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      Paint is a spray painting method (process) in badge manufacturing. The method is: polished to a certain degree of roughness on the base drops a number of layers of acrylic paint. And by high temperature baking set. At present, the process has higher requirements for paint and good color rendering. The production materials of lacquer badges are generally copper, iron, zinc alloy, etc., among which zinc alloy, iron and bronze are the most used. The surface has obvious concave and convex feeling, good texture, suitable for the production of some middle and high-grade badges. Production process: design drawing — — Black (raised) white (concave) film — — Print printing. — Bite plate; — Die cutting — — Cutting die — — Press for stamping. — Polishing — — Electroplating — — Welding fittings — — To paint (paint). — Gabrielle. — To dry; — Quality inspection — — Packaging — — Shipment.

      Paint badge base material usually selected iron, zinc alloy and other materials, plus paint color cost is low, suitable for large-scale low-end products ordering. Paint badges are generally divided into copper paint and iron paint two categories, need to be in the color, add polly (transparent resin protective layer, so this kind of paint badges can also be called drop plastic badges.Paint badges can be customized according to the international Pantone color number, according to the customer to draw samples customized production products. IMK Gifts has more than 64,000 square meters of production workshop, with dozens of automatic coloring machines and glue dispensers, can deliver on time.


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