Community Service -- The second regular meeting of the Community Service Committee of 2021-2022 was successfully held

On August 31, 2021, the second regular meeting of Community Service Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club (2021-2022) was held inwashed Rongde Culture and Teregular是什么意思英语chnology Group, 13th floor, Block A, Jiangsu Building, Futian Diservice是什么意思中文翻译strict. Shenzhen lions first vice President Peng Daojian, second deputmeeting怎么读英语y kevinbales NieXicommittee是什么意思angDong, dircommitteesectocommitteer of the Pcommunity英语resident, andmeeting翻译 chairman of proposed zone Chen Xregular是什么意思英语usheng, li xiaofeng, guang-yu fan, chairman of proposed partition Yu Xiaoping, commucommunity怎么读音nity service committee chairman of proposed Wei Xin new aspiring executive chairman ming-xia sun, wen-qin ye, jiserviceablean-kang huang,community Wei Tao, community service committee's runners-up dozen liocommitteens friends to attend the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Sun Mingxia.


President Wei Xinxin gave a comprehensive planning and explanation of this year's community service work. Based on the needs of the cocommunity复数mmunity and combined with the strengsecondthwas怎么读 of lion Friends, the community landing project ofsecondscreen下载 "one test, two delivery and three publicity" was carried out. "One test" is about sports health, enhance physical fitness for the purpose of physical testing; The "second gift" is to distribute epidemic masks, sanitizer and portable sterilization cards to reswashedidents participating in the activity, anservice是什么意思d to provide optometry sercommunity英语vices and free reading glasses to the elderly over 60 years old. "Three propaganda" to regulate, prevent and slow docommittee造句wn at the beginning of diasecondhandbetmeeting的音标es as the main target of propaganda of health science, as well as the interpretation of the new network deception cases, called owasten residents to learn and to download state antisecondhand-fraud App, the prevention of drug abuse and increase awarenesssecondscreen下载 of drug control is given prioregularlyrity to the franco-prussian propaganda section, improve community residents themselves to protect consciousness.

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Penwasn'tg Daojian first vicservicebioe President expressed support for various content of community servicemeetingyou是什么意思, community service needs to be based on local, to carry out flexible services, in addition to the area will continue to help, should call for more and launch various teams together to support, while adhering to help others, serve the society, serve each event, with their actions affect othewasprs, spread great love, Warm the world.


Nie xiangdong, thregular反义词e 2nd Viceservice的名词 presidentservice是什么意思中文翻译, believes that the communicommittee和councilty Service Commitcommittee是单数还是复数tee can develop district and discommittee造句trict chairmen to participatmeetingtencentcome in service projects and carry out joint services. He expects that this yeasecondlyr's community Service Committee will serve as a benchmark for local community services to stand out.

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Directmeeting怎么读英语or Zhao Hui suggested to combine the different needs of tcommunity怎么读he community and make the lions Club's community servservice翻译ice activiwas是什么意思ties with communimeeting是什么中文意思ty characteristics, so as to makewash the neighborhood more harmonious and the community more warm.

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During the free spregular反义词eech session, Chairman Cmeetinghen Xusheng, Chairman Li Xiaofeng and other lion friendwasn'ts actively suggested suggestions and provided suggestions for the direction and implementation of this year's community service. The team members of the Communitycommunity英语 Service Committee listened carefully and recorded every suggestion, performing themeetingyou是什么意思ir responsecond的基数词sibilities with a serious and responsible attitude.  

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Finally, in the warm applause, the regular meeting of the community Servicewaste Committee came to a successervice是什么故障灯sful conclusion. Chairman Wei Xinxin and Sister Sun Mingxia thanked everyone for their supcommittee翻译port and hoped that everyone would work together to do a good job in community semeeting怎么读英语rvice.

At the dinner party after the meeting, Sun Mingxia was invited to give a brief introduction to Rongde Culture and Technology Group and its proposed "smart economy era" visual IP technology factory. In a pleasant atmosphere to enhance the understanding and commcommunity serviceunication between lion friends.

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Article/picture Contribution to Community Service Committee

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