“Let Love Go home, Warm the Sun” shenzhen Charity Association and love enterprises to carry out the Spring Festival to send warmth

Guangzhou daily

Release time: 02-0619:08Official account of Guangzhou Daily

With spring blossoming, the F深圳疫情最新动态lavor of the New Year is getting stronger. Today, weletstalk安卓下载 learned fro孙艺珍m the Shenzhen Charity Foundation t深圳疫情hat in order to payassociation怎么读 tribute to the city builders, workers in need and frontline epidemic prevention workers who stayed in Shenzhen for the Spring Festival, the “Shenzhen Charity Foundation” will be co-sponsored by t龚俊he Shenzhen Federation of Trade Unions, the Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau,lovely翻译 and the Domestic Ping An Group. Let loassociation用法及搭配ve come home.” New Year care issuing ceremony held. This eventwarm是什么意思 sent more than 1000 warm winter rice and New Year povertassociation和collection的区别y alleviation gift boxes, at the same tim工资超过5000怎么扣税e domestic peace “; Let love come home.” The public welfare project will give 1,500 yuan to each of the nearly 1,500 migrant workers nationwide. Reunion gold & quot; To let migrant workers hahome键怎么调出来ve a safe and happy warmlove最新版官方下载 heart year.

" Deep good warm sun “; A series of activities for the poor workers to send blessings

Chen Yao, general manager of brand publicity Depart深圳疫情最新消息ment of Domestic Ping an Group, said that “Domestic Ping an”. Let love come home.” Publ深圳天气ic weletter是什么意思lfare programs have been running for sevenassociation和collection的区别 years, mainly targeting migrant workers in cities. This year’s & quot; Let love come ho公积金me.” Public welfare projects are further strengthened fwarm是什么意思or migrant workers. Spring Festival in place “; The humanistic concern of the problem. Project through Sawarmfe volunhome键在哪teers to find “every city”. The champ & quot; Characters, listen to their voices and storieslove直播软件安卓下载, with greetings and blessings, across the air. Love & quot;association Send it home.

During the activity, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, the Civil Affairs Bureau, Ping an Group, the Municipal Charity Assoc深圳天气iation,letstalk安卓下载 a宫颈癌nd the孙悟空 Municipal Wlet’s后面的动词用什么形式orkers relief Fund jointly distributed twarmerhe Spring Festival ccharity宽容的爱are gift packages to the representatives of shenzhen front-line workhomework是可数名词吗ers, thanking the cletstalk聊天软件ity builders for their perseverance alettucend dedication.

Stay deep for the New Year, let love cassociation英语ome h孙红雷ome

Zho苏宁ng Zhong, secretary general of Shenzhen CCF, said during the event, “The CCF ishome是什么意思 a charity or深圳大学ganization.let’s后面的动词用什么形式 In this unusuallovealarm Spriwarmingng Festival of 2021, we pwarm反义词ropose to “spend the Spring Festival in Deep, let love come home”, find and pay attentionassociation造句 to grassroots苏南卿霍均曜免费阅读 workers around us, and thank them forhomefacialpro their conletstalk安卓下载tribution to the development of shenzhassociation怎么读音en. The whole socihome键在哪ety acts together to help each other, love each other, help each other, and help Shenzhen to build a “benchmark of livelihood happiness”. "

During the event, shenzhen CCF issued a propocharity宽容的爱sal to the respohome键在哪nsib孙猴子是我师弟le enteletstalkrprises in Shenzhen to celebrate the Spring Festival in Shenzhen. Ping An, Huawei, Vanke, Longguang, Baoneng, Yuemeite, Shenzhen Chao Chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen Lions Club and other enterprises and organizations with deep love in Shenzhen took the lead in responding.

sunShenzhen is a city of 20 million immigrhomeworkants from all over the country,” said Fang Tao, executive vice president of Shenzhen Charity. “Going home for the Spring Festival is a central aspiration for everyone, a custom and a local feeling.” But staying this year is a public benefit, a responsiassociation可数吗bility and a commitment. Shenzhen Charity sends a warm message to workers from first-tier cities who will stay in Shenzhen for the Spring Festival. Everyone is ordinary and great.

A series of donation ce工商银行remonies werhome键在哪e also held during the event. Among them, Shenzhen Ping An Public Welfare Foundation donated New Year’s love money to Shenzhen Charity Association to s苏南卿霍均曜免费阅读upport 2021. Bon voyage, Let Love come home.” Public welfare projects. At tsunhe same time, the Shenzhen Chawarmlyrity Society donated New Year’s love materials to the Shewarm怎么读语音nzhen Foundatlove直播破解版ion for Workers in poverty, which were usewarm反义词d in the Acassociation翻译tivity of sending warmth to front-lwarm怎么读语音ine workers in Shenzhen.

Guangzhou Daily fullmedia reporter: Jiang CAI

Guangzhou Daily omnimedia Photo relovelyporter: Jiang CAI

Alassociation怎么读音l media editor of Guangzhou Daily: Yang Hongquan

“Let Love Come home, Warm the Sun in Shenzhen” shenzhen Charity Association an孙怡d love enterprises launched a warm Swarm怎么读语音pring Festival activity

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