Red Li Service Team: Hold the second team meeting and regular meeting of 2020-2021

On August 22, 2020, the second captain team meeting and regular meeting of Shenzhen Lisecondons Club Red Li Service Team for 2020-2021 was held in Kaiberi Junlin Sea Servichold的过去形式e Apartment, Yantian District. Shenzhen lions picket, lion friends care committee executive chairman zhang jian long yan-hue waregularlyng, discipline committee, executive chairman of Long Yali, red li service captain Wu Guicheng, first deputy captain Liang Yidong, second deputy captain brinton, former csecondaryaptain Chen Hang, Yao Xiaozhreduceong, high full bin, He Yongan, Wredang Shoujun, financial Yang li, sergeants-at-arms Chen Lixin, such as general XiaoJian 23 people were pteams会议resent atservice the mregular反义词eeting. The meeting wasteams手机版 presided over by Zhong As the chairman of the临渊行 conference.

Illustration 1- Group photo of regular meeting. JPG

Illustration 3- Opening of the conference chairman. JPG

The chairman of the conference expressed his warm welcome and thanks to thesecond翻译 lion friends.

At the beginning of the meeting, Captain Wu Guicheng spoke highly of the "猎罪图鉴18 Youth of Hong Li" birthday party andteam是什么意思翻译 the changing ceremony, which showed the excellence and unity of hong Li Service team. He thanked all the lions for their participation and support. Then, he repregularly意思中文翻译orted the recent lion work situation, and made arrangements for the later lion work,reduce inclu热点ding haifeng special education schoomeetingtencentcoml science and techservice翻译nology support activities and Hunan science and technology, sports support services.

Illustration 5- Captain speaks. JPG

Yin Shan, executive csecondlyhairman of Hunan Financiservice是什么意思al Aidmeeting翻译 Program, reported the latest progress of the program.teambition Captain Wu guicheng especially praised and thanked Yinshan shi Jie for her spirit of "going abroservicead" and the help of the company staff.

Illustration 8- Yin Shan speaking. JPG

Fir李亚鹏st Vice Captain Leung yidong summed up the birthday party and changing of the leadership ceremony of "18 Youth Of Hong Li". He thanteamoked all the lions, caring people and guests of Hong Li Service team for their support and love to Hong Liteamo. Lion friends of the Hong Lai Service team shared their views on the ceremony, saying thsecondlove日剧ahold的过去形式t they would sum up their experience and make it better and betservice怎么读ter.

Illustration 10- Leung Yidong speaking. JPG

Yang Li made a report on the financial work in August, and sent the finareducencial statements to the group for everyone's refemeeting的音标rence and supervision.

Illustration 12- Yang Li speaking. JPG

Confehold的过去形式rence presidenregularityt Zhong Yun delivered a speech. He said that the rise of The Red Litchi Serhold的过去式和过去分词vice team could not have been achieved without the concerted efforts of all its members. The outstanding achievements of the Hong Lai Team are made possible by the generosity andservicebio support of all hong Lai Team members李亚鹏. He thanked the honhold是什么意思gli family for their continuous efforts and looked forward to their comeeting是什么中文意思ntinued supporredist in the new Lion year.

Illustration 13- Clock at a glance speaking. JPG

Captain Wu Guicheng preached the plan of this year's service acsecondtivities and the budget of servicered funds. In view of the budget gap of the service funds, the lion friends of the servicregular的所有形式e team participate isecond的基数词n the donation. So f两个人的房间ar, the lion friends' donation to Solitaire has reached 540,000 yuan; Iholdern addition, students from Peking University HSBC Business School will donate 150,000 yuan to the semeetingrvice team.

After the meeting, lion friends dinmeeting的音标ed together to exchange lion affairs and lion love and spservice是什么故障灯end ameeting腾讯会议 good time together. Wsecondscreen下载ith the new school season in September, thservicee Red Litservicebiochi Service team will continue to run with gratitude and love. We will continue to conmeeting是什么意思tribute our love and serve the society.


Article/photo Contributed by Hong Li Service Team

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