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Chinese New Year or holiday, but it is a good situation to maintain a relationship with customers, but every time the festival, many people will worry about what customer gift plan can win the favor of customers. In summary, the customer gift program should not pay more attention to several aspects.

1. Don’t worry about giving expensive gifts all the time

If the gift is very expensive, the customer will feel the pressure of work. Send too good deal, and will make people feel not highly valued him. Why not prepare some customer gift plans in advance that are not easy to see the value of use.

Two, the gift can not be too vulgar

How to define vulgar? For example, the Mid-Autumn Festival to send moon cakes, Dragon Boat Festival to send brown son. Think of the mountains of such gifts in customers’ homes, and yours will no doubt be swallowed up. If you want to be unique, it is not as strange as to develop a memorable customer gift plan. Connect the orange coupon benefit service platform to present customized gift plan for the company, so that the company’s gifts are unique.

3. Choose gifts that benefit others

Nowadays, gift-giving is not only to please the customer, but also to achieve many times better actual effect if the customer gift plan can benefit his relatives. The Orange Coupon benefit service platform has a large number of benefit resources, which can be selected and exchanged by themselves.

Four, choose the gift

This must have a certain grasp of the customer, or to carry out the back adjustment, can ensure that the boat. If the customer likes to drink tea, they can send tea ware or tea leaves to the other party. If the customer is a woman, they can send silk scarves, bibs and so on. According to the privilege of 1000+ members of the Orange coupon service platform, they can easily select and analyze the data to accurately know the customer satisfaction.

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