Football training camp for “Little Lions” and children of disabled persons launched

“Source: Shenzhen Evening News”

Shenzhen Evening News (reporter Zheng Zhipeng) September 11th,campsite the “happy dream, the ball can get” little lions and children of the disabled pdisabled造句ublic welfare football training camp launch ceredisabled电脑启动项mony and the first training walaunched的中文意思s held in shenzhen Crown Sports Center football field. This activity is dedicated to caring for the children of Shenzhen Lperson是单数还是复数ions club members (nicknamed “Little Lion”) and the children of disabled people in Shenzhen by providing free prcampusofessifootball翻译中文onchildren音标al football training for public welfare.

The event was orglittle是什么意思anized by shenzhen Lions Club underpersons和personal的区别 the guidance of Shenzhen Disabled Percampussons’ Federatichildren怎么读英语单词on. Accordtraining翻译中文ing to Gao Ling of Shenzhen Lions Club, the tdisabled造句raining camp organizes two public welfare training sessions every month with tdisabled是什么意思he help of service teamchildren是什么意思s, shenzhen Lions club members and caring people, aiming to make more shenzhen children enjoy folaunched是什么意思otball. This project will establish the first folions翻译otball team for the physically disabled in Shenzhen, and at the same time fund and achildren翻译ssist the Football team for the mentally disabled and the melionsntally convalesced of shenzhen Disabled Persons federation and the Football team for the deaf in Shenzhen.

“Little Lion” and disabled children’s football training campdisabled电脑启动项 launclaunched是什么意思hed

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