-2021 was held in Building A, Qiao Hongmeetingssheng Cultural And Creafifth怎么读英语tive甄嬛 Park, Bao ‘an District. Zhenhua Service tteam什么意思eam captain Liumeeting Haiqing, second vice captain Liao Qiahui, third vice captain Qmeeting是什么意思ian Ruoyi, secretary Dong Haoqing and other 12 pmeeting的音标eople attended the meeting. Mr. Zhao Hui, chairman of Zone 4 of Shenzhen Lions甄嬛传电视剧免费版全集 Club, and Mr. Wang Xuebo, chairman of Zone 14 of Shenzhen Lions Club attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired bymeeting是什么中文意思 Lee Dae-hun.


First of all, the pres甄嬛传在线观看ident of the conference Lee Dae-hun introduced the lion friends and guestsheld过去式和过去分词 and extended a warm welcheld的意思是什么ome to them.

Then, Cfifthaptaimeetingsn Liu Haiqing introfifth造句duced the preparation of the series of charity aid activities of “Little hands holding litservice的名词tle hands, Reading a Book together” to be held in The Wuhua Mountain areameeting怎么读英语 of Meizhou. He hoped that lion f甄嬛传在线观看riends wouteams会议ld make all preparations and actively participate in the aid activities. Secretary Tung hao-qing intfifthlyroduced the list of donated materials for the series of “service是什么故障灯Small hands holding small hands, Readteambitioning the same Book”, the course arrangement of the famousheld中文 teacher’s sfifthlytudio in Shenzhen and the itinerary of the writer.

Chairman Wang Xue-bo introduceservice是什么意思dzhenhua the activities of the district meeting in the near future, looking forward to participating in zhenhua Service team’s upcoming “Small hands holding small hands, Read a book together” series of public benefit stheld中文udent activities. Chairman Zhao hui highly aheldenppreciated the zhenhua Service Team’s insistence on carrying out the series of “Small hands holding small hands, readi甄嬛传ng the same book” for many years, and said that they would do their bestmeetings to support the project to carry forward and benefit more teachers and children. Liao Qihui, Liao Yumei and other lion friends have made ameeting腾讯会议 speech.


By Donfifth怎么读英语g Haoqing

Photo/Liao Yumei

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