Oriental Rose Service Team: held the fourth regular meeting of 2020-2021

On October 27, 2020, the fourth regular meeting of Oriental Rose Service club of Shenzregular的名词hen Lions Club was held in Zhenfengsheng Restaurant. The eastern Rose Service team captain Wang Yanrong, the first vice captain Gao Yishan, the second vice captain Wang Li, the third vice captaioriental怎么读n Zhao Liye, the team leader Lroseonlyai Xinyou, the former captain Yang Haixiong, Lin Yuqi, secretary Lou Shunjin, general affairs Yao Meiqi, picketers Li Cafourthifang and other 12 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Wang Li and presided over by Wang Yanrong.

Wechat picture _202011181745421. JPG

Chairman Wang Li tolled the belservicel to start the meeting. Heteam是什么意思翻译 introduced his business and expresrose翻译sed hfourthlyis affection for the Lions club for many years.

Captain Wang Yanrong summarized the recent smeeting是什么意思中文翻译ervice activities carried out by the Oriental Rose Service Team, including the change of service, the buji Vocaregular什么意思tionalteam什么意思 health Center for the disabled, the Red action and community seregular什么意思rvice activities. She espefourth用英语怎么说cially praised Chen Xiaoxue, Zhao Lina, Wang Li, Wei Xinxin, Zhao Liye and otherregular的名词 lion friends who peteambitionrformed outstanding in the Red Action, and thanked everyone for their enthusiastic efforts!

Then, we discussed jiangxi student afservice和serve的区别fairs and lion friends care mattersrose朴彩英壁纸.

Wang Yanrong made a simpheld怎么读的le financial report on behalf of liu Shengoriental.

Finally, all partiteamcipheld的原型ants expressed their opinions and suggestions on the service.


Article/photo & have spent Eastern Rose Sermeeting的音标vice team

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