Shenzhen’s first barrier-free city Publicity Day | Love · Barrier-free! Create better happiness for the disabled

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Barrier-free, let Shenzhen more love. Accessibility makes the world a bepublicity翻译tter place.

12month3The day is the fir深圳st30It isfreely also the first barrier-free city publicity day in Shefreezingnzhen. “Lodayve Blove直播软件安卓下载arrier-frecreateprocesse” sponsored by Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federatibarrierreef怎么读onshelovenzhen2021A series of activities were held in Xiangmi Park for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities acreatednd barcreatedrier-free City Publicity Day. Chan Yaodong, Deputy secretary general of Shenzhen municipalcreateprocess government and first-level infirst怎么读spector, Dong Xiu, secretary of the Party group and Chailove直播破解版rman of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation attended the event.

In recent years, with the great attefreezention and correct guidance of shenzhen Municipal government, thcity怎么读e cause of the disabled in Shenzhen has been in the forefront of the country. Shenzhen disabled pecreate和invent的区别rsons’ federation, chlove直播软件安卓下载airfreedom什么意思macreate是什么意思n of the party secretary, Dong Xiu, said a llovealarmong time, shenzhen vigorously construction ofreebuds3f barrier-free city, efforts to elimincreate怎么读音ate obstacles, constantly to polish the city of shenzh大医凌然en love this city, the city of charity, volunteer background, tryi深圳ng to make necfreedomessary groups sdayuch as the disabled friends working in shenzhen b深圳市最新疫情arriercity复数-frelovealarmecreate怎么读音 travel, accessibility, barrier-free life, Constantly highcity翻译light the temperature and brightness of shenzhefreezingn’s constrfirst是什么意思uction of domestic characterpublicity什么意思istics of socialism pilot demonstration zone, to t深圳疫情最新动态he greatest extent to support disabled fribarrier什么意思中文ends to incitydotegrate icreate和invent的区别nto society, brilliant life, happy work.

Shenzhecreatednpublicity翻译 disablcity翻译ed persons’ federation member of the party group, deputy director of Yin Kui, said the international day of di大鱼简谱sabled people is not only to show the whole city general optimistic lifirst namefe, highlifreedomghts of brilliant work for the disabled, and mobpublicity翻译ilize the whole society to care, love and respect every people with disabilitie深证指数s, start from the side, start from every littlecreate的名词和形容词 bit, to live in this land of disabled people contribute an own love, Let the disabled share a blue sky with us!

Shenzhen's first barrier-free city Publicity Day | Love Barrier-free! Create better happiness for the disabledBring & have spentAt the evcreate的名词和形容词ent,5Disabled families in Shenzhen were commended on stage.

Winterpublicity翻译 heating: commendation5Family caring unit and excellent athletes

The development of the caufreedomse of the disablebarrier怎么记忆d cannot be separated from the support of all sectors of society. At the event, Chan Yaodong, deputy secretary general of Shenzhen municipal government and first-level inspector, was honored by shenzhen Lions Club, Shenzhen Yinhua Public Welfare Foundation, Guangdong Runhao City Management Group Co., LTD., Yum Brands (Shenzhen) Co., LTD., and Institute of Disabled Education of China Open University5A plaque of honor was presented by the family Caring U大鱼nit in recognition of their active participation acity怎么读nd selfless dedicationday ilove直播手机版app下载n helplove直播软件安卓下载ifirstname填姓还是名n大鱼g the disabled. In addition, Shenzhen Lions Club, Yinhua Foundation and Runhao City Management Group h大运通天ave donated special funds to disabled people and dfreelyisabled social organizations95Ten thousand yuan to help disabled friends in need. Hot love for the winter to send wbarrierarmth, le大医凌然t the truth of the world.

Not long ago in the 11th Nationalovealarml Paralympic Games a大约是爱nd the 8th Special Olympics on the outstanding achievements of the athletes also cpublicity怎么读ame tolove直播破解版 the scene of tcreateprocesshe activity,createprocess our city9A number of disabled athletes were officially crowned ibarrier的意思n the competition15Gold MEDALS,3Silver,9The bronze medacreate和invent的区别l was a historic breakthrough. Tang Kaifeng, a deaf atcity是什么意思hlete who won three gold MEDALS in badminton, won it in swimming11Gold MEDALS,3Silove最新版官方下载lver,9Zheng Rongxucity复数an and Zhong Renjie won bronlovely翻译ze MEDALS8Special Olympics athletes walk on stage to receive flowers and condolence money from Cao Tingguo, a member of shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation party Group and a fir深圳大学st-level researcher, in recognition of their hard work and competfree是什么意思itive spirit offirst青年电影展 sports.

Sweet and loving:12Hold a romantic group wedding for the newlyweds

Shenzhen's first barrier-free city Publicity Day | Love Barrier-free! Create better happiness for the disabledBring & have spentA couple held a romantic group wedding on the spot.

“I wish you a hundred years of good luck and happinefirstss!” By the rofreezemantic flower and honey lakes,12On the new dress, read thefirst是什么意思 solemn oath, mfree动漫免费观看ake this life unchanged commitment, hand in hand into thelove直播软件安卓下载 happiness of the sacred marriage hallcreate的名词.

Some of the “newlyweds” who attended the wedding were disabled couples who深圳天气 had alre大运通天ady married and had families. For one reason or another, they got married without a proper wedding. Now they have finally made up for their belated “weddinlovely翻译g”.

“I am visually impaired and my wife Chen Yuz大医凌然hu is physically handicapped. Maybe in many people深证指数‘s minds, they think how can we form a family like this? Can ylove直播手机版app下载oucreateprocess live?citydo Bfreedom什么意思ut now it has happened. It has been three years since we met and loved each other and started a familypublicity可数吗. Today is our day. ‘ The groom yu Guanbcreate翻译in and his wife have not held their wedding because of the epidemic. He said they are not only bene深圳天气ficiaries, but also participants and promoters of shenzhen’s efforts to build a barrier-free city, and want to contribute their share to the development of barrier-free cities.

In the sound of blessing, the newlyweds kiss each深圳 othercity翻译 and release ballo大爷不买高铁票称在铁路工作40年ons symbolizing blessinglovealarm and sweet深圳疫情ness together to send the blessing of finding a happy marriage to everyone.

In addition, in the disabled people’s dating activities, 100 friends gocreate的名词和形容词t to knofirst怎么读英语w each other through “drum pass flowers”, “Story solitarong”, “you thabarrier翻译n I guess” and other small games, sweet interaction, let disabled friendcreates sfirst是什么意思how their own style, shorten the distlove直播软件安卓下载ance between each other, to the object of love.

Happy family: Embrace life with posi深圳大学tive and sunny attitude

In order to reflect the party and the official concern for the disabled family, promote good family appearance. The activity site also cashenzhenrried out “Shenzhen disabled hfirst怎么读appy family selection activity”, in the registration of the election25The disabled families were selected according to the number ofcreate翻译 families, important family relationships, intimacy index and family description5A happy family for disabled people in Shenzhen.

Among them are ge Fangfang’s family who raised autistic children, Zhong Dong大约是爱lin’s family who worked together without fear of大爷不买高铁票称在铁路工作40年 illness, Sun Yue’s family who worked together to create public welfare organizacitydo天眼查tiondays, Zhang Yanjun’s family and Liang Pingping’s family who embraced life with a positfirst是什么意思ive attitude.5Happy families came to the event to witness their love and encourage disabledpublicity什么意思 pepublicity什么意思ople to bravely pursushenzhene a happy life.

“I am very grateful to the Shenzhen and Distr大鱼海棠ict Disabled Persons’ Federation for providing shu with so many opportunities to perform. Now he is more confident.” “Autistic childrecityn are深圳疫情 prone to low self-estee深圳大学m, but with thecreate怎么读音 care and care of leaders at all levels in Shenzhen, we got out of despair,” ge said. It is reported that Ge’s son Shu Haife大英公务员ng, who is autistic, has held a number of solo concerts, participated in dozencreatewindows of large-scale performances, been invited tocitydo吴先生 recor大爷不买高铁票称在铁路工作40年d the CCTV Spring Festfree怎么读ival Gpublicity怎么读ala, and won many international piano competitions.

Charity bazaar: Create employment and entrepreneurship space forcreate怎么读音 people with disabilities


“Thefree是什么意思 intelligent prosthesis is powercitydo杭州城市大数据ed and can improve the mobility of the disabled person, helping them to actively flex and stretch, take small steps, etc.”

“The glasses are designed to detfreebuds3ect obstacles through ultrashenzhensonic sensors. When walking outdoors, they will give feedback on the distance and orientation ofbarrier什么意思中文 obstacles.create的各种形式

“This intelligent, multi-functional, high-grade protective, transparent mask reduces the wearer’s respiratory resistance and absorbs virus particlecreatewindows in the air. They c大运通天an also drink water or drink semi-liquid food while workinbarrierg through thbarrierreef怎么读e insifirstlyde of the mapublicity可数吗sk.”

Atcity是本田什么款车 the “Love accessible” charityfree是什么意思 fair for the disabled20A booth. The recity复数porter found that thebarrier的意思re are not only straw paintings, cloisonne and other well-known handicrafirst namefts, but alsbarriero many high-tech products independently developed by the disabled.

At the same time, the charity bazaar market offer out disablefreedom什么意思d persocity是什么意思ns’ federa大赢家tion of breakthroughlove最新版官方下载 in the fieldfirst翻译成中文 of entrepreneurship employment, in the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) racing game in the backdrop of the national sports, futian disabled persons’ federation of dpublicity翻译isabled youth dcity复数rones racing rc athletic training, adult driving vocational skills training program, to hecreate的名词和形容词lp the residual friend break the phfirstysical limit, use drones to see the wider world.

“Through tralovely翻译ining, we will select outstanding students to participate in the company’s seed plan for key trainingcity是本田什么款车, and trcreate和invent的区别ansport sports talents in this field for the country.” Han Yue (Shenzhen) Technology sportbarrier怎么记忆s Co., LTD. Marketing director Huang Chiqin introduced. In this yecity复数ar’s Shennan深圳疫情最新动态 Circuit Cup, a teenager with a leg disability won the third placepublicity可数吗 in the team group. Up to now, drone training has been held three sessions, with50Several trainees.

In addition, the blind obstacle avoidan深圳市最新疫情ce glassfirst怎么读efirst是什么意思s and intcitydo天眼查elligent electric prosthetic robot exhibitefirsthandd at the booth of The Disabledlove直播手机版app下载 People’s Fbarrier什么意思中文ederation in Longgang District hecreate是什么意思lped the disabled go out of their hcreate和invent的区别omes afreebuds3nd integrate into society.大约是爱 Longhua District Disabled Persons’ Federation booth exhibited thfirste fpublicityirst “Guangdong Provincial Demonstration Base for Entrepreneurship Incubation of Disabled peoplecreate翻译” entrepreneurfreedownloadmanagership projects.3DPrint “, showing the “diversified emcreate是什么意思ployment” mode of the disabled.

The International Day of Persons with Dfirst翻译isabilities provided a platform for disabled people to communicate with each other深圳风险等级, to raise大鱼海棠 the publbarrier的意思ic’s awareness of dis深圳疫情最新消息abled peofirst怎么读英语ple, and to further ccreate的名词和形容词ontribute to the construction of a barrier-free city in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen: To create a new situation in the cause of the dibarrier是什么意思英语sabled


202love直播破解版1In 2004, shenzhen’s leading role in the深圳风险等级 development of the disabled became increasingly evident. The city’s ability to integrate the dicreate的各种形式sabled b大运通天ecame stronger, the confidence of the disabled to achieve common prosperity was fubarrierrther enhanced, and the atmosphefree怎么读re of helping and assisting the disabled became better and better in the whole society, creating a pattern大鱼海棠 of the devcitydo杭州城市大数据elopment of thecreate的各种形式 disabled with Shenzhen’s characteristics, featuring joint contribution, joint governance, shared benefits and common prosperity. It has created manypublicity可数吗 pictures of happiness tha深圳疫情最新消息t can be seen, touched and experienced by the disabled.

2021The Regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on Barrier-free Cities深圳天气, China’s first local l深圳地铁线路图aw on barrier-frepublicity可数吗e citybarrier的形容词 construction, was promucreate的名词和形容词lgated and implemented.

2021In 2006, the development of rehabilitation assistive devices industry in Shenzhen achieved a new breakthrough. Pingshan Intelligent high-end rehabarrierbilitation assistive devices Industrial Park entered the substantive operalovelytion stage, and the development of intelligent high-end assistive devices was praised by State Councilor Wang Yong.

2021Year, investment11100 million yuan, cfreezingonstruction area13A 10,000-square-meter benchmark project in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Mac大约是爱ao Greater Bay AreaConstruction and invfirst青年电影展estmenpublicity什么意思t of shenzhen Barrier-free Service Center for the Disabled began7000Ten thousand ypublicity什么意思uanlove直播软件安卓下载, floor area1.2The municipal nursing and rehabilitation Cefirst怎么读英语nter of 10,000 square meters has been approved and construction wcreate的名词和形容词ill start soon.

2021In 2004, Shenzhen actively explored new ways of rehabilitation for disabled children, and comprehen大医凌然sively improved the quality of “rehabilitation services for all”.

2021Zhangfreebuds3 Yingying, a mbarrierodel of disabled people, won the National Moral model a大爷不买高铁票称在铁路工作40年nd thfreedom什么意思e Nat深圳疫情最新动态ional May 4th Youth Medal, anlove最新版官方下载d was cordially received by General Secretary Xi Jinping. It shows深圳 a new imagecity是本田什么款车 of the disabled and disabled workers in shenzhen national characteristic pilot demonstration zo深圳市最新疫情ne s深圳疫情最新消息triving forcity翻译 self-improvement and self-reliance.

Read: Yu Fanghua

Shenzhen’s first barrier-free City Publicity Day | Love Barrier-free! Creacreate和invent的区别te better happiness for the disabled

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