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The badgeThe production process is generally divided into stamping, die casting, hydraulic, corrosion and so on, among which stamping and die casting is more common. Color processing Color processing is divided into enamel (cloisonne), imitation enamel, paint, glue, printing and so on. Badges are generally made of zinc alloy, copper, stainless steel, iron, sterling silver, gold and other alloy materials.

Stamping badges:The general stamping badge material is copper, iron, aluminum, so it is also called metal badge. The most common badge is made of copper, which is softer and gives the clearest lines, followed by an iron badge. The corresponding price of copper is also relatively expensive.

Die cast Badge:Die casting badges are usually used with zinc alloy materials. Because of the low melting point of zinc alloy materials, they can be heated and injected into the mold, which can make complex and difficult relief hollow badges.

IMK is committed to providing customers with one-stop customized services, from creative design to manufacturing, with a deeply involved service model to provide you with customized badges,Medal customizationWe focus on the design and production of badges, MEDALS, sports MEDALS, commemorative coins, key rings, PVC dolls, hand-done blind boxes and so on. You just need to ask for it and we can deliver it on time. Inquiries are welcome.

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