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We know thatBadge customizationHas a special meaning, some people use it to support a glorious moment; Some people use it to remember the past; Some people also use it to promote, improve the brand effect, can not question, a good badge can improve people’s temperament, so we need to pay attention to the custom badge, let’s take a look.

Badge customization

The badge customization process is to add a layer of transparent maintenance epoxy resin (Polly) on the surface of the badge. The materials mainly used are stainless steel plate and brass. The actual effect on the reverse side of brass, the surface of the copper or stainless steel plate of the packaging and printing badges is not solved by electroplating process, and the primary color or metal drawing is selected.

Chinese kitchen knife: The knife edge is triangular, because its front is on both sides, the sharp set point is on the top of China, so the heavier the elbow section is, the triangle knife will carve out the wire frame is thick, on the contrary, it is thin. The key of triangle knife is to engrave hair, engrave decorative lines and stripes. In actual operation, the triangle knife is pushed in the block, the wood slag is spit out from the triangle groove, and the position pushed by the triangle knife will outline the wire frame.

Stamping die badges generally use raw materials such as copper (red copper, red copper, etc.), zinc alloy materials, aluminum, iron, etc., which can also be called metal badges. Because the copper is soft and suitable for making badges, the grain of the copper press badge is clear, and the zinc alloy badge is second, and the price of the copper press badge is also matched.

Every part of the manufacturing process for a metal badge manufacturer is critical, such as drawing, even a simple wire frame. This is also a step in badge making. The next step is based on it. The hand-carved mold must point to the design. If there are fewer wire frames, they will be eliminated without being noticed by the staff afterwards. When stamping the die, it is necessary to pay attention to the point of the die, and the polishing quality can not be ignored. Electroplating is also important, especially electroplating.

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