Strengthen internal construction and improve work level — Shenzhen Lions Club Office held a working meeting

On May 13, 2022, the Shenzhen Lions Club Office held a working meeting to convey the latest work requirements and guiding spirit of the competent authorities to the Shenzhen Lions Club, and plan the related work of the office in the near future. The meeting was chaired by the Secretary General of the Shenzhen Lions Club, Ms. Lai Zhuonie, and attended by all the staff of the Office.

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Secretary General Lai Zhuoni conveyed the four points of guidance put forward by Li Lun, the member of the Party Group of the Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation and the Deputy Director general, when he visited the Shenzhen Lions Club Office on April 14 to check the guidance work:

First, we should highlight ideological and political guidance and speak politics in a clear way. The course of the Party’s century-long struggle fully proves that maintaining a correct political direction and strengthening ideological and political guidance are fundamental to development.

Second, we need to be strict, strict and concrete in the prevention and control of the epidemic. Establish a new idea of normalizing epidemic prevention and control, earnestly implement the regulations and requirements of the epidemic prevention and control system, strengthen the screening and control of sites, personnel and activities, and consciously obey the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control. Considering the reality of the Shenzhen Lions Club, first, it is necessary to carry out gathering activities prudently to reduce the risk of epidemic. If on-site activities are necessary, they should be reported to the local epidemic prevention and control command department for approval. The scale of the activities should be strictly controlled. In accordance with the principle of “whoever holds the event is responsible”, the prevention and control responsibilities should be tightened, hard measures should be strengthened, defects and loopholes should be effectively blocked, and the prevention and control work should be carried out carefully and strictly. Second, we should actively assume social responsibilities, participate in epidemic prevention and control work in an orderly manner, give full play to the spirit of “We serve” by combining our own advantages, and contribute our strength to winning the hard battle of epidemic prevention and control.

Third, strengthen self-development and improve the internal governance system. Since its establishment 20 years ago, the Shenzhen Lions Club has been on its way to build itself. Now it is more important to improve its position, firmly establish the awareness of main responsibility, earnestly implement the superior’s deployment, focus on the construction of the council, strengthen the corporate governance, strengthen the construction of the organization’s talent team, brand construction, and enhance the organization’s risk control ability. Only by maintaining the courage to fight, addressing both symptoms and root causes, and adopting a zero-tolerance attitude towards the “persistent diseases” affecting the development of the organization, can we ensure the right direction of development and promote the stable and long-term development of the Shenzhen Lions Club.

Fourth, strengthen the main ideological front, adhere to correct public opinion guide members. As a foreign social organization, it is very important for the Lions Club to strengthen its ideological work. In accordance with the requirements of the registration authority, the Lions Club should establish and improve the system of ideological reporting, education and communication, standardize the management of “one lecture, two forums and three meetings” (lectures, forums, annual meetings, reports and seminars), and carry out the guidance work of Party building steadily. On issues concerning right and wrong and political principles, the club should draw a clear line between right and wrong and clarify the vague understanding.

The Party will hold its 20th National Congress in 2022. To welcome the successful convening of the Party’s 20th National Congress with outstanding results and to study and implement the spirit of the Congress will become the main task of the overall work of the Party and the country in 2022. Social organizations are an important part of the state governance structure and an important front for the Party’s work and mass work. The Shenzhen Lions Club should focus on this main line and continuously enhance its political judgment, political understanding and political execution. The four senses “. “Firm”; Four confident “. “Defend”; Two established “. “Do it” Two maintenance “. We should keep in mind the overall situation, look at the general situation and plan for major events, and consciously recognize the mission of the 2022 Shenzhen Lions Club.


Secretary General Lai Zhuoni put forward guidance on the 2022-2023 membership dues advance collection, the list of representatives of the service team members and the report of the list of the new team leader, as well as the work of foreign exchanges and foreign visits, and put forward three requirements for the work of the office:

First, unswervingly implement the epidemic prevention and control measures, strictly carry out the approval and report of large-scale activities, and strictly implement the temperature check, check the travel code (green code), Yuekang code (green code), wearing masks and other prevention and control measures when the lion friends visit and receive them;

The second is to actively do a good job of holiday publicity, through holiday theme publicity, create a harmonious and civilized holiday atmosphere, convey the concern and greetings to the members, carry forward the advanced ideas and the spirit of The Times.

Third, we will strive to improve the quality of the documents and meetings, be meticulous and sophisticated, better play the role of the office as the hub center of LIONS Club, further enhance the service awareness of the office, improve the service capacity, and improve the quality of the documents and the style of the meetings.


Finally, the staff of the office learned the “Compliance Management of Social Organizations” lecture by Liu Guoliang, Vice Chairman of the Legal Committee of the Domestic Lions Association, and learned about the legal services of social organizations, the compliance management of laws and regulations, the compliance management of corporate governance, the public interest ethics and public crisis management.

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Office staff through learning to further realize the importance of carrying out social organization work in accordance with laws and regulations, will continue to improve their legal knowledge and theoretical literacy, adhere to the theory with practice, in strict accordance with the rules and regulations to do their own work.


【 Text 】 Lin Yanfen

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[Editor] Ma Huijuan Hu Lei

[Typesetting] Lin Yanfen

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