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A lot of clients are askingBadge customizationWhen, can not distinguish between the badge and the badge is not clear, some customers actually need to customize the badge, but the search keyword is custom badge. Today, IMK presents a detailed introduction to the differences between badges and badges.

Badges are generally worn on the body to express identity, career signs. It has a long history, the origin can be traced back to the primitive society clan tribal totem marks.

The name badge is a kind of work number plate or introduction small sign that is hung or buckled on the left side of the jacket. Most of the badges are worn on the suit, formal suit and suit, which play a role of introducing the unit.

Badge customization

The difference between a name badge and a badge:

Different uses

Customized name badge is mainly used as an effective identification label for employees’ positions and jobs.

Custom badges are used for unified corporate image identification, such as major celebrations, business activities.

Applicable to different industries

The name tag is applicable to the tertiary industry, such as the service industry, the waiter, the shop assistant, the enterprise occupation division, the job distribution and so on.

Most badges are crowned with image symbols, such as enterprise badges, association logos and so on. It is applicable to associations, institutional centers, large enterprise groups, business activities and so on.

Different in name

Badges are often called staff badges, staff chest badges, staff work badges, staff work badges, such as hotel staff badges.

Badges are called emblem, enterprise emblem, event commemorative emblem, commemorative medallion, etc.

Different production processes

Badges are mostly common craft, such as acrylic badges.

Badges need to be stamped, such as high-grade commemorative badges, badges of trade associations, such as badges of association members.

Different grades

In real business negotiations, many customers are indeed attracted by the exquisite pattern of the badge and the fine production process, so often in reality, the badge high-grade mistaken.

The badge is not high grade, the badge is of good workmanship, and the badge is of simple workmanship. In fact, this is a misconception. A good name badge in the design, material selection and so on is not necessarily a badge shoddy.

Different shapes

The name badges are mostly rectangular, square, oval and round.

Badges are often irregular see more, according to the logo shape of the enterprise to determine the shape.

Of course, whether it is badge customization or name tag customization, IMK gifts are welcome to your consultation!

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