Xin ‘an Service Team: Held the second captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2021-2022

Autumn wind and leaves know autumn, xiao Yue blue sky near the Mid-Autumn Festival.

On August 31, 2021, the second captain team meeting and regregular是什么意思英语ular meeting of New Security Sersecond翻译vice team of Scaptaindarkhenzhen Lions Club (2021-2022) was held on the 3rd floor, Building B, Xili New Vmeetingtencentcomiscaptainonthebridgeion Art Maker Park, Nanshan District. Shenzhen Lions club supervisor Wu Zhijian, public relationcaptain喵队长微博s and publicity committee proposed chairman Limeeting是什么意思中文翻译 Jun, Xin ‘an service team captain Liu Jun, first vice captain Zhang Yuanyuan, second vice captain Wen Xueqiservice是什么意思中文翻译ng, former captain Zhao Yheld的原型unpeng, Chen Zong, Gao Yuyun, Yang Qiuju, financial affairs, general affairs Kong Jianhua, picket Zhu Beixiao and other 27 people attended the meeting. Zhou Fuhui, deputy head of the lecture group, Huang Xuelan, lecturer, Yang Hong新浪ying, captaicaptain喵队长微博n of longhua Service team, Wang Yingyingheld怎么读的, captain of Jinming art Service team attended the meeting. The meeting was chairesecond的基数词d by Wen Xueqing and presided ovesecondlove日剧r by Le Hai xian.


Zhou Fuhui, deputy head ofregular反义词 the club, explained the etiquette rules of Shenzhen Lions Cservicelub, and every lion friend present expressed心居 deep feelings and harvest.

Yang Qiuju financial repocaptain怎么读rt for August.

Captain Liu Jun summed up the ceremony of the new Security service team, and thanked the general coordinator Wu Jinzhi for running around to raise auction items and loservice是什么故障灯ve to raise the brand, and thanked Zhang Yuanyuan, Wen Xueqing,meeting的音标 Yang Qiuju and other lion friends for their great love and responsibility.

Later, Liu Jun, Li Jun and Yang Hongying made a fundraising speech for the “Blue Action” 99 Publi心居c Welfare Day. Lion friends present all expreservicebioscaptain泰国演员sed their willinheld是hold的什么形式gness to actively raregularise money for the “Blue Action”.

Asecond什么意思fter the meeting, the new Security Service team held a birthday celebration for lion friends who had a birthday in August.

As the saying goes, the roacaptain的意思d to public wexinlfare is long, and the new peace is long.


The text/liujun

Phocaptain喵队长微博to/Chen Weiming

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